How to Turn Off Google Chrome Automatic Updates To Save Data and Power

How to Turn Off Google Chrome Automatic Updates To Save Data and Power

Support for automatic updates on the Google Chrome application is quite important, but unfortunately sometimes we really need to disable it for a number of reasons.

Google is a company that is diligent in updating its various applications. The goal is of course to add new features or improve existing support such as in the security aspect.

With automatic update support, we don’t need to check regularly. As long as the device is connected to an internet network, be it WiFi or cellular (depending on the settings), the app will update itself.

Automatic updates are also available for Google’s browser app, Chrome. Therefore, we can enjoy various kinds of online content comfortably and safely without being bothered by checking the availability of the new version.

But it is undeniable that a number of conditions sometimes force us to turn off the automatic update option. Fortunately, in the Chrome application, we can do this very easily even though it varies for each device.

Table of Contents 

  • 1 How To Turn Off Google Chrome Automatic Updates
    • 1.1 On Android
    • 1.2 On iOS
    • 1.3 On Windows Computer

How to Turn Off Google Chrome Automatic Updates

On Android

  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Search Chrome by taking advantage of the search feature
  • Go to product page for Chrome
  • Tap the More options button in the top right corner

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  • Uncheck the Enable auto-update option

Slightly different from Android, those of us who use iOS-based devices need to turn off the automatic update option for all applications if we don’t want Chrome to update to a new version without approval.

On iOS

  1. Visit the Settings page
  2. Go to the App Store section
  3. Turn off the App Updates option

While for those of us who use Chrome on computers, the option to turn off automatic updates, one of which we can find on the System Configuration Utility page or often called MSConfig.

On Windows Computer

  • On the main page, press the Windows Start button and R at the same time
  • Type msconfig in the column that appears
  • Press Enter
  • Go to the Services tab
Turn Off Google Chrome Automatic Updates
  • Google Update Service (gupdatem) and watch for Google Update Service (gupdate)  options
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  • Uncheck both options
  • Click OK button
  • Restart the computer if prompted

To make it easier to find the Google Update Service (update) and Google Update Service (update) options in the System Configuration Utility, you can use the Hide all Microsoft services feature.

Keep in mind that turning off Chrome automatic updates is certainly not a wise move because the application protection system will decrease so that we can later be more easily attacked. In addition, we will also miss a variety of new features.

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