Top 10 UX/UI Design Tools You Need in 2024

Top 10 UX/UI Designer Software Tools For Windows in 2022

 TOP 10 UX/UI designer Software tools in 2024 UX/UI design tools are easy to get confused about, so it’s worth understanding their purpose first. We offer our readers a small overview of the tools that are relevant in 2024.

A visual specialist can have several directions: for example, user testing, wireframing (page layout development), prototyping, or visual design. It is also important to understand the difference between UI and UX. 

Let’s remember what these magical abbreviations mean. UX (User Experience) can be described as understanding the common path of all your users and turning it into a product.

While UI (User Interface) is the use of typography, images and other visual design elements to turn a basic interface into something easily perceived and usable.

Simply put, UX design is all about creating intuitive and well-functioning digital products, and the goal of UI design is to make those products aesthetically pleasing.

Top 10 UX/UI Designer Software Tools For Windows

Let’s move on to an overview of the tools:

Figma: the collaborative interface design tool.

UX/UI Designer Software Tools: Figma
UX/UI Designer Software Tools: Figma

Figma is an application used to perform all kinds of graphic work: from creating website layouts to developing mobile application interfaces and prototyping.

In addition to supporting macOS and Windows operating systems, Figma can run right in the browser, allowing access to projects from any computer or platform without the need to purchase multiple licenses or install software. 

Another plus point of the app is its collaboration feature, which allows multiple users to make changes to the design of a project at the same time without having to upload files locally.

The program has a generous free plan, when connected, you can create and store 3 active files, one team project and enjoy unlimited cloud storage. 


If you want more features, join the Proffesional plan for $12/month with unlimited projects and shared libraries.

Sketch – Design, collaborate, prototype and handoff 

Sketch is a simple vector tool. It is used by designers and front-end developers to create UX/UI components.

The sketch is quite simple and very easy to learn, has an intuitive interface, and also offers cross-platform design tools. There is a quick preview feature that allows you to see how the project will look on different devices. 

Sketch runs on macOS, so it’s no surprise that its toolbar is similar to the one on Mac. It has a considerable number of good plugins and resources, as well as several useful features for working in the cloud.


The standard package costs $9 per month with a 30-day free trial.

Adobe XD – Fast & Powerful UI/UX Design & Collaboration Tool

Adobe XD was first introduced as Project Comet back in 2015 at the annual Adobe MAX conference. It was a breath of fresh air back then for anyone still using Photoshop or Illustrator.

XD is designed from the ground up with modern UX/UI design in mind , with many features never seen before in other graphics applications. It solves the main problem that competitors cannot cope with: it provides interaction with non-static elements and allows you to implement thoughtful dynamics on the page.

The modern design process is more than just the realization of a finished sketch or template. Everything must be considered: from the skeleton construction of the project structure to the behavior of elements on the page. 

Adobe XD is ideal for vector UI design, wireframing, interacting with interactive elements, prototyping, and creating high-quality web applications.


When using the Adobe XD application alone, the payment will be US$9.99 per month. If you need a Creative Cloud package containing Photoshop, illustrator and After Effects, you will have to pay 2,320 US$52.99 per month.

Balsamiq – Rapid, Effective and Fun Wireframing Software

Balsamiq is a UX/UI designer’s tool for creating app wireframes (sometimes called mockups or low-fidelity prototypes). It is known as one of the easiest to use even for a designer without much technical knowledge.

With Balsamiq , you can quickly create layouts. The program has enough useful icons and tools to bring any bold idea to life, and the hand-drawn design allows you to fully focus on functionality and user flow, minimizing visual aspects.

Balsamiq works in the browser, on macOS and on Windows.


The cost of tariff plans for using this tool starts from $9 per month.

Invision Studio

UX/UI Designer Software Tools: Invision Studio
UX/UI Designer Software Tools: Invision Studio

InVision is a versatile design tool with a focus on providing the best possible user experience. With it, you can create automatically customized interactive prototypes for different devices.

InVision Studio has tools for vector drawing, interactive design, and built-in animation. The application is installed on macOS and Windows.


It’s free to use with up to three projects open at the same time, paid plans start at $7.95 per user per month.

Marvel – The design platform for digital products. Get started

Marvel is an all-in-one design application that offers tools for wireframing, prototyping, and user testing. This is the ideal solution for developing simple and effective user interfaces.

There are tools for every step of the design process, but the focus is on prototyping. There are also functions for implementing gestures, importing ready-made design options, adding screen elements. 

Marvel is a good choice for budding designers and developers looking for a tool that is quick to set up and easy to launch. The program works in the browser, there are applications for iOS and Android.


One user with one project can use the program for free. If you need more features, the Pro plan costs $12 per month.

Axure RP – UX Prototypes, Specifications, and Diagrams

Axure is a lo-fi wireframe and prototyping platform. It is easy to use, but not at the expense of functionality. Axure runs on Windows and macOS, allowing users to quickly prototype without having to write additional code.

Axure makes it easy to add features that can take time to set up, such as dynamic panels, animations, and graphics manipulation. It also provides the possibility of simultaneous collaboration of several designers on one project file. 

You can create great, well-functioning prototypes with this application, but the high price compared to other platforms makes it more attractive to large studios.


The starting plan will cost $25 per user per month.


Framer (formerly known as Framer X) is a high fidelity template and layout tool. The program requires the user to have basic knowledge of CSS and HTML to work with interactive elements and animations.

Using the service, you can develop a framework and visual design of a web page, and the presence of basic tools for user testing (user testing) makes Framer a useful universal tool: the prototype it created is as close as possible to the final product. The application works in the browser and on macOS.


The free plan allows you to create no more than 3 projects. Advanced features open with the Pro tariff plan for $19 per month.

Origami Studio

Originally created for Facebook designers, the service is now available to the public. It provides more sophisticated tools than other applications, opening up new possibilities for designers to develop highly accurate layouts.

Origami Studio has in its arsenal a good Patch Editor with a well-stocked patch library, audio functions, tools for interacting with GPS, haptic feedback, accelerometer and gyroscope. 


Easily integrates with Sketch and Figma. Origami Studio is free to use on macOS, Android and iOS devices.

UX/UI Designer Software Tools:
UX/UI Designer Software Tools: is another quality browser-based service that allows UX/UI designers to create functional prototypes without special knowledge. It is especially popular with students due to its smooth learning curve.

The functionality is implemented through drag and drop blocks: with, designers can plan, create, and even test high-level prototypes. The service supports simultaneous collaboration and contains a large number of useful tools.

The cost of the cheapest Freelancer plan with the ability to support five active projects is $24 per month.


As one of the famous visual specialists said: “Digital design is like painting, only the paint never dries.” Therefore, do not delay, choose the necessary tool for yourself, implement the most daring ideas, and people will definitely appreciate your work.

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