MacBook vs Chromebook: Which one is better?

MacBook vs Chromebook: Which is better for working?

MacBook vs Chromebook: Which one is better – To know which is best for you to work, MacBook vs Chromebook, know that the basic difference is that the first is exclusive to Apple and the second is available in several brands such as Asus, Dell, Acer, and Samsung. 

MacBook vs Chromebook: Which one is better?

Another difference is that those who use the Macbook will have the Mac OS, exclusive to Apple, as their operating system, and those who use the Chromebook,

In addition to choosing the brand they like best, can choose between Windows and Linux systems, depending on the need. To understand which one is ideal for your job, check the specifications of each one and make your choice.

1. Macbook

The Mac OS system is virus-resistant, intuitive, and great for design and video professionals. A MacBook Pro, for example,

  • MacBook Pro has Thunderbolt ports for connecting accessories,
  • FireWire for connecting to high-speed devices
  • MacBook has USB and ethernet ports. 
  • Keyboard commands such as copy, paste, a thumbnail view of open apps or a list of installed programs are extremely fast,
  • In addition to having several shortcuts for screenshots. 
  • The trackpad is multitouch, accepts several commands, and with it,
  • You can display the expanded view of all open apps
  • In addition to moving between programs in full screen. 
  • With Finder, you can include favorites for quick access and show shortcuts to the most important folders on your computer. 
  • In the Spotlight search field, you can quickly find anything.

2. Chromebook

Widely used and known, Windows, Microsoft’s operating system, is present in most Chromebook models and is compatible with almost all programs. February 2021 In the latest version, Windows 10, the start menu was resumed, in addition to bringing together the best of Windows 7 and 8.1 (focused on tablets). 

  • There are many new features and innovations,
  • But the system is also cleaner and more fluid with the exclusion of unnecessary features. 
  • A novelty is that the new Live Tiles can be inserted beside the start menu and scaled.
  • Some common functions, such as the calculator, have been replaced by Universal Apps. 
  • But if you prefer to install Linux instead of Windows
  • Be aware that it is free, extremely simple and very safe against viruses

In addition to being possible to customize it in several ways, which makes it flexible for every need, always with much faster adaptations and corrections. 

Do you already know which is better, a MacBook vs Chromebook? So choose the ideal one for your work.

Chromebooks are getting prepped For Macbook Like Haptic Trackpad Support

A Macbook-like tactile trackpad may come to Chromebooks in the future

Mechanisms like the tactile trackpad found in Apple products may be included in Chromebooks in the future. Chrome Unboxed reports.

What is a tactile trackpad?

A fixed trackpad that makes you think that there is a click mechanism by utilizing tactile feedback.

Find commits on Haptic (= tactile / tactile) feedback
The commit discovered this time clearly states “Create feature flag for touchpad haptic feedback “.

The commit discovered this time clearly states "Create feature flag for touchpad haptic feedback ".
Image Credit: chromeunboxed

In addition, the on / off of tactile feedback and the existence of a slider that adjusts the strength of feedback are also described as shown in the image.

The advantage of this fixed tactile trackpad is that there are no moving parts such as hinges or springs that can cause improper installation.

However, this function is still unknown at this time. Even if it is realized, it will take a little longer. I want to watch the transition.

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