Review: Is it a Worthy buying tool? Review: Is it a Worthy buying tool? Review: Is it a Worthy buying tool? – In the modern world, where visuals are being used to portray various types of information, you might have come across a situation where you wanted to extract vital text from an image. 

The first solution that comes to mind in such a situation is to transcribe the text manually, but it is a very inefficient method. That’s why today we are going to review a tool that can extract text from an image in just a few moments. The name of the tool is Image to Text, and it is available for free.

However, it also has a premium plan. We will help you decide whether this paid plan is actually worth it or not. But before we get into that, let’s explain a few other aspects of this tool.

How Does Image to Text Work?

Image to Text uses advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that allows it to scan and extract all types of characters from images. However, don’t get too overwhelmed by these terms, as the working of this tool from the user’s point of view is very simple. You just have to follow these easy steps:

  1. Upload your image by clicking on the Browse button.
Image to Text Work
  1. The uploaded image will be shown underneath. Click on the Submit button. 
Image to Text Work
  1. Wait for the process to complete. After a few seconds, the results will be shown to you in the following way:
Image to Text Work

From here, you can choose if you want to copy or download the extracted text.

Who Uses Image to Text?

Here we have discussed a few industries where this tool can be utilized. This will help you decide whether it is relevant for you or not.

  1. Banks

Data entry is a process that is used in banks all over the world. It can include entering data from physical invoices or bills. Image to Text converter can help perform this task and remove the need for manual transcription. 

Free Money Transfer Mobile Banking illustration and picture

You can scan these files (such as receipts) and enter the images into this converter. The extracted results can be copied and inserted into the respective program. 

Other than data entry, digitizing receipts and other stuff can also make it more easily shareable. It makes digital banking possible.

  1. Academics

Students can utilize this tool for productivity reasons. For example, one use case can be when they have to copy notes. Instead of writing all the stuff down, they can scan the notes and get results in the form of editable text. This text can then be stored in the form of documents for future use.

Free Notebook Notes photo and picture
  1. Document Digitization

Document digitization can be a great way to organize your official files, irrespective of your industry. All businesses have documents that they have to store and manage. With the help of Image to Text, you can convert these documents into a computerized format for improved searchability.

Free Student Typing photo and picture
  1. Others

There are a bunch of other situations as well where this tool can be of great use, such as,

  • Medical sector
  • Newspaper text extraction
  • Scanning identification documents
  • Legal sector

What are Some Features of Image to Text?

Image to Text provides a diverse variety of features to its users. Let’s discuss them in a little detail for your understanding. 

  1. Accurate Extraction

The modern technology used in Image to Text’s algorithms allows it to extract text with extreme precision. Each and every character is extracted accurately. It works even on blurry images or low-resolution images. 

Moreover, it is not only for the alphabet. Even mathematical characters and special symbols are detected by this tool and converted into text form.

  1. Format Support

Because of the multiple formats in which images are available nowadays, Image to Text has offered multiple image format support. All the popular and non-popular image formats can be inserted into this tool, and it will provide you with an accurate result. 

Your image can be in a jpg format or even a gif format; it’s all the same for the tool. It doesn’t affect the quality of conversion even in the slightest. 

Multiple Image Formats
  1. Language Support

The language support provided by this tool is marvelous. It supports more than 15 different languages. You can insert an image that has text characters from these languages, and the tool will convert them into editable text. It also includes complex languages such as Korean and Japanese.

Multi languages Support
  1. Free Availability

We have mentioned before as well that this tool is available for free. And by free, we mean almost completely free. You have unlimited access to the tool. You can start using the tool as soon as you land on the tool page. You don’t have to undergo any sort of setup, such as logging in or signing up.

Imagetotext Is free to use

However, there are some limitations that this free package has. To get an actual limitless experience of this tool, you have to get a Pro membership. Now let’s talk about this membership.

What is the Price of Image to Text?

Image to Text provides a few variations in its premium membership. Here is a screenshot of all of these plans:

Price of Image to Text

You can see the features that this plan offers from the image given above. However, we are going to review them separately to help you decide if the tool is money worthy or not.

Key Benefits of the Premium Plan

In this section, we will discuss only those benefits that are available exclusively for premium users. This will give you a rough idea of whether you should spend money on this tool or not.

  1. Ad-Free Interface

The Image to Text premium plan offers an ad-free experience in which the interface looks extremely slick and clean. However, as of now, even the free version of the tool doesn’t have many ads. If, in the future, the free version gets loaded with advertisements, then this feature will be extremely useful.

  1. Large Sized Image Support

In the free plan, only images up to 5 MB are supported. This means that if your image is of high quality, you will first have to compress it or degrade its quality. This seems really inconvenient. 

In the premium package, however, this issue has been resolved. The image size limit has been boosted up to 10 MB. The majority of images come under this size limit. So, you can probably convert any image that you want.

  1. Bulk Image Conversion

In the free plan, users are allowed to convert 3 images to text in a single conversion. This restriction can be irritating if you are trying to digitize bulk documents.

Fortunately, the tool has provided a solution to this. The premium package subscribers can upload up to 50 images at once and convert them all into machine-readable text.

Pros and Cons of the Premium Plan

The following table summarizes all the positive and negative aspects of Image to Text. 

No advertisementsNo additional image formats support
50 image conversions supported (at once)No additional languages for Premium user
High-quality and large-sized images supported
Responsive live chat support

Final Verdict: Is Worth buying?

Yes, the premium plan of Image to Text is definitely worth the money. Based on our observation and deep investigation, we think that the tool’s paid plan is a value-to-money offer. Especially if you want to deal with multiple large-sized images at once, then this subscription will be extremely useful for you.

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