9 Full Stack Developers to Master in 2023

Full Stack Developers

9 Full Stack Developers to Master in 2023 – A  reliable full stack developer must be able to operate a number of tools  to make his work easier.

So, of the many tools available, there are approximately nine which are basic tools that you can for a full-stack developer. So that you don’t get confused, here are the recommendations for full-stack developer tools such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, React, MongoDB, and more.

You will normally study a wide range of subjects while training to become a full stack developer, including front-end programming, back-end development, database administration, and web security. A Full Stack Developer course is created to provide you the know-how and abilities to use a range of technologies to facilitate and accelerate your work.

1. Backbone.js

Backbone.js is a front-end framework for  JavaScript, which allows you to add or remove code in a web structure.

These tools must be mastered by full stack developers because they can help manage the code of a website . 

Backbone.js is also easy to operate and has complete features. 

With Backbone.js, you can do MVC ( Model, View, Controller ) processes or build models, check them, and control them. 

Go to backbone.js

2. Figma

website page requires an attractive layout design and the best user experience .

Well, one of the tools that can be used to design the appearance of a website is Figma. 

Figma offers a variety of features, such as making website prototypes and can be used by several designers at the same time. 

With this convenience, Figma has become a web design tool that is quite popular with full stack developers .

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3. Github

Github is an important tool that all full stack developers must master .

The reason is, this tool serves to monitor program changes from existing coding . 

If at any time an error occurs in programming , you and your team can detect, find out, and deal with changes that occur in the program.

This application can also be used for collaboration and integration of concurrent programming .

Github is also a tool that can be used to monitor programs on the back-end and front-end.

Go to Github

4. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is one of the best text editor tools for developers .

This application has complete features, because it can perform re-coding to fix syntax errors. 

Visual Studio Code developed by Microsoft can be connected with other tools such as Github.

Programming languages ​​that can be used in this application include JavaScript, Java, PHP, C++, C# JSON, and Go. 

Go to Visual Studio Code

5. Postman

As the name suggests, this full stack developer tool is a ‘postman’ who can assist in the API (Application Programming Interface) testing process .

However, when viewed from the features it has, Postman is more than just an ‘introduction’.

This application can be used from the initial manufacturing process, namely grouping requests to running the API automatically.

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6. React JS

React JS is a JavaScript library that is used to create the front view of websites and applications. 

Well, React JS itself functions in designing an interactive and attractive user interface .

For its own features, this tool is equipped with JavaSript Syntax Extension, virtual DOM, access speed, and a large selection of plugins . 

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7. Node Package Manager

Node Package Manager (NPM) is a tool that functions to organize and manage existing JavaScript libraries on website or application programs. 

NPM also makes it easier for developers to create a web programming language or application from scratch.

Go to Node Package Manager

8. Chrome DevTools

Chrome DevTools are tools used to build and develop application features within the Google Chrome Browser.

These tools allow the development team to  check the DOM and network rendered by  a website . 

These DevTools are usually also available in other browsers , such as Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

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9. Sass

Sass or Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets is the language used by full stack developers to create CSS.

These tools allow developers to develop and create CSS in no time.

The advantage of using Saas is that it can make CSS easier to understand and structured.

That way, the CSS will run fine without any issues in any browser .

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Those are the nine tools  that a full stack developer  must master.

Of all the tools above, which one have you used? Or which one do you want to master further?

Apart from  the full stack,  Glints also has other knowledge related to  web development  .

There are a variety of interesting articles that can help you master  new skills  and knowledge.

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