Is BlaBlaCar Safe in 2024? Clear your doubts!

Is BlaBlaCar Safe

Is BlaBlaCar safe – Traveling and discovering new places is great, but it’s not always possible to do this easily and with financial peace of mind. In this sense, Bla Bla Car is an alternative that emerged to help people find cheaper ways to travel and help themselves collectively.

The company was created in France in 2006, with the aim of connecting people who want to travel by car and have free seats with those who need a ride. The success of the platform was such that, in a short time, its expansion area grew to reach countries all over the world and increasingly consolidated the image that BlaBla Car is safe. It is currently available in Brazil as a website and in an app version for Android and iOS.

How BlaBlaCar works

Basically, Bla Bla Car works as follows: a person who is going to travel and has space in the car registers the ride on the website or app, indicating the point of departure and arrival, as well as time and price; It is also possible to insert intermediate points. For example, a trip between São Paulo and Belo Horizonte can be registered to accept passengers who will depart from Atibaia; When registering, the application calculates the most common route and indicates the cities that can serve as these points and estimates the proportional amount that should be charged.

Once registered, the ride starts to appear in interested parties’ searches; Anyone who wants to travel can book a ride and then contact the driver to arrange the details. To do this, simply enter the destination and arrival cities and the day on which you are interested in making the trip.

Is BlaBlaCar Safe?

Bla Bla Car has several security mechanisms. For those who offer, when registering the ride, it is possible to indicate whether the ride will be approved automatically or upon approval. The second option is the safest, as it allows you to look at the interested party’s profile before accepting them.

The user profile has a description, preferences, notes and evaluations. This is essential to ensure your travel safety. Reviews must always be made after the trip and are public, allowing all users to see the reputation of other users. Typically, users are quite honest, pointing out any problems such as delays or route deviations, but also praising rides that went well.

For those looking for a ride, the options are the same. It is important to check the driver’s profile in advance and see if everything is ok with their ratings and verified data.

The application also has experience level classification criteria, which include cell phone and email verification, preferences, insertion of photos, number of reviews and time spent using the platform. As a result, users have their experience level classified as Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert and Ambassador.

Bla Bla Car is safe in that it works as an intermediary between its users. It makes it easier to meet people with common goals, but you need to be careful and careful when choosing your trips.

An interesting new feature of Bla Bla Car is theOnly for Womenoption , which allows female drivers to offer rides only to women. The option is interesting for those who want to travel and prefer the trip to be shared only with female people. In the search, it serves as a filter and only allows information about rides offered in this modality to be viewed.

BlaBlaCar Price

The price of rides can be defined by the driver, but this is not freely established. It is important to highlight that the platform is not a source of income generation. The objective is to share the costs of the ride between everyone, including the driver. Therefore, an average value that a ride should have is generated and a ceiling on the maximum charge per passenger is established. Furthermore, it is always recommended that only two people be placed in the back seat, to ensure everyone’s comfort.

The platform, in Brazil, also does not allow direct payment. All forms of payment must be made directly on the ride, by agreement between passenger and driver. This protects the passenger from possible loss of money, as there is no risk of paying and not having the trip.

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BlaBlaCar and Uber: what’s the difference?

Uber, like Bla Bla Car, is safe, but each has specific purposes. Uber was also born from the idea of ​​collective rides, but became a service specialized in transportation. If you travel from Rio de Janeiro to Vitória, for example, you can request an Uber and you will have a driver available who will take you there at the cost calculated by the app, completely under your responsibility and including the driver’s and Uber’s profit margin .

On Bla Bla Car, you will find non-professional drivers who will share the costs, without making a profit and without making a profit for the platform, as it does not retain part of the value. Furthermore, payment is not made automatically and the company has a smaller role in calculating the route and establishing the amount charged.

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