9 Best Makeup Apps for Android in 2024

The 9 Most Popular Android Apps For Facial Makeup in 2022

The 9 most popular android apps for facial makeup – Android smartphones are now equipped with advanced specifications to capture photos easily. The quality of the resulting image is also very good because of the support from features to camera performance.

However, some users think that to get the perfect photo, of course, it must be supported by make-up. This is often experienced by women who use Android smartphones. In fact, some of them also have to be willing to take the time to apply make-up first.

Don’t worry because you can also use several applications that will make the photos look perfect like using make-up. Recommendations fromthe android application for facial makeupalso have interesting features and are easy to use.

9android apps for facial makeupthat you must try Android applications that are used to display make-up effects are very helpful. The function of the application is considered to make it easier for you to look perfect from the photos obtained.

In addition, this application will also help you determine the character of the real makeup you want.

Each of these android applications has many features that can be used for free. Each of these applications also has a different character of the results.

Most Popular Android Apps For Facial Makeup

  • BeautyPlus
  • MakeupPlus
  • YouCam Perfect
  • Perfect365
  • Sweet Selfie Candy New Name
  • Air Brush
  • Lakme Makeup Pro
  • B612
  • InstaBeauty

This will be adjusted to your needs to get the desired photo results. Here are 9android applications for facial makeupthat can be tried very easily, such as:

1. BeautyPlus Me – Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera

Most Popular Android Apps For Facial Makeup : Beauty Plus
Most Popular Android Apps For Facial Makeup : Beauty Plus

One of the most popularAndroid applications for facial makeupamong users is BeautyPlus. This application is considered to provide many very smooth photo editing results. Moreover, some of the features offered can also be used very, very easily.

The mainstay feature that you can use is Meitu Technology. This feature is an effect that makes your skin look smoother and can even remove or disguise acne from photos taken. The system settings of the features offered also look very easy.

This is also influenced by the appearance or interface of the application itself. You can post all the photos from this application directly on several social media.


2. MakeupPlus – Makeup Camera

Most Popular Android Apps For Facial Makeup : MakeupPlus
Most Popular Android Apps For Facial Makeup : MakeupPlus

This application is very useful for women. MakeupPlus will indeed make it easy for you to do makeup virtually.

Of course the background used will involve a photo of your face. There are several features that you can use so that the appearance of the photo can look very perfect.

The process of making over using a lot of makeup tools is also quite easy. The interface design of this application is considered very ideal and minimalist.

This application has a community or forum that you can follow to get information about the latest makeup tutorials.


3.YouCam Perfect – Photo Editor

Most Popular Android Apps For Facial Makeup : YouCam Perfect
Most Popular Android Apps For Facial Makeup : YouCam Perfect

Another recommendation froman android application for facial makeupthat can be used is YouCam Perfect. This application is considered to have many features to make the appearance of your face in the photo look very perfect.

Moreover, YouCam Perfect is also supported with hundreds of filters and tools that make it easy to determine the desired make-up concept. This application is often used to edit the appearance of the face.

Some of the features that are often used include brightening the face, removing acne and making facial skin look whiter. This application is available for free on PlayStore.


4.Perfect365 Makeup Photo Editor

Another very popular makeup app is Perfect365. This application is intended for you to apply the make up method directly in the photo section. The appearance of a very ideal and elegant UI is considered to affect the required system settings.

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In addition, this application is also supported by various virtual makeup tools that can be used at once.

Of course this will make it easier for you to apply makeup methods such as blush, lipstick, eye liner, eyeshadows and others. There are various choices of colors and make up tools that you need.


5.Sweet Selfie: Camera & Editor

Most Popular Android Apps For Facial Makeup: Sweet Selfie
Most Popular Android Apps For Facial Makeup: Sweet Selfie

Actually this application will help users to do photo editing so that the appearance becomes more attractive. In fact, the photo editing features of this application can be done very easily through a few tools and just a touch.

There are many tools with the best functions that can be used. Through these tools, you can make facial skin whiter, remove acne blemishes, look better teeth, edit nose shape, and others.

After you get the desired photo, it can be directly shared via social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others.


6.AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor

This application is almost similar to the others. Air Brush has a better look and features with the advantage of the desired photo results. In fact, the features offered by this application also consist of various sections that make the photos better.

These various tools will make you get whiter teeth, brighter facial skin, apply make-up to some parts of the face and others.

The makeup tools provided will also be supported with several choices of tools and colors. You no longer need to doubt the quality of the editing results produced by this application.


7.Lakme Makeup Pro

This is an application that is intended for those of you who like make-up. Lakme Makeup Pro offers a variety of makeup tools and features that are supported by many cosmetic tools.

This application made by Unilever does offer various functions from features to display makeup in a professional manner.

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There are hundreds of features involving cosmetic supplies that come from world famous companies or brands.

This application also offers tutorials to make-up recommendations that you can use. You can also get some tips very easily from this application.


8.B612 Camera&Photo/Video Editor

Another choice of application to use is B612. This application does offer interesting photo editing with various charming features.

Just like other applications, the features offered by this application can be used to smooth facial skin and make photos look better.

In addition, this application even provides different stickers that create image editing effects that look amazing and can be instantly published on social media.


9.InstaBeauty – Makeup Camera!

Most Popular Android Apps For Facial Makeup : InstaBeauty
Most Popular Android Apps For Facial Makeup : InstaBeauty

This app has some of the best features that can be used. Instabeauty offers beauty video tutorials, photo collages, various makeup tools, quicksnap and selfie beauty cameras. Each of these features will of course make the photos look very attractive.

One of the advantages of this application is that it can change the color of the lips with lipstick tools.

In fact, you can also do makeup very easily with the support of equipment provided by the application.


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