4 Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2024

Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging – 12 years ago when I first started blogging, making money from this activity was completely unimaginable. In fact, it costs more money, time, energy and thought.

Why not, at that time even getting an internet connection was still difficult and difficult. Don’t imagine having an internet connection at home for 24 hours, at that time to reply to comments on my blog, sometimes I have to go to an internet cafe.

Let alone energy and thoughts. At that time, even though there were many free blogging platforms available, using them was not as easy as it is now. There are a lot of technical things that I really need to learn basically, such as HTML, syntax, JSS, etc. A lot of time is spent on technical things like that so that creating good content, let alone monetization, was not even thought of at that time.

Indeed, at the beginning of its existence, blogs were more of a medium for building an existence in cyberspace, like social media that exists today. As far as I remember, many of my friends started trying the opportunity to make money from blogging media after 2023.

4 Ways to Make Money Blogging

Below I will try to share ideas for using blogs as a medium for making a fortune online.

Join Google Adsense

Adsense is an online advertising platform owned by Google. It is the most popular and largest advertising platform in online media today. If you open a web page and find or see advertising banners in several parts of the web page, the advertisement likely comes from the Google Adsense platform.

The blog owner or publisher will get profit or money based on how many ad banners are clicked by visitors or how many times the ad banner is seen by visitors.

In order to use this method, we must first register with Google Adsense and wait for our registration to be approved. It takes some time to go through the review and approval process. Because Google Adsense itself provides certain quite strict requirements for what type of blog or website is worth working with.

Join WordAds

WordAds is actually an advertising platform similar to Google Adsense. The difference is that while Adsense is Google’s platform, WordAds is WordPress’ platform.

So most likely only blogs or websites that use the WordPress platform can join WordAds.

Just like Google Adsense, to use this advertising platform we must first register and go through a verification and approval process. In my experience when using this platform, the process was relatively fast and easy.

Place advertisements directly from advertisers

For blogs and large media, placing advertisements directly from advertisers is a good choice. This way we can directly negotiate with advertisers about how much the rate per ad is and how the ad rate is calculated.

We can determine whether rates will be charged based on the number of clicks, number of displays, how big and how long the ad is displayed on a blog page.

Join an affiliate/affiliate marketing platform

Affiliate or affiliate marketing in simple terms is connecting an advertisement on our website directly with a product on an e-commerce or market place.

Blog owners do not get money or payment directly from displaying ads, the number of clicks on an ad banner, or how long an ad is displayed.

The blog owner will get money or profits based on how many products are sold from ad clicks on our blog or web page. The size of the blog owner’s profit is usually calculated based on a percentage of the product price or a certain amount.

For example, by clicking on an advertising banner on a blog page, we can sell 50 products, each worth $1000,-, let’s say in the affiliate agreement the publisher gets a 5% share per product, then the blog owner or publisher will get 5% x 1,000 x 50. The total income from selling these products is $2500

Actually, affiliates are not limited to selling products directly to consumers. Another example of an affiliate is a blog owner or publisher who is paid based on the number of subscribers to a service, application installations on smartphones, registration for an event, etc.

Each will determine differently the amount and how they will pay the blog owner or publisher. One of the affiliate platforms that I have used is Access Trade which I wrote about in this blog on the previous page.

Endorsement or Product Review

Blogs with specific content will usually be of interest to a brand. When lately I have been writing more about running sports, many brands that are related to running sports products are also looking at me.

Sports product brands will usually send products for us to use for free in exchange for us writing about our usage experiences on our blog. If you follow this blog long enough and read about reviews of League brand sports shoes, then that is an example of an endorsement that I have received.

As long as I manage this personal blog, there have been many brands that endorse me, either with payment in the form of products or a certain amount of money according to the agreement.

For bloggers who have not yet tried to monetize the blog they have built and managed, in my opinion there is no harm in trying. Maybe you will think that in order to make money we have to set up and set up settings that are complicated and expensive. Don’t worry, withcheap, uncomplicated and practical hosting like Qwords, we can try to build a blog that can be used to make money.

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