How to Download Videos From Facebook

How to download videos from facebook

How to download videos from Facebook to Computer and phone, Along with the development of the times and now social media is increasingly diverse. And finally, there are still many users of Facebook,

Because Facebook is a social media where the apk is a place to share photos and videos, and interact between account users via inbox or online chat services.

Until now, there are more and more Facebook users and the content uploaded on this social media page is increasingly diverse. Facebook has finally become a necessity for the community, starting as a means of communication, establishing relationships, to sharing moments via video. So how do you download videos on Facebook?

Because more and more Facebook users are now sharing their moments or stories, not even a few of them or their users want to save the video in their smartphone gallery.

Now this social networking service can indeed save the favorite videos of its users. but what makes it sad is that even Facebook has not provided a download or download feature to save the video in your gallery.

But you don’t need to worry now that there are several ways to download Facebook videos that you can do using or without an application easily and practically.

How to Download Videos From Facebook

How to Download Video from Facebook to phone

For those of you who want to download but not many know how to download it, then we will give you the following how to download videos on Facebook the easiest and fastest way is as follows:

Fb Video Downloader

Not only using the downloader website, you can also download using the apk. And one application that is now widely used by users is Video Downloader for Facebook.

The application that has been developed by Rimal has a fairly small size, so it certainly doesn’t take up much space for storage on a smartphone.

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At the beginning you are first to download the application first, then open the application and log in. 

Then after that find the one you want to download

Click on the video and select ” download “. then you wait until the download process has been completed and until it is successfully saved in the gallery.

Video Downloader for Facebook

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And the next one is the Free Video Downloader for Facebook apk. This download application which has an almost perfect rating, so it can prove that many users also install this application and download it.

But if you don’t have the application, you can download this application first on the Google Play Store. 

After that open the application and login to your account. then find the video you want to save and click to play the video.

Then later it will automatically be saved in the local browser, so you can watch it anytime.

In addition to this method, of course there is another way, namely by opening the FB video that you want to download and then copying the video link. 

Open the apk, then click ” paste link “, then click ” download ” in order to save it.


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The last way to download videos on Facebook is by using the Fastvid application. This one application, of course, this app has also been successfully downloaded by more than 1 million mobile users and has several positive comments, so you should also try it.

The first thing you can do is download the application first on the Google Play Store. then after that, there are three ways you can download the video from this application. 

The first step, open the application then click or tap on ” browse Facebook ” and log in to your FB account.

After that find the one you want to download, then click ” download ” to start the download.

The second way is to copy the URL you want to download. Then open the application, paste the URL then click ” install “. And the last way, share the video from FB then select ” Video Downloader for Facebook “.

HD Video Downloader for Facebook

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For those of you who want to download High Definition resolution  , apk from Phela Apps or this one you need to try. The method is very easy and almost the same as in the video downloader application above.

For the first step, download the HD Video Downloader for Facebook application first. When done, open the apk then click on ” browse Facebook “. 

Log in to your Facebook account and then find the one you want to download. Then you click on the folder icon at the bottom right to start the download process.

You can also choose a lower quality than HD, so that later it can be adjusted to your needs. Not only that,

Using this method, you can also copy the Facebook video link and then open the application to paste the link. 

Finally, the arrow is next to the column to download the video.

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How to download video from Facebook to Computer

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Then another way that can be used to download Facebook videos without an apk is with FB First, you can login to FB using a browser on your smartphone, then open the one you want to download.

Copy the video link, then open the ” ” website . Once open, paste the link in the column provided then click ” download “. 

Wait a few moments until the video options appear, normal quality (usual quality) or HD quality (good and clear quality).

Then select the option according to the needs you want. After that a preview will appear, then click on the three-dot icon located below the video. 

After that Click ” download ” to download it and then wait until the download process is complete.

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If you are playing FB on a laptop or Computer and see an interesting video, then you want to save it on your PC? You also don’t have to bother opening your smartphone to download it,

Because you can download the video using on your Computer or laptop.

The first step you can do is download the SaveFrom extension. Net Helper then install it on your laptop or PC. then after that you open it then log into your FB account.

Of course, you are looking for what you want to download, then a green sign or box will appear.

Click on the section marked with the arrow and wait for a few moments until the video quality option appears.

How to Save a Facebook Story?

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Besides you being able to save videos from other users’ uploads, can users save other people’s stories or stories?

The answer is of course you can, namely with the Save Story application for Facebook Stories – Download.

The application that was successfully developed by Creator Studios is quite interesting because it can save stories belonging to other Facebook users without them knowing that you have seen his story.

With the appearance of an elegant interface, using black shades that you can change its appearance as you wish.

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How to secure my FB account from hackers facebook help

Not only that, but this app also offers other features such as being able to read messages anonymously or invisible,

Being able to download photos and videos quickly and privately, supporting more than 1 account, and many others.

So, that’s how to download videos on Facebook is easy and can be done by anyone. if you don’t want to bother, just use the downloader website to download videos. but if you want to download in a faster way, install one of the several download applications above.


Well, those were some of the ways that you can do how to download Facebook videos without an application or use additional applications easily and practically, which you can try. Not difficult is not it, of course very easy right. And from now on you can also collect videos that you like, which of course are on Facebook.

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