How to Recover Deleted Instagram Stories [Recover Story]

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Stories [2022]

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Story [2024] – How to recover deleted Instagram stories? It’s really super annoying to miss a photo or video posted in Stories isn’t it? Today I will explain in a simple way how to recover a deleted Stories and ensure that it does not happen again.

Insta is a photo and video social network used by everyone, and with it it is possible to interact with common and famous people, public figures and companies, ensuring a different view of the outside world.

There are many ways to interact in the application, be it by Direct , posting a photo, sending memes and videos to friends and etc.

You know that moment when you travel, and notice that a photo has disappeared, a video has disappeared, or a message has been deleted? Well, this is very worrying.

Today I will explain some very simple steps on how to recover deleted Instagram Stories. Of course, this option may vary and may not be 100% compatible in your case, but to ensure that this does not happen, just follow the instructions that I will detail.

What is Instagram Stories?

Stories are nothing more than a method of sharing a photo or video with friends, family or the public, with a limited duration of 24 hours. It disappears after that time, ensuring that there is no alternate timeline outside of your Photo Feed.

Everyone can post to Instagram Stories, just tap the camera icon at the top of the app, and choose a photo or video from the gallery and post.

Also, there are many privacy options for Instagram Stories, even if the photo disappears after 24 hours, some people may download or take a screenshot, but that’s for another story.

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Stories?

In short, there are only two methods how to recover deleted Instagram stories and ensure that this problem does not happen again.

Enable save to camera roll feature

Before traveling or leaving home, make sure the save to camera roll feature is enabled. This disappearing problem happens because if you were without internet and published a Stories, it can be canceled, and even manually deleted without a connection.

To make sure you don’t miss it, leave this feature enabled, which makes a copy in your phone’s gallery

If Stories have been deleted without this feature active, you must follow the data backup guidelines.

How to Enable Auto Save of Stories in the gallery?

1- Open the Instagram app
2- Tap settings
3- Privacy
4- Story
5- Tick save story to gallery

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Stories

Request Instagram data copy

As a second alternative, copying data from Instagram can be very useful in this case, since it stores all the useful information already registered in your profile.

Copying Instagram data can be the last alternative, in short, to have that Stories deleted, but for this to be resolved, you need to request the same quickly and almost instantly after the publication has been deleted. .

That’s because Instagram may not immediately update your data, so getting this download can guarantee that your Stories are there. To apply, simply follow the instructions below.

How to Download Data Copy From Instagram

1- Access:
2- Enter your email
3- Wait for the compressed file
4- Extract the file to your computer
5- Browse the folders to find the stories

Once downloaded, several folders will be displayed, as below…

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And then, just browse between them and find unexpectedly deleted Stories.

If that deleted post doesn’t appear, and you haven’t previously enabled the save to camera roll feature, your Stories are unfortunately lost forever.

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