What is Invalid Adsense Clicks and How To Overcome it

What Is Invalid Adsense Clicks and How To Overcome It

What Is Invalid Adsense Clicks and How To Overcome It – Of course, you already know about Google Adsense, Google’s most widely used advertising service on websites.

Adsense itself has rules regarding ads displayed on the publisher’s website or website, such as being prohibited from clicking on their own ads to invalid clicking. So what exactly is an invalid click?

In this article, we will discuss invalid click AdSense and how to overcome it.

What is Invalid Adsense Clicks?

Invalid clicks are invalid clicks on advertisements, invalid clicks themselves can be caused by various things, including visitors clicking repeatedly on the same ad either intentionally or unintentionally to the most severe and avoided and feared click BOM.

Click BOM itself is the act of naughty parties who click hundreds or even thousands of times on ads on your website.

What Happens If There Are Invalid Clicks?

The first thing that will happen if your Adsense account has invalid clicks, of course, the income from clicking on these ads will not be calculated and you will get the details on your AdSense income report.

If there are too many invalid clicks (let’s say your site is hit by jingling or click bombs) of course it will greatly affect your AdSense account starting from restrictions until your account is inactive, banned.

Is There a Way to Overcome Invalid Adsense Clicks and Adsense Click Bombs?

There are lots of ways to deal with invalid clicks and click bombs to avoid your account from being restricted to freezing or being banned.

Overcoming Invalid Adsense Clicks and Blogger Click Bombs

To solve the problem of invalid clicks or Adsense click bombs, for those of you who use Blogspot, you can use an anti-click bomb script that you can look for because many have provided the script for free.

Overcoming Invalid Adsense Clicks and WordPress Click Bombs

For those of you who have a website using the WordPress CMS, there are two ways you can do this, namely using a script or using a plugin. You can search the internet for the script itself.

For the plugin, you can use the Ads Invalid Click Protection plugin. These plugins can help you to reduce invalid clicks and click bombs that occur on your site.

By using Ads Invalid Click Protection, the ads on your website can only be viewed and clicked a few times for a device and IP. 

When the maximum number of clicks has been reached, the ad will not be displayed on your site.

Is There a Way to Overcome Invalid Adsense Clicks and Adsense Click Bombs 1

How to Install and Setting the Invalid Click Protection Ads Plugin

For those of you who want to use it, here we provide how to install and do the settings:

Invalid Click Protection Ads Plugin Installation Steps

Of course, you have to log in first using an administrator account and After that, please click on the Plugins menu then the Add New sub menu.

After that in the Search Plugin column, please look for the Ads Invalid Click Protection plugin then click install and activate.

After the plugin is installed, of course, you have to do the settings according to what you want. To do the settings, you can click the settings menu then the Ads Invalid Click Protection submenu

After you click the menu, you will be shown the Ads Invalid Click Protection settings page as shown below

There are several settings that you have to do yourself according to your wishes including:

  1. Clicks : In this column, please enter the maximum clicks that can be made by the user before the ad is not displayed
  2. Hours : please enter a time limit until the ad can be displayed on the same device and ip (time count is measured per hour)
  3. Milliseconds : in this column the length of time the ad disappears in milliseconds. So after the same user visits your site, the ad will automatically disappear in that matter.
  4. When finished, please click Save

That’s what Invalid Clicks Adsense is and how to fix it. Hopefully, it will help you overcome the invalid click problem you are facing on your website.

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