How to Remove Xiaomi Navigation Keys

How to Remove Xiaomi Navigation Keys

How to Remove Xiaomi Navigation Keys – Almost all Android smartphones released in 2019 that use the Android 9 Pie operating system and above can already remove the navigation bar or bar through settings.

Therefore this time I will discuss the tutorial on removing the Xiaomi navigation buttons through settings. For Android phone users with Pure Android/ AndroidOne, you can read the article on how to remove the navigation buttons on Android Pie.

Because Xiaomi phones are different from their MIUI interface, it is certain that the feature names and settings will also be different. 

For those of you Xiaomi phone users who are already using MIUI 10 and above, it’s very easy to remove the navbar on your Xiaomi that you have.

It’s just as easy as on phones that are part of the AndroidOne project like Nokia. Because it is very easy to hide the Xiaomi navigation bar, almost all users who already have this feature no longer use the navigation bar buttons.

Navigation buttons are replaced by gestures that are more practical and can add to the landscape because there are no buttons on the screen. 

To be clearer, just read the tutorial on how to remove the Xiaomi navigation keys below.

On Xiaomi phones, this feature is not called Gesture, but Full Screen. But the function is the same, namely removing the navigation buttons on the screen and replacing them with gestures.

How to Remove Xiaomi Navigation Keys

1: You open Settings first

2: Scroll down and select Additional settings

3: In Additional settings, please select Full screen view

4: To turn off the navigation buttons and replace them with gestures , please select Full screen gestures instead of Buttons

How to Remove Xiaomi Navigation Keys

5: Select Later to continue or Learn to learn to use the features of gesture or movement

6: Finally the navigation bar on your Xiaomi phone will disappear immediately. From now on you can use gesture features like on iPhone X and iPhone 11

It’s very easy not to hide or remove the navigation bar on Xiaomi. If you have trouble with the gestures feature,

How to Remove Xiaomi Navigation Keys

You can bring up the navigation bar again by changing its settings to Buttons instead of Full-screen gestures.

How to remove the Xiaomi navigation buttons can be applied on all Xiaomi phones that use MIUI 10, MIUI 11, MIUI 12, or the latest MIUI version that will be available in the future. For MIUI versions below MIUI 10 I don’t know if this feature exists or not.

For the type of gesture, it follows the version of Android used. But in MIUI between Android 9 and Android 10 have the same gesture . I personally prefer gesture Android 9 Pie of the gesture had Android 10 .

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