TOP 10 mobile economic games: House Flipper, Tropico, Pocket City

TOP 10 mobile economic games: House Flipper, Tropico, Pocket City

In our time, we presented you with TOP 10 mobile economic games from various genres, such as battle royale, horror, RPG, or sports productions. Today we come back with a new version of the material, which this time will focus on economic titles.

As you can guess, specific strategies will also appear in the mentioned category, but due to the interconnection of species, this could not be avoided. Of course, if you want to choose significantly engaging games for smartphones running Android and iOS.

Most of the items can be played in full or in part for free. There are also recognizable games such as Civilization, Tropico, and House Flipper. There is nothing left for me to do but invite you to this review.

Today’s smartphones play the role of portable game consoles for many people. Top models can boast of performance that allows you to play graphically advanced titles with an extensive world and phenomenal audiovisual setting. Nevertheless, a large part of the titles does not need flagships or even mid-priced devices to operate.

A genre that also works well with budget models is economic games, which can be described as a strategy branch. It is this category that we are taking today for wallpaper. Before reaching for one of our proposals, we must honestly warn against one important point.

These are not games for short sessions that can be played in a store line or a break between lessons. So you need to set aside a little more time.

TOP 10 mobile economic games

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI– Aspyr MediaGoogle PlayApp Store
SimCity Buildit– Electronic ArtsGoogle PlayApp Store
Farming Simulator 20– GIANTS SoftwareGoogle PlayApp Store
Tropico– Feral InteractiveGoogle PlayApp Store
Game Dev Tycoon– Greenheart GamesGoogle PlayApp Store
Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch– AtariGoogle PlayApp Store
Pocket City– Codebrew GamesGoogle PlayApp Store
Motorsport Manager Mobile 3– Playsport GamesGoogle PlayApp Store
House Flipper– PlayWayGoogle PlayApp Store
Prison Empire Tycoon– CodigamesGoogle PlayApp Store

Among the productions included in our TOP 10 mobile economic games, you will find all kinds of simulators that allow you to play the role of the manager deciding on the development of the city, the owner of a renovation company, and even the dictator of the banana republic.

That’s not all, as those willing will be able to prove themselves as a farmer, creator of computer games, and builder planning attractions in an amusement park. Of course, we do not have to focus on quite “hackneyed” motives, as the list includes productions related to the prison and motorcycles.

Something for everyone. At the bottom of the page, you will find a table with links pointing to the Google Play and Apple App Store repositories.

Do you know titles such as Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, Tropico, Pocket City, Motorsport Manager Mobile 3, or House Flipper? You may know some of them from other platforms, but don’t worry about the fact that navigating the interface without using a mouse or keyboard will be difficult.

The games have been adapted to use with touch screens, although of course some of them work with external controllers. However, I would recommend playing on devices with the highest possible screen diagonals, which provide better readability. As you know, in TOP 10 mobile economic games we will manipulate numerous sliders and switches.

It is not so bad if we mistake the use of irrelevant raw material. Worse, if the wrong choice of the wrong decision results in the defeat of our civilization.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – Aspyr Media

The game is free, but only if we are satisfied with the limited number of turns. To enjoy the full potential, we have to be prepared to spend over PLN 100 and to reserve a few free gigabytes in the smartphone’s memory. Is it worth it? Of course.

During the game, we will decide about the fate of historical civilizations. We will face the issue of politics and industrial development, but also conflicts. When building our empire, we will take into account a lot of variables. Sometimes, these inconspicuous can determine our victory or defeat.

Sid Meier's Civilization VI - Aspyr Media

Supporting science plays an important role as it determines access to new technologies. Graphically, it is better than you can expect from mobile production.

SimCity Buildit – Electronic Arts

Have you ever wondered what tasks and dilemmas the mayor have to face? If so, you can stop anticipating and analyzing. Instead, I suggest you play the role of a politician who will be responsible for planning activities related to the development of the city.

The player starts from scratch, creating space, communication, and energy infrastructure as well as buildings that affect the satisfaction of residents.

SimCity Buildit - Electronic Arts

The app is free but is prepared for micropayments. The game looks good and has been polished, but here and there you can run into minor bugs. They do not affect the gameplay, which gains dynamics over time.

Electronic Arts are responsible for SimCity Buildit, a brand with an established position, popular among players, not only mobile ones.

Farming Simulator 20 – GIANTS Software

Although many will call me a townsperson who spent most of his life in the concrete jungle, I had the opportunity to live in the countryside for several years. My perception of agriculture has changed dramatically, which I perceive as a big plus.

However, not everyone had the opportunity to get acquainted with agricultural vehicles, farm animals, or the farm in general.Farming Simulator 20 simulates the listed elements of a farmer’s life, thanks to which the player, enjoying the eye with three-dimensional graphics, can sow fields and harvest crops, as well as breed animals and “produce” milk.

Farming Simulator 20 - GIANTS Software

In the game, we have to tame agricultural vehicles of famous brands, which is pleasant due to the variable view options. The controls may not be the simplest, but they are a lot of fun. The game costs PLN 30.99 for Android or PLN 27.99 for Apple iOS.

Tropico – Feral Interactive

Tropico from Feral Interactive was also included in the TOP 10 strategy games and TOP 10 mobile economic games list, but I could not let it be missing from the section describing economic productions.

The mobile version is based on the third installment of the title, which has been adapted to work on smartphones. The economic development of the banana republic is realized in real-time. We, and more specifically the dictator whose role we play, are responsible for the security, prosperity, and development of the island’s inhabitants.

Tropico - Feral Interactive

The three-dimensional graphics are eye-catching, and the Cuban atmosphere encourages you to often reach for the game. We will pay PLN 59.99 for Tropico on Google Play and PLN 54.99 in the App Store. As a sweetness, I will just add that there are no micropayments in the game itself.

Game Dev Tycoon – Greenheart Games

The next production also belongs to the category of paid games, but in this case, the cost of PLN 23.99 seems small about the fun that the creators have prepared for us. Speaking of the creators – it is in them that we will play the Game Dev Tycoon.

The player’s task is to start the gaming business set in the 1980s. Creative activities, optimization technologies, or new offices and laboratories – all this awaits the user who will win the hearts of virtual fans, trying to conquer the market with his titles.

Game Dev Tycoon - Greenheart Games

It sounds like inception, but having fun can teach us a nice lesson in the history of the computer game industry. Of course, with a slight grain of salt. The graphic design is aesthetic and minimalism prevails here, which will appeal to enthusiasts of transparent interfaces.

RollerCoster Tycoon Touch – Atari

Probably each of us visited amusement parks in our childhood, or if you prefer – amusement parks. Well, even as adults, we like to go to amusement parks, especially those with huge Roller coasters or other similar breathtaking attractions.

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Now you have the opportunity to act as the manager of such a place. The player will develop the “business”, taking care not only of the decor, gastronomy, various queues but also by taking care of the financial side of the project. Three-dimensional graphics combined with a user-friendly interface and control system create an attractive whole and provide a lot of fun.

RollerCoster Tycoon Touch - Atari

RollerCoster Tycoon Touch is a free game, but here and there we encounter micropayments. Some of them are quite expensive, but add-ons are an option, not a necessity.

Pocket City – Codebrew Games

Pocket City is the equivalent of SimCity. So we manage the city, develop roads, create jobs, and try to prevent all kinds of dangers, including those related to natural phenomena.

In addition to the classic expansion of districts, we can carry out smaller tasks for which we get paid in the form of experience and unlocked options. Everything is presented in isometric projection.

Pocket City - Codebrew Games

The game comes in two variants – free and paid. As you can guess, reaching the purse to spend a dozen or so unlocks access to the full edition of the production. Importantly, we will not see any pushy encouragement to use micropayments here.

Given that the game is extensive, yet relatively inexpensive, it would be tactless not to include it in our TOP 10 mobile economy games.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 – Playsport Games

The list of economic games may also include a sports title. In this production, the player has to take on the role of the manager of the racing team, who is climbing the career ladder.

Therefore, we make personnel, financial, and investment decisions based on statistics. Nothing prevents you from having a (limited) influence on selected motorcycle parts. Yes, motorcycles, because two-wheel races are the leitmotif of Motorsport Manager Mobile 3.

TOP 10 mobile economic games Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 - Playsport Games

Visually, the game presents two worlds vaguely – two-dimensional, in which we manage individual issues, and three-dimensional (maps and the course of the race). Interested? In that case, you have to prepare for the expense of PLN 29.99.

This is not much, but this amount will not protect you from the risk of encountering micropayments. Pity.

House Flipper – PlayWay

Dreams about future work can be different. Some wanted to become a firefighter, policeman, or veterinarian, but for many people, the profession of a trader, pharmacist, or mechanic is much more attractive.

We have a lot of simulators that allow you to get acquainted, even in general, with the rules prevailing in a given profession. Among them, we will find a game in which we will run our own renovation company. Yes, House Flipper is a hit known from the PC platform, which hit mobile devices, iPhone, and Android smartphone users.

TOP 10 mobile economic games House Flipper - PlayWay

Attractive graphics and smooth fun in 60 FPS (on selected devices) directly encourage you to carry out projects related to renovation and interior design. The number of add-ons in the game is impressive, and thus the possibilities of using them seem almost endless.

Prison Empire Tycoon – Codigames

We’ve made it to the last position on our list of TOP 10 mobile economic games. This time I want to offer you an unusual production, which presents the player with numerous difficulties related to the management of the penitentiary institution.

The goal, of course, is to create a powerful maximum security prison in which dangerous inmates’ areas effectively controlled and isolated as possible. Initially, however, we will be in charge of an uncomplicated prison, in which the basic tasks include: taking care of the prisoner’s needs, working with staff, and broadly understanding investing in the facility.

TOP 10 mobile economic games Prison Empire Tycoon - Codigames

However, rehabilitation and the safety of inmates are a priority here. However, it is not micropayments, which in the case of Android can reach up to PLN 600. The game itself is free to download. The graphics are painfully simple,

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