9 Tips to Increase Video Rank on YouTube in 2024

9 Tips to Increase Video Rank on Youtube in 2022

Tips to Increase Video Rank on Youtube – Are you a video creator or are you implementing digital marketing through YouTube, but never getting high popularity? 

Try increasing the Video Rank on Youtube by utilizing SEO techniques. This method has been proven by many for themselves.

Because it can make the YouTube channel in the best position and get a high number of views and subscribers!

Who is not familiar with YouTube. This platform provides the largest video service provider in the world today. 

Unlike other video service providers, YouTube is able to provide income based on the number of views on a video. 

Not surprisingly, a lot of content creators have switched to this one platform and earned quite a high income. 

Yes, earning on YouTube is a real thing. Income comes from viewers who see ads on your videos. The more views you get, the higher the dollar you get.  

In addition to earning income from advertising, YouTube is also suitable as one of the digital marketing strategies for products and brands. 

But of course, you have to work hard to get lots of views and subscribers and conversions if possible for the marketing videos you make. 

Check out the following tips to increase the popularity of your videos using only Video Rank on Youtube SEO techniques! 

9 Best Tips to Increase Video Rank On YouTube Using SEO Techniques. 

The higher the number of views of the video content you upload, the higher the income you can achieve. 

An ad can be embedded at the beginning, middle or end of the video. Of course, the number of ads viewed by your video viewers will be converted into revenue. Likewise with video branding companies and products. 

There are several digital marketing strategies that can be done to create a high level of views , one of which is using YouTube SEO techniques. 

This technique will allow your video to appear at the top of the search field according to the keywords that viewers are looking for. 

Determine the Right Keywords

Since YouTube’s algorithm is almost the same as Google’s, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the use of the right keywords. 

So before uploading a video, you need to do some research on the keywords that are potential and most used by YouTube users. 

9 Best Tips to Increase Video Rank On YouTube Using SEO Techniques. 

The more potential keywords you use, the greater your chances of getting views from the audience. 

Embed Keywords in Video Title 

After finding the appropriate keywords, of course you need to embed these keywords in the video title. 

This way, viewers and YouTube’s algorithm will find it easier to understand the type of video you’re showing and make it easier for them to find the video just by typing in certain keywords that you’ve targeted.

Create an Eye Catching Thumbnail

Because you will be competing with digital video production by other creators or YouTubers, then make thumbnails that attract the attention of the audience. 

9 Best Tips to Increase Video Rank On YouTube Using SEO Techniques. 

Thumbnails should not be too monotonous and seem mainstream. Besides being able to win the competition, a well-made thumbnail can increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) of your videos, including embedded videos .

Add Informative Description 

The description box will help the viewer and the algorithm understand the purpose or intent of the video you are uploading. 

Write a description using short and easy-to-understand language and tell the contents of the video that you have made as additional information for the viewer. It’s even better if this description is also linked to the articles on your website . 

Embed Keywords in Video and Use Transcript

Don’t forget to embed keywords in the video, it can be in the form of subtitles or verbally. 

This will help to emphasize the intent of your video to the viewer. You can also take advantage of the closed caption (CC) feature to enter keywords in the video in the form of a transcript.

Transcripts of conversations on your videos are believed to increase the rank of your YouTube videos. 

Because sometimes the audience feels that they are not focused on what they hear and will be helped by the presence of the transcript text. 

Use Tags 

Tags or hashtags help the algorithm identify video categories. So, using tags is the best way to optimize YouTube SEO. 

9 Best Tips to Increase Video Rank On YouTube Using SEO Techniques. 

Use hashtags that match the theme and content of the video. If your video is a make up tutorial, you can use the # dailymakeup tag for example. 

Interact with Audience 

Once the video is uploaded to YouTube, anyone will be able to watch it. Well, usually there are viewers who leave comments, so answer those comments. This is a good way to interact with the audience. 

They will be happy if the question or input written in the comments column is responded to by the video maker. Have an intense interaction with the audience, even if it’s just to say thank you. 

If you are promoting a product or doing brand awareness, you can embed a website link to purchase the product in the description column. 

So when a viewer is interested in finding out more or making a purchase after seeing your video, the link will make it easier for them. 

Pay Attention to Quality, Not Just Quantity 

You need to pay more attention to the quality of your videos. Don’t focus too much on the number of videos you have to upload in a week, but pay attention to the quality of the videos you upload. 

Is the resolution, audio, and content good, according to the specified theme, and is it successful in attracting the attention of the target audience?

Those are some tips to increase the Video Rank on Youtube. Immediately make your best video and follow the YouTube SEO tips above so that the video gets a high number of views and likes!

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