How to Adjust Laptop and Computer Volume

How to Adjust Laptop and Computer Volume

How to Adjust Laptop and Computer Volume – You need to adjust the volume of your Laptop and Computer so that the music or video you watch sounds good. 

Because if the voice is too small, the voice will not be heard clearly, while if the voice is too loud, it sometimes breaks and can disturb other people.

For example, you often watch videos on YouTube. You can set the sound of the video you are watching to be very low and you can set it to be very loud. 

This can happen because the YouTube player has its own volume control.

An easy example of the volume of television shows on a satellite dish. Besides being able to adjust the TV volume directly, you can also adjust the Receiver volume .

In short, there are 2 volume settings that you can use and combine to produce the right sound.

You need to adjust the volume of your computer and laptop even if you don’t use it to play games, play music, or watch videos. 

Because if the volume is too large and there will be an incoming notification, the notification sound will be very loud and can make you startle.

For that, for example, if you don’t know how to adjust the volume of your laptop or PC, you can read this article to the end. 

Because this time I will explain how to increase and decrease the sound on desktop devices such as computers and laptops.

But before continuing with the article on how to adjust the volume of your Laptop and Computer, you need to know why the videos on TikTok have no sound . 

Not only on TikTok, videos on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram sometimes also have no sound.

How to Adjust and Adjust Laptop or Computer Volume

1: The first step to adjust or adjust the volume of your Computer and Laptop, please click on the Speakers icon on the right side of the Taskbar

2: Then please adjust the volume according to your wishes

3: For example, you can adjust other volumes by right-clicking on the Speakers icon and selecting Open Volume mixer

4: You just need to adjust the Speakers volume and System Sounds volume

It’s very easy not to adjust the volume of the Laptop and Computer. Actually, before adjusting the speaker volume or system volume , you better adjust the volume in the application you are using. Like the volume on the YouTube player.

Not many people know about how to adjust the volume of laptops and computers in this way. Most people will be confused when the sound produced is too small or too big. Though it can be set up easily.

That’s all I can explain about how to adjust the volume of a Laptop or Computer, hopefully it will be useful for all of you. 

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