How to Use Laptop for Beginners (Must Understand)

How to Use Laptop for Beginners (Must Understand)

How to Use Laptop for Beginners (Must Understand) – Laptops are one of the most reliable devices, especially for those who have high mobility. Laptops or netbooks are easy to carry around and don’t have many devices (like computers).

No wonder laptops or netbooks are still the prima donna. Laptops are also very easy to learn, the key is as long as you can. Well this time we will learn to master 4 ways to use a laptop.

For beginners, using a laptop is not an easy matter. There are things to watch out for. So here are 4 ways to use a laptop easily and practically.

How to Use Laptop for Beginners (Must Understand)

  1. Getting acquainted with Laptops
  2. Put the Laptop in a Convenient Place
  3. Look for the Power Button
  4. Using Touchpad

Getting acquainted with Laptops

How to Use Laptop for Beginners (Must Understand)
Use Laptop for Beginners

Before using a laptop, it helps us learn how the hell our laptop is. For this information, we can read the manual book. Try to see where the power button, charger hole, charger completeness, also USB port and CD-room are.

In addition, knowing the brand, series, and advantages of the laptop will be very helpful. For example, we buy a laptop with a screen model that can be bent 360 degrees or a regular hinged screen.

After recognizing the outside of the laptop, now is the time to get acquainted further. Try to pay attention to the laptop battery area. Before using, make sure the laptop battery is full. How to make sure the laptop battery is full?

The trick, can be to try plugging in the charger cable on the laptop (make sure the laptop is still in a dead condition, yes). Usually there will be an indicator light that we can see. 

This light is usually on the front under the keyboard. If the indicator light is still red or orange, it means it’s not full. If it is yellow or green, it means it is full.

If the battery is still not full, it is recommended to charge it first. However, if it is full, we can immediately remove the charger cable. 

Next, place the laptop on a flat table. Cover the bottom of the laptop with something that can make the fan at the bottom of the laptop work properly.

Put the Laptop in a Convenient Place

How to Use Laptop for Beginners (Must Understand) Put the Laptop in a Convenient Place
Use Laptop for Beginners

Yes, at the bottom of the laptop, there is a fan that works to cool the machine. If the hole is clogged, the components will heat up quickly and cause the laptop to hang. We can cover the bottom with a cooling pad.

The perforated surface will be very useful for laptop cooling work. In addition, the cooling pad also has a cooling fan that can help our laptop’s built-in cooling performance. If so, then move to the following step.

Look for the Power Button

Look for the Power Button
Use Laptop for Beginners

Next, start opening the laptop with the right tilt. That is, laptops can usually only be used when the screen is lifted or opened. 

Adjust the screen tilt to our viewing distance. Do not pull the screen too far, because it will damage the hinges on the screen. Today there are laptops with screens that can be bent 360 degrees. So get to know each other’s laptop.

Once you have the right angle of the screen, start looking for the power button. This button is located differently on each laptop. 

There are at the top left of the keyboard, the top right of the keyboard, or at the bottom of the keyboard. However, this button is usually quite conspicuous in its location, so don’t panic.

Next, press the button. There will be another indicator light that signals us that the laptop is about to turn on. If the light is on, we just have to wait a while until the screen also lights up.

Using Touchpad

Using Touchpad
Use Laptop for Beginners

The touchpad or cursor or mouse built in this laptop is very sensitive. Usually located at the bottom of the keyboard, flat, quite large and long. This touchpad is a substitute for a mouse (on a computer). How it works, use your finger to move right and left.

Then if we are going to open the program, just point the touchpad at the desired application, then click on the left. Also try right-clicking for more options.

If the Tracpad is considered troublesome because it is too sensitive, we can use the mouse. This will be very helpful for those who are used to using computers before. The mouse can be connected to the laptop through the hole on the right or left side of the laptop.

How to Turn Off the Laptop?

After mastering 4 ways to use a laptop, now is the time for us to learn to turn off the laptop. Turning off the laptop there is also a step by step. If you just turn it off, it can make the laptop’s performance decrease, you know. Let’s see the steps to turn off the laptop.

Turn Off the Laptop?
Use Laptop for Beginners
  1. Look for the Start menu .
  2. Then click the Shut Down menu . Some laptops will immediately turn off, but there are also laptops that still ask for our approval whether it will really be turned off, we just press the Ok button.
  3. Then wait until the laptop is completely turned off. Do not immediately close the screen. Wait for it to cool completely, then close the screen.

Things to Avoid When Using a Laptop

In addition to the 4 ways to use a laptop above, there are several things we should avoid. This is to keep our laptops more durable and make our work easier.

Uninstalling the Battery

It is not recommended to remove the laptop battery while using it. Maybe the original intention, so that the battery performance lasts longer, chose to remove it and immediately plug in the charger and then turn on the laptop. However, be aware that doing so will quickly damage the hard drive .

Laptops are designed to use batteries. Then use the laptop when the battery is already charged (not charging). If the battery runs out, we have to give the laptop time to charge it by turning it off, then plugging in the charger.

Wait until the battery is fully charged. If in an emergency, it’s better to use a laptop while charging the battery. Even though the battery performance will be damaged quickly. However, the laptop battery will not be damaged quickly if this is not done too often.

Laying Laptop

If you look at the 4 ways to use a laptop above, it is recommended to always make room at the bottom of the laptop. This is done so that the performance of the laptop cooler is maintained. Laying the laptop is also not recommended. The reason is, the heat in the laptop cannot get out. Precisely the heat in our bodies will add to the complexity of the laptop.

Therefore, when using a laptop, it should be on a table. If you don’t have a cooling pad, you can cover the bottom with a thick book. However, make sure not to let the base cover the air circulation holes.

In addition to holding the laptop, also avoid placing the laptop on a sofa, mattress, or other soft surface. Soft surfaces can withstand heat on the laptop. If it is clogged, it can cause the laptop to error easily.

Stay away from hot temperatures

It turns out that the temperature of the environment we are in also affects the performance of the laptop, you know. We recommend that you avoid using the laptop in temperatures that are too hot. For example, in a closed kitchen that is baking bread in a large oven. This will cause the laptop to error or decrease its performance.

Directly Put It In The Bag

There’s nothing wrong with keeping a laptop in a bag. However, it would be better if we have a laptop pocket. Usually these bags are made of soft and thick materials. So when exposed to shocks while in the bag, the laptop is not easily damaged.

Laptops are very practical, but also need to be cared for properly. This is done so that the performance of the laptop is maintained. In addition to mastering the 4 ways to use a laptop, memorize some things that must be avoided when using it. This is so that the condition of our laptop can be more durable.

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