Top 13 Best NFT Marketplaces For 2024

NFT Marketplaces

Top 13 Best NFT Marketplaces For 2024 – who has managed to earn quite a large amount of money just by selling his selfies. Instead of selling photos in the usual way, this young man turned his photos into digital assets or NFTs. Then he sold the NFT on a marketplace called Opensea which is a platform for buying and selling NFT transactions.

As the popularity of NFTs increases, more and more people are finding out how to transact this digital asset. NFT marketplaces are similar to marketplaces in general that bring sellers and buyers together. The difference is that this platform performs various digital asset transactions with blockchain types, including NFTs.

Are you interested in getting into the world of NFT? The following is a list of NFT marketplaces that can be used safely for NFT transactions.

Top 13 NFT Marketplaces Of 2024


In the first list, there is the OpenSea marketplace whose name is also increasingly popular in Indonesia. OpenSea is also the place where Ghozali sells his NFT and earns quite a fantastic amount of profit. This marketplace is the first and largest NFT marketplace in the world today. OpenSea is one of the main markets for NFT transactions and is used by many people in various parts of the world.

This platform is a place for creators or artists to sell their digital works. There are various works of art that you can find ranging from pictures, songs, photos, videos, to other 3-dimensional works. To create an OpenSea NFT account, you can visit theOpenseawebsite .

You can use crypto coins to transact on OpenSea. In general, the coin used is Ethereum (ETH). However, you can also use other coins depending on the agreement between the seller and the buyer.


The next marketplace that provides many digital assets and artwork from talented artists is SuperRare. This platform was created in 2018, this marketplace is a place for NFT transactions using Ethereum coins. You can find various digital assets and various other interesting works of art.

This marketplace also provides various interaction features including virtual reality so that buyers can get complete information about works of art.


The next NFT marketplace website is Rarrible which is one of the popular NFT markets based on Ethereum. Rarrible provides facilities for its users to create works of art, make sales and purchase digital works of art or NFTs.

This platform uses two standard NFT tokens for transactions, namely ERC 721. This token can be used for one-time creation of unique items. The second type of token is ERC 155 which functions for the manufacture of several item editions.

Now, Rarribble introduces a new feature to its users, namely Lazy Minting. Lazy Minting allows its users to create NFTs without being charged any fees. This is done to maintain the sustainability of the platform environment.

NBA Top Shot

The NBA is a basketball competition that is very well known and has many fans around the world. Are you a basketball and NBA fan? Apparently, there is an NFT marketplace that provides various action footage of basketball players appearing in NBA competitions.

This marketplace is called NBA Top Shot which is an officially licensed product from the National Basketball Players Association (NBA) and Retired Players Association. NBA Top Shot is the best space for those of you who are interested in NFT, digital assets related to the sport of basketball and have important assets related to historic actions in the NBA.

Axie Marketplace

Another popular NFT marketplace that is no stranger to the NFT world, this marketplace is called Axie Marketplace. The Axie marketplace is a place for buying and selling items for the popular NFT game, Axie Infinity. Appearing in early 2018, the game Axie Infinity managed to attract the attention of many people involved in cryptocurrency.

To play this game, players can buy various items that can make the game more fun. Not only buying various items, this marketplace also allows you to sell various items. To be able to play the game Axie Infinity, you need 3 Axie to be able to play. In the Axie Marketplace, you can buy Axie from other players.

As the popularity of the game Axie Infinity increases, so does the price of coins from Axie.

Larva Labs

The next NFT marketplace recommendation is Larva Labs, also known as CryptoPunks. CryptoPunks is a unique NFT digital asset and even some of its series have sold at fantastic prices. This NFT asset is a human-shaped pixel icon with various different characters. Because it has a unique concept, the value of this CryptoPunks asset continues to increase.

Because quite a lot of people are interested in buying this NFT asset, LarvaLabs Marketplace exists to meet the needs of investors. LarvaLabs itself is the creator of CryptoPunks. As of November 2021, this marketplace has recorded a sales volume of 1.3 billion USD. To transact on this platform, LarvaLabs can only be connected to a digital crypto wallet, namely MetaMask


The next NFT marketplace which is also quite well-known in various countries is the Foundation. This marketplace has a simple design and is easy to use. Transactions in this marketplace use Ethereum. Since its launch in early 2021, NFTs sold have reached transaction numbers above 100 million USD.

Creators are uploaded to the platform by the Foundation community. Buyers need to use a crypto wallet to make transactions. Indeed, for creators, this marketplace is not a place that can sell NFTs quickly. However, this marketplace has a lot of art that can be read in a simple format.

Here and Now

For those of you who want to market and sell digital artwork, or find unique artwork, you can visit the art NFT marketplace, Hic Et Nunc. This marketplace is quite popular among creators and artists. Several artists in Indonesia also use this platform to sell their various works of art. Hic Et Nunc is a decentralized smart contract platform. Users can sell artwork, buy it, and even print various artworks and digital assets as NFt.

Hic Et Nunc is the fastest growing marketplace for printing and selling NFT art. Of course, this can happen because of the support from artists to help each other promote to buy each other’s works. In order to sell work on this platform, you need to use your own domain using .xyz. Then you can do promotions on various social media using certain hashtags.

Binance NFT

As crypto investment has grown, Binance has become one of the most popular and largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms today. Binance also has its own cryptocurrency called Binance Coin (BNB). As the popularity of NFTs grew, Binance also launched the binance marketplace NFT. This platform invites creators and artists to promote and sell their art.

Binance said the marketplace made it easy for buyers to trace back NFT holdings without middlemen or tired houses. The presence of this marketplace is expected to be able to provide an ecosystem that makes it easier for creators to sell their art easily. Another advantage of this marketplace is that it charges a very low processing fee of 1%. Furthermore, creators will receive a 1% loyalty fee.

Nifty Gateway

Digitalization has now affected various things including works of art. With easy access to technology and information, creators have more choices to promote and sell their art. Nifty Gateway is one of the most popular art marketplaces. The reason for the popularity of this marketplace is that Nifty Gateway collaborates with various world-renowned creators, brands, athletes and actors.

An example is Eminem who collaborated with Nifty Gateway which launched NFT. The well-known adult magazine, Playboy, is also taking part in the NFT market by collaborating with Nifty Gateway. As a result, there are a variety of unique and exclusive NFTs available on this marketplace.

Theta Drop

Theta Drop is a blockchain-based platform built for decentralized video and TV distribution on the internet. The marketplace is debuting in 2021 with the World Poker Tour digital collection. The World Poker Tour was an early adopter of Theta TV and uses the platform to broadcast content.

To transact on this marketplace, you need to buy Theta Token (THETA). A variety of applications that support THETA exchanges is Binance. You can also take advantage of Theta’s digital crypto wallet which can store tokens and NFTs.

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In Indonesia, NFT is also experiencing an increase in popularity. Apparently, there are several Indonesian NFT marketplaces that creators and collectors can take advantage of. One of them is which sells various digital artworks in the form of picture cards. offers the ownership of rare digital works to collectors. For creators who want to sell their art, they must follow the digital NFT format in transactions, which have a size with a ratio of 64:89. All transactions on this platform use the NEAR cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange.


Increasing the popularity of NFT has made the Denpasar Creative Economy Agency develop to create an NFT marketplace. The next NFT marketplace made in Indonesia is Baliola. This marketplace offers various products and digital artwork from Balinese artists. Painters, illustrators, graphic designers, and sculptors can all promote and sell their products at Baliola.

Every artist who wants to sell on this platform is validated first before creating a separate page. Creators can also create a showcase to promote their work. How, have you decided which marketplace to use to sell or buy art? Find the right marketplace and benefit from making NFT investments

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