How to Set a Twitter Posting Scheduled Tweet

How to Set a Twitter Posting Scheduled Tweet [2022]

How to Set a Twitter Posting Scheduled tweet – Twitter’s active users in the United States are one of the largest in the world. Tweets are sent daily from the Twitter app and website. Many users choose to buy Twitter followers to get rapid growth on this platform.

Did you know that now you can schedule your Twitter posts before they are published? If you don’t know, we want to tell you how. It’s so easy!

Get to know the Twitter Scheduled Tweet feature

This latest Twitter feature has been released since November 2019. So far, the Scheduled Tweet feature is not yet available for Twitter users on smartphones

Because it can only be used on the web version of Twitter that can be accessed via a laptop or desktop computer.

Through this feature, we as Twitter users can exercise better control over the Tweets that will be posted. 

How to schedule it is quite easy, just click the calendar and clock icon every time you are going to post something.

This Scheduled Tweet feature allows you to set when your tweet posts will appear on Twitter because the settings include the day, date, and time that you want to post the tweet.

Later, the tweets that you have set the schedule will automatically appear according to the time that has been set. 

Twitter has yet to announce when the Scheduled Tweet feature will be available for the mobile version. But the possibility is always there.

How to Create Scheduled Tweets on Twitter Web

You can try to schedule posts on the Twitter web by following these steps:

  • First, of course, you must have something you want to tweet, it can be text, images, or videos.
  • Once ready to be posted, you can schedule when the tweet will be posted by clicking the Schedule Tweets icon (pictured calendar and clock) then do the settings.
  • Set the posting time by selecting the date, month, year, hour and minute. 
  • Next, click Confirm, and your tweets will appear according to the schedule you want.

So what if we make a mistake and want to revise or edit the scheduled tweet? Well, for this one, you can see the next tutorial.

How to Set a Twitter Posting Scheduled Tweet [2022]

How to Edit a Scheduled Tweet

After you finish setting the Twitter posting schedule, sometimes there are things you forget and you want to add, or there are parts that you want to change because they don’t fit. Well, the following is how to edit a scheduled tweet.

  • Click the menu to create a Tweet, then you can press the Unsend Tweet menu.
  • If you have, you can press the Scheduled menu.
  • Next, you can edit the Tweet by pressing Tweet
  • Once the post is modified, then follow the steps above to reset the Tweet schedule.
  • If you want to delete, select the Edit menu > Tweet > Delete.
How to Set a Twitter Posting Scheduled Tweet [2022]

The existence of the Scheduled Tweet feature is very easy for us as Twitter users, as well as for companies to schedule postings on Twitter. 

Now there is no need to subscribe to third-party applications and services such as Tweetdeck. 

Benefits of Scheduled Tweets for Personal

Tweets are usually spontaneous, where what we think is directly typed and published. Sometimes we get carried away with emotions and write without thinking about the consequences.

On one of these grounds, Twitter provides an opportunity for every user to make a scheduled Tweet.

The things that are usually posted on Twitter are all kinds of life problems, both pleasant and unpleasant. Unfortunately, sometimes we forget that personal things shouldn’t all need to be posted on Twitter.

Of course, there is a delete option, but usually, Twitter posts that have spread are out of our control and can be used by other Twitter users.

Now, with the Scheduled Post feature, we can think again about editing, or even deleting posts, before publishing.

Benefits of Scheduled Tweets for Companies

Not only for personal use but the Scheduled Tweet feature can also be used by companies in their marketing activities. Companies can schedule announcements or marketing posts without using third-party applications.

Every company’s marketing schedule is definitely full, and not necessarily enough manpower is available to do everything. With the option to create a posting schedule, the team in charge can work more efficiently.

With scheduled Twitter posts, the company’s Twitter account is never empty, especially on holidays when the office is closed. So that engagement with their followers is maintained.

How, are you interested in trying the Scheduled Tweet feature of this Twitter web? Try it, come on!

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