7 Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives for iOS and Android

The Best Alternatives to YouTube Vanced

7 Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives for iOS and Android – (Alternatives to YouTube Vanced) – As has been known for a few days ,YouTube Vancedwill soon be forced to close its doors, forcing its users to findalternativesquickly to be able to watch YouTube videos without advertising.

Of course, the free client that, in addition toblocking sponsors, incorporated most of the features ofYouTube Premiumwithout the need to sign up for a subscription will not cease to exist overnight.

Even after removing the downloadlinksfrom the official page, YouTube Vanced and its Vanced Manager installer will continue to work, but it’s onlya matter of timebefore the updates make this service obsolete.

So let’s take stock of the paths that you can follow if you are looking for validalternatives to YouTube Vanced, from the most popular applications to really unexpected shortcuts.

Best Alternatives to YouTube Vanced: the apps


NewPipe 1
Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives : Newpipe

NewPipeis one of the most long-lived and functional free YouTube clients: through itsessential interfaceyou can download videos, play them in the background, use the Picture in Picture functionality and much more.

Besides YouTube, NewPipe is also compatible withother platformssuch as Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

NewPipe does not provide for logging in with your Google account, a limitation that actually turns out to be a double-edged sword in particular forHuaweiusers , who will thus be able to comfortably watch YouTube videos even without Google services.

Simple and intuitive interface
No advertising
Background and PiP playback
It also works without Google services
No access to Google

NewPipe is available for download from:

SkyTube and SkyTube Extra

SkyTubeis anotheropen sourcealternative to YouTube that allows you to take advantage of most of the features of YouTube Vanced, with interesting additions such asblockingunwanted content. The peculiarity of this service is that it is divided into two variants.

SkyTube Extrauses closed software libraries and supports the official YouTube player, while “standard”SkyTubeis fully open source, uses a proprietary player and therefore has slightly longer update times (up to 5 days).

No advertising
Background and PiP playback
Download Subscription to channels
It also works without Google services
Ability to block unwanted videos
YouTube player only in the Extra version

SkyTube is available for download from:


The Best Alternatives to YouTube Vanced: LibreTube

The latest open source alternative application to YouTube Vanced is primarily intended for desktops and still inbeta, as evidenced by the (hopefully temporary) presence of some annoyingbugs,but it also has great potential.

LibreTube has a modern and clean interface, but above all it makes use of thePiped client, which does not rely directly on Google’s servers.

This means that, if you want to combine all your subscriptions on LibreTube in a channel, you can do it without problems by creating an account in the app, without relying on other Google services.

No advertising
Background playback
Piped open source client
Ability to open channels
Presence of bugs

LibreTube is available for download from:

Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives: Browsers

Kiwi Browser

If sideloading applications from third-party sources isn’t your thing, you can always rely onmobile browsersthat allow you to get some of YouTube Premium’s features for free.

Among them the most interesting is Kiwi Browser, aChromiumbrowser developed by a member of the XDA Developers team.

Kiwi allows you to install the same Chrome extensionsfor desktop on Android devices : by combining uBlock Origin, Return YouTube Dislike, SponsorBlock and YouTube Enhancer, you can get a respectable configuration for a fluid and uninterrupted YouTube user experience.

No advertising or sponsors
Background playback
Login with Google account
Extensions for all needs
No PiP
YouTube browser interface

Kiwi Browser is available for download from:


The Best Alternatives to YouTube Vanced: FireFox
The Best Alternatives to YouTube Vanced: FireFox

Incredible but true: a solution to the longest-standing problem of YouTube without a Premium subscription, namely the presence ofadvertising, comes from one of the most used browsers, namelyFirefox.

If what you need is an essential solution, just download theuBlock extensionon thestableversion of Firefox for Android.

Advancedusers will be able to go further and restore many of Vanced’s features, including sponsor blocking, toFirefox Nightlyby downloading a set of custom add-ons available inthis guide.

No advertising (stable)
Sponsor block (Nightly)
PiP (Nightly)

Advanced features only on Nightly
YouTube browser interface

Firefox is available for download from:

Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives to the outsiders

Mi Music

The lucky owners ofXiaomi, RedmiorPocodevices will not have to make a particular effort to find an alternative to YouTube Vanced: the solution is already hidden among the pre-installed applications in the form ofMi Music, the default player of the MIUI ROM.

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In fact, Mi Music allows you to see and listen toYouTubecontent even in thebackground, albeit with a fairly sparse interface. This feature, available only in some countries, also allows you to create and save your own playlists. Can’t find it? Just set San Marino as your location in the settings.

Mi Music is available for download from:

YouTube Premium

The Best Alternatives to YouTube Vanced: Youtube Premium
The Best Alternatives to YouTube Vanced: Youtube Premium

The inclusion ofYouTube Premiumat the bottom of this list is only partially an admission of defeat: as the case of YouTube Vanced shows, Google will sooner or latertargetclients that allow you to bypass services it offers for a fee.

Theopen sourcenature of many of these options, however, puts Big G’s control over its services in great difficulty.

In any case, if you feel it is right for content creators to receive thecompensationdue to them but do not want to be interrupted by advertisements, in addition to the standard monthly fee of $11.99 , Google offers the YouTube Premium subscription ataffordable pricesfor families . and students.

Ad blocking
Background and PiP playback
Synchronization on Google account
Compensation to creators
Offers for families and students
Standard monthly fee of $11.99 per month
No blocking of sponsors

Activate YouTube Premium from:

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