4 Best OCR Software in 2023 (Image into Text)

Free OCR Tools to Convert Image into Text in 2022

4 Best OCR Software in 2023 (Image into Text)Free OCR Tools to Convert Image into Text in 2022 – OCR stands for optical character recognition. This is an advanced technology that is used to extract text from images, and print scanned documents.

Working of OCR

OCR works by the combination of two colors i.e. black and white. The technician recognized the image or documents in the state of black and white.

Black color indicates the ‘characters’ while white color indicates empty spaces of images or documents.

This technique was firstly developed for blind people’s education. The primitive OCR can extract data only in one font but with the up-to-date technique, you can extract data in any font.

4 Best OCR Software in 2023 (Image into Text)

There are dozens of tools on the internet that can help you to perform OCR. Every tool is unique in its feature and interface.

If you are interacting with OCR for the first time then for you the free tools are best. So many tools can perform OCR for free. Some best tools are as follows:


This image-to-text converter tool helps you to perform OCR with every type of image.it is very easy to use and has a friendly interface.

The results obtained from it are accurate and editable. To use it you just require your image. You can browse your local storage or can upload it from the drive. If you do not have the downloaded image you can enter its URL directly.

By submitting the picture you will get the text of it. You can also modify the language of the text. This tool has plenty of features that make it useful and the first choice of people.

You can use it for every kind of image like PNG, JPG, TIFF, etc. You can extract text from low-resolution images. If your image contains any mathematical or algebraic equation it can also be extracted by this tool.

It is URL friendly and you do not require to download your image. You do not have to spend any money or time on it. It is free from any installation process. This tool provides security to your data. You can download your extracted data in the form of a word file.

This is a device-friendly tool and can be accessible by every search engine.


This free tool works with AI in the extraction of data from the images. For data extraction, the OCR is done in three steps.

In the first step for data, a template is made. Then the data is extracted and fit into the formed template. In the third step of intelligent data processing, the text is converted into human-readable form.

There is no daily limit on image conversion. You can convert as many as you want.it is also supportive of every image format. Due to its advanced algorithm and strong AI, data can be extracted from blurry images.

It is supportive of different languages and provides maximum security. Text obtained from it is error-free and can be downloaded or copied to the clipboard.

 OCR.best  is one of the Free OCR Tools to Convert Image into Text in 2022


Plain text can be obtained from this tool by uploading images of any type.it is a very simplified tool. You just upload your image and get the text to make edits.

Due to its powerful AI technology, it extracts data within seconds from the image. The best feature of this tool is its security. All the images that are uploaded to it get automatically deleted from the database after 30 minutes of extraction.

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You can choose your preferred language of extraction and can upload 5 images at one time. The results of all the files will be provided in a zipped document.

It is 100% free and gives accurate results.


This free tool can be used to extract text from three kings of images.OCR can be performed on JPG, JPEG, and PNG files. You can upload the file from local storage or can also use its URL.

Its OCR processing is very smooth and you can extract data from screenshots and low-resolution images as well. its image preprocessing is very reliable and fast.

AI technology gives precise results. This tool is multilingual. You can convert the extracted data n different languages. For saving time from manual typing this tool is very helpful.


OCR has aided in the data processing. You can keep a record of a large number of documents without being involved in the hectic process of manual typing.

All types of business that involve documentation and image processing can use OCR.

Above are some tools that can be used for the image to text conversion for free. You can use any of them to save your time and energy.

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