Which Version of Illustrator is best for beginners?

Which Version of Illustrator is best for beginners

Which Version of Illustrator is best for beginners? –  Not all illustrator versions are the same, when to use which version? This is a question many of you have just started learning about this software. So, which is the best and lightest version of Illustrator for your computer, let’s go to answer this question.

Illustrator versions are out

At the present time in 2021 adobe has released 25 versions of IllustratorThe first product called illustrator was released in 1987. The illustrator versions are divided into 5 generations representing the development process of this super software. Before answering the question which Illustrator version should be used, let’s take a look at the previous generations of illustrator.

1. Illustrator 88 Generation – Illustrator 1 to Illustrator 1.7

Illustrator is designed as vector design software for typesetting and logo design purposes. The first version of the most determined silk thread with the name Inverter 88 is one of the versions that made a breakthrough in the design industry. In 1989 illustrator 88 rose above the Aldus FreeHand. in the Byte award. 

The first version of Exciter was advertised as rudimentary, they required two screens to support the design and display process. However, at that time, this was also one of the great technologies that many designers accepted. Illustrator 88 has a drawback that is not regularly updated to different platforms. 

As shared above, Adobe does not regularly support updated platforms. In 1990 realized this and updated it on various platforms. However, the new version is not widely accepted. Especially with version 2.0 illustrator cannot compete with CorelDraw on the Windows platform. 

The breakthrough has come in Illustrator version 4.0. In this version, illustrator has made an amazing change to release the edited version in preview mode. Up to the Illustrator 6.0 version, the product has developed the unity between the Mac OS and Windows platforms

2. Illustrator 7th generation.

In 1997 illustrator was widely accepted with version 7.0. Especially in the year 2000 names and 2001; The strong divergence of the internet marks the strong divergence of the features of illustrator and photoshop . Illustrator has enhanced support for PDF and SVG versions of images. The 10th Edition of AI released in November 2001 is the final version of the 7th generation of illustrator.

Illustrator Cs . Generation

Along with the development of the internet and computers, the illustrator Cs version is well received by Vietnamese users. From 2003 to 2012 versions CS, Cs2, Ss3, Cs4 and Cs5 did not change too much. With the illustrator Cs3 version, the publisher has updated the control Bar interface. At this point, who has allowed to align the individual points of the crop areas and the control panel guides the user. In 2008 illustrator Cs4 was released allowing users to create multiple drawings in the same document. At the same time, develop more brush tools that allow free vector drawing.

The last version of illustrator CS generation is AI version CS6 (16th edition). This is the version used by many people. Especially the students, the students know the most. By 2012 Marked the explosive development of personal computers in Vietnam. At the same time, a series of universities and centers also officially train illustrator in their curriculum.

illustrator version cc 

In the years 2013 2014 Adobe released a completely new version of illustrator cc. This is the next generation star marker version of vector design software. The compatibility of illustrator cc version is much stronger especially the cloud application. This is one of Adobe’s efforts to bring data to the cloud. Although this effort is not appreciated in Vietnam. Because most AI in Vietnam is pirated version. In recent years Adobe has continuously updated its software once a year. As of 2021 the latest version of Adobe is illustrator cc 2021.

Which version of Illustrator should I use?

Thanks to the sound and reputation of CS6 versions and countless tutorials. That’s why many of you still think that illustrator Cs6 is the most optimal version. But is that the case? Which version of Illustrator should be used is the correct one. If I have to answer right away which version of Illustrator should I use, my answer is the latest version. However, to answer this question you need to consider the problem from many different perspectives. In which the problem of equipment and habits are the two factors that determine which version of Illustrator should be used.

Pros and cons of Illustrator Cs6 and Illustrator CC – the latest.

Why are there 25 different versions of illustrator that I only take these 2 typical representations. In the development trend of science and technology, most hardware has met the basic needs. And these two versions of the software represent two different schools of AI.

    • If you want to stick with Illustrator for the long term; And if you have a good computer, you should use the latest Illustrator. AI version Cs6 is considered lightweight and full of basic features. Meanwhile, AI CC with many new and powerful features is regularly updated by the company. But if you are not sure about the power of the computer you have, you need to consider it more carefully.
    • In many cases you should install 2 latest versions of Illustraor Cs6 and CC at the same time. The use of many different versions of AI creates flexibility in the work. You can update and use new illustrator features. At the same time, you can also create design files, lightweight image files compatible with multiple versions when sending to colleagues, or customers. More importantly, when you install multiple versions of AI, the question of which version of Illustrator should be used is meaningless.

When to Use Illustrator Version Cs6/

If you use a weak computer, you cannot install new versions of Illustrator. Illustrator versions with many new features they are very heavy when performing tasks. Older generation computers cannot work smoothly when you install these versions. Now choose Illustrator cs6. Remember that in addition to CPU, Cad, and hard drive, the minimum requirement of the new Illustrator version is 6bg ram

In the above I said that 4gb ram computer is weak configuration and difficult to use new AI version. But the fact that the computer is weak or strong does not depend entirely on the ram on the machine. It is also related to the main, chip, graphics cad, hard neck… But it’s an easy sign to know if a computer is strong enough to work with AI. If your computer (before the upgrade) has less than 8gb of ram, you should consider using Illustrator CS6

Advantages of Illustrator Cs6 . versions

If you choose Cs6 for the question which is the best version of Illustrator to use, here is the answer for you

    • Illustrator Cs6 is very light. Although its installation file size is about 1.6gb. However, the computer configuration requirements for the reinstallation are not high, only 4gb of ram is enough
    • Powerful Illustrator Cs6 : As the last generation of Illustrator Cs, Illustrator cs6 is really powerful and different from the older versions.
    • Intuitive interface . The next plus point of Illustrator cs6 is its intuitive, lively interface. You can easily search for command tools in this version.
    • Many supporting textbooks : Not that Illustrator Cs6 has many programs, but you can easily find Illustrator cs6 textbooks online. Universities, centers… also use many Illustrator cs6 textbooks.

Disadvantages of Illustrator cs6 version.

Here are the things you should upgrade your computer to use the new versions of Illustraotr instead of Illustrator Cs6.

    • Poor compatibility. Illustrator isn’t just powerful in vector graphics design. It is preferred for its compatibility with other software. Illustrator cs6 has relatively poor compatibility and data retrieval compared to the new versions.
    • Few new features. Illustrator cs6 is too old compared to the speed of technology development. A technology product that was born nearly ten years ago certainly cannot still be good
    • Few video tutorials. Most of the video tutorials on youtube, online courses… use the latest illustrator versions. It’s very difficult for you to keep up with these instructions because you won’t find the commands; tools that teachers use in their tutorials
    • Show that you are slow to update. You are young, living in the age of technology, if you do not regularly update new things you will be left behind. Employers and partners will not appreciate such slow updaters.

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When to use the latest Illustrator CC.

As of now, the latest version of Illustrator is cc2021. If you ignore all the external factors and you ask me “Which version of Illustrator should I use”. Then my answer will be illustrator cc 2021 or something latest in the future. Why, in general, in most versions, newer products are better. But new versions of illustrator require a good enough computer configuration. But in 2021, an I7, i9 computer, 8gb, 16gb or 32gb ram is not a luxury anymore. So if you want to work with illustrator, with graphic software, then a good computer is essential. So what are the reasons why you should choose the latest Illustrator version and not Cs6.

Advantages of Illustrator CC2021 versions

New versions always have advantages over old versions. Same with Illustrator, after 8 years of continuously updating Illustrator cc2021 has had outstanding points. So if you are still wondering which Illustrator software to use, this is the answer for you.

    • The most powerful tool. With new features Illustraor CC 2021 is the best version of Illustrator. With outstanding processing power, many new tools and features are updated.
    • Offers a variety of additional services. From Illustrator CC versions, the manufacturer has worked hard to bring data to the cloud, and offers a multitude of accompanying services. Popular services such as templates, storage, updates, security, etc.
    • Good data synchronization. Own the ability to store data in the cloud. Illustrator CC allows you to sync files to their cloud instead of storing them on your computer. It is similar to how you store data on the driver.
    • Access data anywhere. Now you just need to log in to your account and access your data in the cloud. This saves you from having to carry a bulky usb or hard drive.
    • Diverse documentation. In addition to the faculty documenting more than 2000 adobe tutorials. Every day thousands of new video tutorials are released using this new version of Ps. So if you don’t update it will be very difficult to follow and follow the instructions

Disadvantages of Illustrator CC2020 version

With the latest version of Illustrator, which version of Illustrator you should use depends on your computer configuration. This is also the biggest drawback of Illustrator CC2020. This version requires a well-configured computer with at least 8gb of ram for all tasks. However, as Self-Taught Graphics has shared; If you decide to choose Illustrator, then buying a computer with a good configuration is essential.

So which version of Illustrator should I use?

So we have learned together on the topic “Which version of Illustrator should I use”. Accordingly, this article is for the purpose of letting you know what versions of Illustrator are currently available. Which Illustrator software you should use depends entirely on the computer you have. If your computer configuration is weak and very weak, you should use the Cs6 version. If your computer configuration is good, you should use the latest version of Illustrator.

For those of you who are new to learning and cannot afford to buy a computer, you can consider using Illustrator Cs6 or CC2014. Cs6 version is very light, CC2014 is a bit heavier but it is similar to the latest AI versions. You will not be surprised and have trouble with the differences between versions. The Illustrator CC curriculum is relatively small, but the video tutorials are numerous.

In short: If you want to learn Illustrator in particular and their graphics in general, you should invest in a well-configured computer. When you have a well-configured computer, you should install the latest version of Illustrator. Currently the latest version is Illustrator C2021. If your computer configuration is too weak, you should consider choosing Illustrator Cs versions.

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