7 Best Instagram Scheduling Apps For Business in 2024

Best Instagram Scheduling Apps

Best Instagram Scheduling Apps For BusinessScheduling posts on Instagramnot only saves time, but also gets more followersand stays connected with your audience.

Want to know howto schedule Instagram posts or stories,but don’t know how?

Best Instagram Scheduling Apps

Be aware that there are many online tools to plan and schedule the publication of photos, videos and stories on Instagram.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management platform, which helps schedule and automate social media posting, manage advertising, collect and analyze data, and more.

Sprout Social is more than just a tool for scheduling social media content, it’s all-in-one software for doing everything related to social media management. In fact, Sprout Social offers many features to:

  • Track your brand in real time;
  • Monitor messages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram;
  • Track the activity of your paid publications;
  • Customize mobile push notifications for all types of messages on any network;
  • Analyze response rates and response times;
  • Send personalized replies according to your needs;
  • Plan, create, manage and publish your content;
  • Create reports from data from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn;
  • Track engagement, impressions, hashtag performance, follower growth on Instagram.

There is a free trial offered by Sprout Social, this will allow you to test the tool without any commitment, to find out if the features meet your needs or not.


Hootsuite is a social media management tool that has been around for a long time (it was created in 2008), and since that time they have developed one of the most competitive social media management tools.

In addition to scheduling Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts, Hootsuite also offers other tools to monitor what people are saying about you and your business, invite your team members to create effective posts, track what happening in your social media accounts, and more.

As there is a Hootsuite mobile app, you can install it on your smartphone or tablet to take advantage of all the platform’s features on the go.


Since 2015, Onlypult has been developing a platform that makes social media management easier for brands, bloggers, agencies, and other businesses.

Onlypult is a single platform for social media management. The platform combines five tools — Publishing, Analytics, Builder, Monitoring, and Streaming. Bloggers will benefit from a wide range of features.

The Publishing tool allows scheduling and posting content to Instagram (posts, Stories, and Reels), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube, TikTok, Tumblr, WordPress, Telegram, Pinterest, and Medium.

The in-built Analytics for business Instagram accounts provides advanced statistics and lets you customize the dashboard. For example, you can see the best time to post, engagement rate, and the most successful posts by the number of comments, video views, likes, and reach.

With Onlypult Analytics, you can set sending automatic reports weekly or monthly to colleagues or clients!


AgoraPulse is another comprehensive social media management platform that includes a great tool for scheduling and automating social media posting.

With AgoraPulse, you can schedule content publication in advance, and set a pre-determined date and time. Then you can choose to publish a post once, or several times or schedule your posts to be reposted regularly.

Agorapulse can be used to manage Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts, etc. With its built-in CRM feature, Agorapulse helps you better understand your audience.

The Agorapulse tool is affordable for marketing teams and agencies, it offers four plans (a free, pro, premium and enterprise plan). The main difference is the number of social profiles and users supported, although there are also differences relating to data retention and comment tracking and the shared calendar.



Tailwind makes Instagram content planning easier than ever. Like Sprout Social and Agorapulse, Tailwind lets youschedule Instagram posts(images, videos, and stories).

Tailwind is an official Facebook partner; which means that you can use it quietly without worry, taking advantage of its many features.

When you schedule an Instagram post, Tailwindapp will give you a list of hashtags to add to your posts, along with the best time to post.

Tailwind also offers a calendar where you can drag and drop your posts so you can plan and rearrange your scheduled content. Moreover, you can preview all your scheduled posts in your dashboard.



Buffer is a well-known tool that allows you to manage multiple Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts. It offers tools to automate social media posting, and analyze campaign performance to identify the best and worst actions.

With Buffer, you plan and schedule all of your content from a single dashboard. You simply connect your social networks and set how often you want to post and when you want to post, then upload your content.

Some important features are not available on the platform, including the bulk upload feature. However, a third-party application called BulkBuffer can be used for this.

Regarding the price, Buffer offers a free account that allows you to manage 3 accounts, 10 publications and 1 user. Paid plans start at $15/month, increasing the number of accounts and scheduled posts.

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SEMrush is known primarily as an SEO tool, but it offers social media management features. The SEMrush team has created a comprehensive tool to simplify the work of Social Media managers. With this tool you can:

  • Schedule publicationson social networks;
  • Obtain data on your publications: such as information on the performance of your campaigns: number of views, interactions, shares, etc. ;
  • Find the best time to publishyour posts;
  • Monitor your competitors: the SEMrush tool allows you to monitor the activity of your competitors on social networks;
  • Find the content that workswell for your audience;
  • Get weekly email updatesand create PDF reports;
  • Create and manage your ads and get detailed statistics.

SEMrush is an ideal choice for people who are looking for a tool to manage their social media account(s), but also to grow their website(s) or a YouTube channel, because SEMrush has the features fundamentals of SEO, such as keyword research, backlink analysis, etc.



Later is another well-known content and management tool, it allows you to create an editorial calendar for your social networks, which is very useful to save time. You can retrieve content to post to your social media accounts through Dropbox, Google Drive, or through your computer.

In addition to content planning, Later allows you to analyze content performance, interact with fans, work in teams and share content from any URL on the web.

Later offers a lifetime free plan, which allows you to schedule up to 30 posts (no video, no carousel posts) for a single account per month.

But if you want to manage multiple Instagram or Facebook accounts and schedule more than 30 posts per month, you should choose one of the paid plans starting at $12 per month.

Conclusion: Tools to Schedule Instagram Posts

As you have noticed, the tools for scheduling posts on Instagram are numerous, and offer similar functionality.

So, I recommend that you choose the tool that offers the options you are looking for, and start with the tools that offer a free trial; this way you can test the tool and find out if it is right for you or not before paying for a subscription

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