How to Easily Remove IG Instagram Story Filters

How to Easily Remove IG Instagram Story Filters

How to Easily Remove IG Instagram Story Filters – Instagram has recently been surprised by various types of filters to use in the Insta Story feature. 

These various kinds of filters do make Instagram users even more excited to use them. Because there are many types of filters that can be used. 

To be able to use these filters, you must first update Instagram.

Instagram filters are very diverse, ranging from effects to make photos more interesting or game filters that can be used. 

You can search for filters according to the wishes of the person who made it or the creator. 

The many filters make your Insta Story even more interesting. Approximately how many Instagram filters do you have?

However, the large selection of filters on Instagram is often boring. Some Instagram filters that are not used are better to just delete so as not to increase the data capacity of Instagram. 

Most are still confused about deleting Instagram, it’s easier to add a filter than to delete it, right? No need to worry because we will share how.

How to Update Instagram Application

Before knowing how to remove Instastory filter, it’s a good idea to know how to update Instagram. 

As we know that filters cannot be removed if Instagram has not been updated, here’s how.

  • First you can open the Google Play Store application on your favorite Android.
  • Then navigate to the menu in the upper left corner
  • Choose my apps and games
  • Then select update
  • Choose Instagram app
  • Click the update button and wait until the process is complete.
How to Easily Remove IG Instagram Story Filters

How to Remove IG Instagram Story Filters

Actually to remove filters on Instagram Story is a very easy job. On Instagram itself, there is already a feature to remove filters.

So that some that are not used can be deleted so that your Instagram work doesn’t slow down. 

Here’s how to remove filters on Instagram.

  • Open the Instagram app that has been updated recently
  • Select the Instagram Story feature
  • Then you will get various kinds of filters that have been downloaded and used some time ago. You can choose which one to delete.
  • After the filter is clicked, below will be the name of the filter, click the name of the filter.
  • Then there will be various menu options that can be used for the filter. You can select the delete option so that the filter disappears from Instagram stories.
  • That way you can go back to the story and the filter is gone.

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How, isn’t it easy to remove filters on Instagram stories? That way you can choose which filter is often used. Removing some of the filters on Instagram Stories will help your device not get too full.

How To Remove Instagram Filters

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