Paper Jam in Cartridge Area – Fix & Overcome

Paper Jam in Cartridge Area - Fix & Overcome

Solving problems with Printers that say Paper Jam in Cartridge Area. Have you ever experienced something like that when you wanted to print? yes, this problem is quite rare but it can happen at any time on the printer we have, the printer is a piece of hardware that functions to print files, whether in the form of documents, or photos.

This Jam in Cartirdge area problem can occasionally occur in every printer because there is a problem in terms of paper neatness or the paper installed in the printer itself, have you ever experienced a printer error that reads Jam in cartridge area? 

if interpreted from English this means there is a problem or jam in the printer cartridge area (a place to store printer paper), this problem usually occurs when the position of the paper applied is not neat or messy.

So how to overcome the jam in cartridge area on the printer? the following are the steps I did when this happened, it’s not complicated and you can do it yourself, of course.

Troubleshooting the Clock in Cartridge Area of ​​the Printer

Troubleshooting the Clock in Cartridge Area of the Printer 1
Paper Jam in Cartridge Area

The first steps you have to take when this happens are: 

Correct the position of the paper , which is always the main cause of paper jams in the cartridge area because there is a problem with the paper position that causes the paper to get stuck in the cartridge area so that the paper cannot come out smoothly. 

Restart the Printer , try restarting the printer that you have, turn off and turn on the printer again before use. 

Check the Cartridge Area , usually the in-cartridge area occurs when there is paper stuck in the cartridge area, please open the cartridge on the printer, then find and clean the cartridge area if there is paper stuck, or there is torn paper that is also stuck in the cartridge area. 

Press the OK button , if the three methods above have been successfully carried out, then please press the OK button twice on the printer which is usually indicated by a red indicator light, if the error has disappeared usually the light will be green which means normal. 

Now until the last step above, here I myself have managed to fix printer problems where the main problem is in the printer cartridge section. 

Button To Open Cartridge Area

Well, my friend above is the printer button that functions to open the cartridge area, which is the place where the paper usually gets stuck when you want to print documents, the printer used on the HP brand, just press and hold then the cartridge section will open by itself. 

Cartridge Area On Printer

Cartridge Area On Printer 1 1
Paper Jam in Cartridge Area

Well buddy, the picture above is an area called a cartridge, after pressing the button to open the cartridge, please try to find out if there is paper stuck in the cartridge area, this is also known as the clock in the cartridge area on the printer.

Please re-correct the position. paper on the printer or clean the dust that sticks, this can minimize the occurrence of jam in cartridge area problems.

Printer Jam In Cartridge Area But No Paper

What if the printer error says jam in cartridge area but no paper is stuck in the cartridge? if something like this happens, all you have to do is try to clean the printer cartridge area using a tissue, my friend, clean the dust that sticks to the cartridge so that the cartridge area is really clean. 

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If it has been cleaned, please restart your printer, turn it off then turn on the printer again, this method is effective when I do it myself on the printer I have. 

Does it only apply to certain printers? 

So far I have tried to solve this problem on several printer brands and the results work well, this method can be done on various brands or types of printers that you have. 

Well, it’s certain that after doing some of the ways above, the printer that you have will not have problems with the clock in the cartridge area again, that’s how it is, my friend.

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