15 Best Under 10 MB Games For Android in 2023

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Best Under 10 MB Games For Android – It seems that the evolution of Android games has never stopped, this is proven, Nowadays many new games are popping up that are increasingly having great graphic quality.

In fact, it’s not only spoiled from the graphics, but also the number of games that have a small MB so users don’t have to worry about running out of RAM besides it’s free and can be played anytime because it’s offline, of course it’s not a pleasure which one else would you deny haha.

Well, for those of you who have little RAM, or have large RAM but want to have a lot of offline games, then the following list of 15 games is the right choice.

Because the MB is only under 10 MB and you can search Google Playstore with the following game names.

15 Best Small 10 MB Games For Android

1. Street Fighting3 King Fighters

15 Best Small 10 MB Games For Android : Street Fighting3 King Fighters

Do you remember the arcade game or also called the street fighter which was very popular in the 80s to 90s? Well, now you can play it again with an Android device through Street Fighting3 King Fighters. 

Yep, in this game, players have to control a character with a variety of kicks, punches and avoid attacks in order to defend and attack at the same time.

What’s even more interesting is that you can use various powers and save a lot of lives, in order to survive in the game. Well, for the level itself, there are many levels if you can play all the levels.

Although the size is small, it’s nice and cool, you know, the graphics are very pleasing to the eye. As for the size of this best and most comfortable game, it’s only 4 MB. Interesting right?


2. Devil Ninja 2

This legendary game is certainly no stranger to you. Entering the category of games that have a small MB, it’s only small in size to display HD quality graphics.

Even though the size is very light, don’t underestimate the game, because you have to be really careful and focused in order to survive the rigors of the adventure to deal with enemies and boss monsters on the battlefield. A very good game to play to get rid of boredom, fatigue and confusion.


3. Stickman Fight Candy Mobile

Stickman Fight Candy Mobile

For those of you who like this type of war, then you can try the battle in this game. Yep, only with a size of 6.7mb, you can play challenging games digitally with the same excitement as a real stickman.

How to play it is also very easy, just point the stickman at the usual enemy. And use weapons or other necessities.


4. Moy 2 Virtual Pet

This small MB game is only 10MB in size, and offers a lot of fun for the players. Yep, you are required to set a very good strategy, so that moy the octopus can survive and feel happy always.

In fact, this game is also very interesting, because there are many mini games in it. Of course, before that, you have to give food, get enough rest and bathe the Moy character.

And what will make you addicted is, there are many additional accessories, where each level has its own interest. 

So that it is certain that players cannot stop playing until they finish and get as many coins as possible provided by the game and can buy anything.


5. Modern Sniper

This game developed by the Candy Mobile Developer offers players to shoot enemies in the game. 

Where you are required to aim correctly at the target at least part of the body so as not to miss the allotted time so that the mission can be completed on time.

Of course, you need the right accuracy and precision to succeed, the more points you get, the bigger the points you get. And for its size, this small MB game is only 10 MB in size.


6. Zombie Attack 2

 Zombie Attack 2

Who likes zombie games? Then Zombie Attack 2 is the right choice. Yep, only with a capacity of 4.6MB, this game offers you to kill zombies by shooting with weapons in the zombie section. And interestingly, each level has a more difficult and challenging level.


7. Die in 100 Ways

One of the best small MB games for Android is Die in 100 Ways. Where the game developed by the CanaryDroid developer has a game concept like planning how to die. Yep, here you have to make it so you can escape from a fatal event.

Please note, this game requires high accuracy and focus, because the available characters are really after you. 

And to make the game easier, you can think of a way or technique to live as long as possible. As for the MB size, it is only 9.3 MB.


8. Mekorama

For a game with a small MB, it is only 5.5MB in size. And interestingly, this game is specially presented for those of you who like to build dioramas. 

Yep, you will be presented with various items to build a diorama, from examples of dioramas that have been provided by the game.


9. Racing Moto

Perfect for bikers, Racing Moto offers you to drive a motorbike. Of course it must be balanced with some abilities that must be completed. 

For example, you have to drive a motorbike at high speed, but you have to save gas. But don’t worry, all the control is in your hands, so this game is not a headache.


11. Break The Prison

For those of you who want to get out of prison, this game must be downloaded. Yep, this game offers players to be free from prison, where players must be able to hide and be careful not to get caught from the police guard. As for the size, it’s just small.


10. Crime Files

Do you like arcade games? Then the Crime File is the right choice. Yep, you will be presented with a simple arcade game that is interesting and unique. 

Where in it also players are required to know research and also investigate the cause of someone’s death correctly and appropriately.

For example, if the victim has cuts or bruises, there are even hints of sharp weapons and the like. So you have to find the sign of the puzzle of events in that location. 

Interestingly, in this small MB game, you don’t have a time limit or score, so the only task you have to do is solve the mystery of the true crime scene.


12. Big Truck

Yep, as the name suggests, this game offers a big truck game that you have to control. Interestingly, the path to be traversed is full of challenges and obstacles. 

It should also be noted, that this game is quite addictive, because the concept of the challenge makes players excited themselves. And this small MB game is only light in size.


13. Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon

What’s interesting about this game is, it is a sub-genre of RPG that has characteristics such as random level generation, permanent death. 

Up to a tile-based graphical display. Not only that, you also have to be able to explore all corners of the Pixel Dungeon which is quite scary. 

And there you also have to be able to collect all the items, find the Amulet of Yendor, and fight the enemies. The good news, this game is only 4.5MB in size.


14. Ben 10 Omniverse Free

Can you imagine how the picture of this game? Yep, Ben 10 Omniverse Free offers players to explore a mission for adventure. 

Interestingly, this game is like a cartoon character that you can see on television, so you definitely know how to play this Ben 10 character with the goal of thwarting and deactivating the bomb so that you can proceed to the next level.


15. Knock Down

Knock Down

The last recommended game with a small MB is Knock Down. Yep, only has 3.4MB, games like angry birds offer you to drag and shoot catapult shots towards other boxes so that you can drop them properly. 

And you need to know, even though this game looks very simple, there are 36 levels that are getting in the way, of course, the more difficult it is. So make sure you get through it just right!



For you true gamers, of course you must play all these games. And don’t worry, with a small MB of course enough to fit on your Android, and if you add up there is no 1 GB. Dare to try all these games

Hopefully, you are like these are the 15 Best Small 10 MB Games For Android and we are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this. 

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