10 Best Slideshow Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023

10 Best Slideshow App for iPhone and Android

10 Best Slideshow Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023 – The slide is a very good presentation and organization tool, both in academic and professional environments. 

With that in mind, many applications have emerged to support their creation, below created a top 10 of the best options in this sense, check it out:

10 Best Slideshow Apps for Android and iPhone

Prezi Viewer

Prezi is an application that escapes the idea of ​​common presentations, presenting very interesting features for those who want to escape the obvious and impress by design to draw attention to the information they want to convey with the presentation.

With it, you can include graphics full of detail and in different formats, in addition to having a good rendering of images, which gives your slides an even better visual quality, including a professional look that differs from many others.

Prezi Viewer  is available for:

Android and IOS


Surely you’ve heard of Canva because of the possibility of creating and editing designs. And in the face of so many tools presented by the application, it is obvious that they also serve in a good way those who seek to make a slide show.

10 Best Slideshow App for iPhone and Android Canva

There are even pre-established patterns for this purpose, where you can just edit the information you want to insert and having ready, for free, a pattern that draws attention to your speech topics, with options designed for the most diverse tastes and themes.

Canva  is available for:

Android and IOS

Microsoft PowerPoint

Powerpoint was one of the first platforms used by many users to create slides on their own computer. Currently, your application has even more features, making making a presentation a much simpler activity.

In addition to templates for cards, flyers and many others, there are specific formats designed for slides, with editable colors and being able to include or remove elements present, being a good option for both those who like creative presentations and for those who want something simpler. it’s practical.

PowerPoint  is available for:

Android and IOS

Zoho Show

We know that the look of a presentation is quite a differentiator to positively draw attention to the message you want to convey, and agreeing to this is also part of Zoho show’s policy. This application does not have options for other formats, but it is guaranteed when it comes to slides.

With it, it is possible to insert images, texts and graphics in a very intuitive way, in addition to having the option to edit each of these elements. Another detail worth mentioning is the offer of images within the application itself, which can be interesting depending on the subject to be presented.

Zoho Show  is available for:

Android and IOS

Google Slides

For projects that require the collaboration of two or more people, it is worth considering installing Google Slides, as it allows a group to simultaneously edit the same slideshow, optimizing time and facilitating team communication.

But it goes even further, automatically saving any changes made to the application and taking almost to zero the chances of losing that work that was being done due to some crash on your phone. It is worth mentioning that the edition is completely free, and you can use and abuse creativity for your design!

Google Slides  is available for:

Android and IOS


If you like to present video slides, we have brought PicPlayPost as a great option! With it, it becomes possible to create presentations of up to half an hour with images, music and even videos inserted along it.

It is a good option for those who want to give movement to the presentation and escape the obvious with it, being possible to pause to make some important speech about some data, if necessary. This idea usually works very well for academic presentations, being a way to surprise with creativity.

PicPlayPost  is available to:

Android and IOS


Just imagine being able to count on millions of presentations made by professionals, thinking about what can captivate the public and still guarantee credibility to each information passed on. That’s exactly what Slideshare offers, and best of all, this app is free!

You will still be able to browse specific topics according to your thematic affinities, ranging from technology to health. And it doesn’t stop there, creating graphics is facilitated by the app’s intuitive layout, which is designed for those who are not so familiar with the design area.

SlideShare  is available for:

Android and IOS

Presentation maker

Even though it has advanced features, it is not necessary to understand much about technology or design to use this application, since its features are really designed to make life easier for the average user, who is not so familiar with the creation stage.

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It is precisely for this reason that he introduces us to several models prepared previously, designed for different niches. It is still possible to edit them in the best way for your purpose and make adjustments whenever necessary without major problems.

Presentation Maker  is available for:

Android and IOS


Keynote presents tools aimed at simple presentations, not giving as many design creation possibilities as other options mentioned in this post, but guaranteeing the user ready formats that vary among many styles, you will surely find one that you like.

Another feature of the platform is that it has interesting transition effects, in addition to the slide sheet themes themselves. It is still possible to make a collaborative presentation simultaneously through link sharing, which is perfect for team activities.

Keynote is available for:



For those who don’t have so much time to think about designs and ways to bring out the best in their presentation, Emaze proves to be a great option. That’s because, according to the purpose you insert for your slide, you have a format ready for editing only.

In addition to this facility, it allows the most diverse file formats to be included, such as audios, links to lives, videos and even forms, which certainly helps us to build a presentation richer in details!

Emaze is available for:


Hopefully you are like these 10 Best Slideshow App for iPhone and Android

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