10 Best Canva Alternatives for Graphic Design in 2023

Canva Alternatives

10 Canva Alternatives for Graphic Design in 2023 – Speeding up the design process, it’s no wonder that Canva is a crowd favorite. However, there are many alternative Canva applications that people rarely know about. 

There are various features and an interesting collection of templates are offered by these alternative design applications and  websites  .

10 Canva Alternatives for Graphic Design in 2023

The goal is of course the same as Canva, namely to make everyone able to produce a design quickly and attractively.

Here, Techjustify has 10 alternative application recommendations for designs other than Canva.

1. Snappa

The first Canva alternative app is Snappa . The features provided are quite similar to those in Canva.

This means, you can create good designs without having to study design in depth beforehand.

There are thousands of templates that you can choose for your design work.

Go to Snappa

2. Adobe Spark

The next alternative that you can use is Adobe Spark . Of course you are familiar with the name Adobe, right?

This application developed by Photoshop developers and Illustrators offers similar features to Canva.

Because it was developed by Adobe, one of its advantages is that you can easily integrate it with other Adobe applications.

Go to Adobe Spark 

3. DesignBold

If you are already quite familiar with using Canva, then you should also be able to easily operate DesignBold .

You can create design masterpieces as easily as with Canva. The advantages provided by this application are more diverse templates .

So you can make a different design than usual.

Go to DesignBold

4. Venngage

Another list of Canva alternative apps is Venngage.

Like several previous applications, Venngage also has a varied collection of templates so that you can increase your choices and adjust them to your taste.

Another advantage is that there are features for creating charts, infographics, and data visualizations. 

Go to Venngage

5. Easil

The next Canva alternative application that you can try is Easil . You can easily make flyers, restaurant menus, catalogs, and business cards easily.

This is because there are a variety of attractive templates that you can choose according to your wishes.

Go to Easil

6. Crello

Next up is Crello, a Canva alternative app you can rely on.

By using this, you no longer need to bother thinking about how to make a design for your needs.

There are 11,000 templates and thousands of stock photos that you can use. 

Go to Crello

7. Stencil

Another Canva alternative app that you can choose is Stencil . You can use its various template collections to make your designs.

Uniquely, there is a large collection of quotes so that they can become content on social media. Even so, the templates provided are quite limited.

So you need to be a little more creative in using it. 

Go to Stencil

8. Pablo

Maybe this is one of the alternatives that many will like, namely Pablo . The reason is, Pablo provides its services for free without any pro features like the others.

Even so, there are still limitations such as the number of templates and flexibility in editing a design.

Go to Pablo

9. Desygner

Unlike the others, you can download Desygner on your smartphone . So you can easily and quickly create designs for various needs, for example social media.

Various templates for social media are available, in fact, the website version provides more complete formats such as PPT and PSD.

Go to Desygner

10. Design Wizard

The last Canva alternative application that you can use is Design Wizard . There are a variety of unique templates that can be adjusted to your needs.

Not only that, there are other features such as editing videos that are owned by the Design Wizard. The collection of fonts and stock photos is also fairly complete.

Go to Design Wizard 

Those are 10 Canva alternative applications that you can use for your design needs. Most of them are paid, but they provide free usage which you can also take advantage of.

If you are interested in becoming a designer , you can learn more about the world of design at Glints ExpertClass.

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