How to Download Instagram Voice Messages (4 Easy Ways)

How to Download Instagram Voice Messages (4 Easy Ways)

How to Download Instagram Voice Messages on Android or PC – How to save audio from Instagram Direct? Check out in this article the main steps and steps you should follow to get certain audio.

Instagram Direct is a unique tool where you can communicate with your friends individually or through groups.

It’s practically an alternative WhatsApp for Facebook’s services… Well, it’s not for that, it’s basically a copy of the old messenger, where the only way to communicate, apart from video calling, was to send audio.

Who can use Direct?

Everyone who has an account is free to use. Anyway, Direct is used by many people, and it is one of the most useful tools, which Instagram officially launched in 2018, as quotedon this site.

And on the bright side, the voice messages you send to your friends don’t expire. Unlike Stories or direct photo or video messages, the audio is stored in the chat, forever.

Unfortunately, at the moment Instagram does not support sending audio on multiple devices, be it a computer, or through the default internet browser, Chrome or Safari.

It took a long time, but finally Instagram Direct works on the computer,

There are many ways to access the messenger, be it from your cell phone, tablet, browser or Windows. Faced with these different options, many people ask me here on my blog:How to save audio from Instagram Direct?

Fortunately, you can now use the tips on How to Save Instagram Audio on PC! And of course, I won’t let my blog visitors down, so I’ll teach you how to get that audio sent or received. But let’s go to the initial steps?

Download Instagram Voice Messages (4 Easy Ways)

How to send audio on Instagram?

  1. It’s very simple, download the official app from Google Play or App Store.
  2. Navigate to the messages tab at the top of the screen
  3. Find the person you want to call.
  4. Tap and press the microphone icon
  5. Record your message, and send
Download Instagram Voice Messages (4 Easy Ways)
Download Instagram Voice Messages (4 Easy Ways)

That’s it, after that the person will receive that message of yours and listen when they are online.

Other than that, there are other alternatives. If you made a mistake in that submission, you can delete it, justfollow the tips on this link.

How to save audio from Instagram Direct?

Currently, there are two options, through programs or directly through Google Chrome inspecting element. Check out the options below.

How to save audio from Instagram #1 from a computer

  • On your computer, download and install IDM(Download Manager).
  • Have the IDM Integration Moduleextensioninstalled in Chrome.
  • Access Direct in Google Chrome with instructions from this article.
  • Open the person’s conversation
  • Play any audio
  • Click Download media from this page

Ready, the audio of the direct will be downloaded successfully. It is worth mentioning that this format will be .m4a

IDM automatically recognizes the media and requests the download immediately.

How to save audio from Instagram Direct #2 on Android

Android is a very open operating system, with it you’ll have access to many applications that are not often found on the iPhone or other systems. Thanks to this, it is possible to have several free advantages and thus perform this trick of How to save audio from Instagram.

First, you will need two simple applications, which will not take even a few seconds to download and run this tutorial

First, download and install theVideo to MP3 Converter, andAZ Screen Recorder.Both are available on the Play Store, and for easy Download, just click on the name of both.

Now let’s go to the tutorial? Once you have everything installed, just right…

1-Access the Direct of the person you want to download the audio from.

2-Then tap the AZ screen record icon

3-Then tap the camcorder icon, and from the moment the screen is recording, play the audio.

4-Then all recorded, cancel screen recording.

Ready! After that, you will be notified when the video is saved.

Now let’s convert this video to MP3 or the most suitable audio format.

5-Open the video to the MP3 converter app

6-Choose a video for audio

7-Select the video in the gallery

8-Cut the video, so that the audio is not muted, and according to the reproduced.

9-Then tap convert.

Ready. The conversion is so fast, that you can tap the share icon, download audio from direct Instagram, or send it via Whatsapp.

How to save audio from Instagram Direct #3 on iPhone

The iPhone is already a slightly more closed system. With it, it is not possible to obtain advantages like on Android.

But luckily, there is only one application necessary for you to be able to convert a recorded video from Direct into MP3 or in the appropriate media format, to be able to send it to your friends via WhatsApp or on a cloud.

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Here are all the hidden Instagram features

Want to know how? Then follow the instructions below.

The first step on iPhone

Untitled design 8 1 2

1-To start a screen recording, swipe up on the message of the person you want to record, and tap the recording icon.

2-It will be possible to notice when recording the screen, that the top turns red, as shown in the image below.

3-Once that is done, with the audio played correctly within this video, navigate to your photo gallery and cut it, with the instructions on the Apple website,here, incase you don’t know.

Since in the application that I will teach, it does not have this feature.

After you cut the video so that the audio is in perfect sync, open this converter called MY MP3, available on the Apple Store. And follow these instructions:

4 –Tap the magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen
5-In the gallery, choose the video you just recorded.
6- Once this is done, the conversion will be immediate.
7-Then tapOpen With.
8-And send it to anyone on Whatsapp, for example.

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