How to Fix Bugs in Windows 11 (Resolved Problems)

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How to Fix Bugs in Windows 11 (Resolved Problems) – After launch: 8 new bugs in Windows 11 has just been launched, and bugs and flaws in the new version of the operating system are already being reported. The eight flaws are so widespread that Microsoft is looking for a solution.

October 5, 2021 was the big launch day for Windows 11. Over time, the system will replace the popular Windows 10.

Because the update will be distributed to Windows 10 machines worldwide, you may not have been offered it yet.

Resolve 8 New Bugs in Windows 11

One week after its release, however, Windows 11 is already available on enough computers for Microsoft to identify the most common problems and bugs the company is working to fix.

Users around the world have encountered these 8 errors in particular.

Error 1: The Windows 10 taskbar remains visible in Windows 11

Some users who have upgraded to Windows 11 have noticed that the new operating system still has the old Windows 10 taskbar.

Of course, this can be a good thing if you don’t like the start button in the middle of the taskbar, but of course it’s a concern that other parts of Windows aren’t updating properly either.

Resolve 8 New Bugs in Windows 11
8 New Bugs in Windows 11 Fix

If you have the same problem, try creating a new User Profile on your Windows 11 computer. The new profile should have the correct taskbar.

TASKBAROne of the biggest changes in Windows 11 is that the taskbar is now centered on the screen. However, many have encountered flaws in its use.© Microsoft

Error 2: The start menu does not open

Some owners of the new Windows 11 operating system have noticed that the Home menu refuses to open.

This issue is related to the first issue where the Windows 10 taskbar remains and can be resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling any installed updates.

We expect Microsoft to send you an update soon to resolve this issue.

Error 3: AMD processors are malfunctioning in Windows 11

Processor manufacturer AMD reports that individual programs running on Windows 11 can cause AMD processors to lose up to 15 percent in performance.

This is due to an error in Windows 11 where the operating system does not distribute work evenly to the CPU kernels and incorrect use of the CPU’s built-in cache.

Resolve 8 New Bugs in Windows 11
8 New Bugs in Windows 11 Fix

AMD is working with Microsoft to find a solution that will hopefully eliminate the problems.

Error 4: Invalid message that the computer cannot run Windows 11

A few users have found that Microsoft’s own tool,PC Health Check, which checks to see if Windows 11 is running on a computer, indicates that the computer is running Windows 11, while the update installer says otherwise.

Unfortunately, there is currently no solution to this problem, but Microsoft confirms that they are aware of this error and are working hard to resolve it.

Error 5: Windows Explorer is consuming computer memory

Since the first test versions of Windows 11, there has been a memory usage bug in Windows Explorer that has been fixed along the way.

Now the bug has reappeared in pre-built Windows 11, and for some users, it means that Windows Explorer will use up to a gigabyte of computer memory after opening a few folders.

Resolve 8 New Bugs in Windows 11
8 New Bugs in Windows 11 Fix

Because the bug has been resolved in the past, a new solution is expected from Microsoft soon.

Error 6: VirtualBox does not work

If you use VirtualBox, you may have trouble booting virtual machines in Windows 11.

The problem occurs on virtual machines that have Intel Hyper-V technology enabled.

Oracle, behind the VirtualBox, has announced that it is working on a new version of the program to reuse virtual versions of Windows.

Error 7: Intel and Dell programs do not work

Intel and Dell both have problems with a program that can prioritize network traffic because the programs use the UDP protocol, which is affected by errors in Windows 11.

Intel’s program is called Killer and Dell’s SmartByte, but you may also notice a slowdown in your network or Internet connection if you use a VPN service that sends and receives over UDP.

A solution is expected from Microsoft this week.

Error 8: Browser issues in Windows 11

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, brave have suffered serious problems with Windows 11.

They are so severe that the browser simply does not open in the operating system. Other side effects associated with this browser have also been reported.

Resolve 8 New Bugs in Windows 11
8 New Bugs in Windows 11 Fix

Microsoft says they will investigate the issue and tell you more about it once the scale of the issue is known.

Don’t hesitate to download Windows 11

Such errors are not uncommon in the first months of the new operating system lifecycle, so when you are offered the opportunity to upgrade Windows 11 to your computer this fall or winter, you don’t have to worry.

It is very typical that a new operating system like Windows 11 causes errors and problems, but at the same time it should be emphasized that sometimes it is better not to be the first to try a new version of Windows.

Within a few months, most pediatric diseases are likely to have recovered – which frustrates the problems initially encountered.

Hopefully, you are like this After Launch: 8 New Bugs in Windows 11 and we are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this.

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