5 Best Procreate Alternatives for 2024

Procreate alternative

5 Best Procreate Alternative for 2024 – Could there be other design software that can be an alternative to Procreate? Lots!

The illustration application Procreate is popularly used by beginner to professional graphic designers, especially iPad users.

So, for tablet users with other operating systems such as Android and Windows, there is no need to be discouraged.

Best Procreate Alternative for 2024

Here, Techjustify has prepared a list of alternative Procreate design software for you.

Come on, see more below!

1. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Reporting from Forbes , Adobe, Inc. is a company that is no longer in doubt in the digital media industry.

Adobe has launched many design products such as Adobe Photoshop , Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and of course Adobe Photoshop Sketch.

This free application that can be used on iOS and Android is called one of the best alternative design software for Procreate.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a design application that is quite popular because with this application, you can access many design tools such as brushes, ink pens, graphite pencils, and others. 

Through this application, you can import various brushes from Photoshop and easily export your designs to Photoshop and Lightroom for further editing . Interesting right?

2. Concepts

Concepts is a vector -based alternative to Procreate design software . Therefore, this application is more suitable for scalable design than free drawing.

Quoted from Windows Central , Concepts was originally popular on the iOS operating system. Later, the Windows version was released for Windows 10.

Now, even Concepts can be used on Android.

Concepts can be downloaded for free with limited features. You can buy the Essentials pack for this app for $9.99.

With this one purchase, you can get access to all features forever without having to renew again.

Concepts is loved because it is easy to use for sketches and designs.

With Concepts, you can access a variety of brushes that can be adjusted for thickness, opacity , color, etc. with a radial menu that isn’t too difficult for beginners.

In fact, this application is also used by Disney, PlayStation, Apple, and other well-known creative companies.

3. Autodesk SketchBook

For illustrators and graphic designers , Autodesk SketchBook is no stranger. 

Autodesk Sketchbook is an illustration and graphic design application that you can download on iOS, Windows and Android for free for seven days.

After that, you must have an Autodesk ID. With one subscription, you can use this application on all the devices you have.

This software or application is an alternative to Procreate that offers a larger maximum canvas size.

However, Autodesk SketchBook is still inferior in the number of brushes offered. 

Even so, the number of brushes that you can use in Autodesk SketchBook is not small. At least, you can use 190 brushes that can be arranged according to your needs.

One of the main features of Autodesk SketchBook that is not found in other applications is the Copic® color library which is very much loved by illustrators and designers.

4. Krita

Krita is one of the most popular alternative design software for Procreate.

Krita is also touted as a competitor to Photoshop besides Procreate.

With Krita, you can get various paid features available in Photoshop and Procreate without having to spend a penny.

Krita is free software that can be used on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

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Krita is open-source software with very fast development and improvements .

5. Tayasui Sketches

The next Procreate alternative design software recommendation is Tayasui Sketches.

Tayasui Sketches may not be as popular as other alternative Procreate software . However, this software is very worthy of consideration.

You can get Tayasui Sketches on iOS, macOS, and Android.

This software offers a variety of design tools that look as real as you draw on paper in the traditional way. 

At Tayasui Sketches, you can find Procreate tools such as pencil, rotring, felt pen, brush, oil pastel, acrylic, watercolor, airbrush, ink, smudge , and many more.

You can download Tayasui Sketches for free.

However, if you want to get the full features, you have to pay around $5.99 for the pro version.

So, those were 5 alternatives to Procreate design software that you can try.

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