6 Best Reels Apps for Editing Instagram Reels in 2023

6 Apps to Make Best Reels For Instagram 2022

Best Reels Apps for Editing Instagram Reels in 2023 Instagram Reels is a platform that offers several tools for editing and interactive stickers. 

These features, however, may not please more demanding users who prefer to perform other types of edits on their videos. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a list of the best apps to make Reels so you can take your productions to the next level on Instagram.

Instagram users can enjoy fun features of many apps that offer video editing for Instagram (Editing & Making) for Reels. These tools, which can be found on Android smartphones and iPhone, are ideal for adding music, hashtags and participating in challenges that go viral on social media.

Thinking of helping our readers, we prepared this article with the 6 coolest apps to create videos for Reels. We have separated in our list free options for smartphones with Android and for the iPhone.

6 Best Apps For Editing Instagram Reels

1. CapCut

CapCut 1
Make Best Reels For Instagram

CapCut is an application that became famous for offering several advanced features for editing videos on mobile . Available for Android and iPhone, this tool has many intuitive tools that allow you to make simple edits, add visual elements and create animations from photos.

With CapCut, users can create transitions so their Reels videos gain more interactivity and versatility. The files generated by editing can be saved in the cell phone library and exported to social networks without a watermark indicating where they were created.

2. Instagram

You didn’t read it wrong. Instagram has many features for Reels that are unexplored by many users. The photo network offers editing tools that, when used creatively, can generate unique videos that have strong potential to go viral within Reels mode.

The app allows you to make edits such as adding music, dubbing the audio with the phone’s microphone, applying color filters , applying masking effects, inserting cuts to create dynamism in the scenes and using different video effects. 

The user can still browse the Reels mode to be inspired by the videos of famous content creators.

3. TagiFy

TagiFy is a tool created for users to find the best hashtags to use in their posts. As with feed posts, Reels also allow hashtags to be added and if they are chosen carefully, they can make your Reels reach a greater number of people within Instagram. This app, however, is only available to Android users through the Google Play Store.

Users can set a theme and receive up to 30 suggestions for trending hashtags within Instagram . It allows you to choose a theme so that the system presents the tag that is most popular for that segment. The app also shows how many times the hashtag was used in posts.

Hashtags are highly recommended for your posts to reach more people. In addition, they allow you to target posts to a specific audience, organizing your videos together with others of the same type within Reels.

4. InShot

Like CapCut, InShot is a free alternative for editing videos on mobile. Downloadable for Android and iPhone, this tool allows you to add filters, transitions, dubbed audio tracks, music, video effects, borders and several other tools so that your content gains even more quality.

The app, however, has a paid version. As such, some features are limited to subscribers. Still, the free version has many interesting features that can raise the quality of your productions for Instagram Reels with mobile.

5. TikTok

Instagram’s biggest competitor as an editing tool for Reels videos? That’s right. TikTok is a platform with great experience in this type of content and, precisely because of this, it is able to offer much more interesting features for editing videos than Instagram – which was initially a social network for sharing photos.

The contents of both apps are often similar. TikTok content creators also love to showcase their Instagram video challenges and effects. As a result, the platforms end up being references to each other in the creation of challenges and effects concepts .

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TikTok offers famous songs in challenges. The tip is to access the “Discover” tab to see the videos that are going viral right now. Another option is to access “Sons” and discover the categories “Viral” and “Top”, where the most played songs within the platform are highlighted.

6. Top Tags

Top Tags is an alternative to find the best hashtags. Only available for iPhone, it is similar to Tagify, but its differential is to find the tags featured on Instagram and Tumblr. In this way, your reach can be more specific, allowing the user to target Reels and Tumblr users in their posts.

The app even lets you organize hashtags and add themed collections. You can even bookmark tags and merge different categories to add parallel content to which your post can be directed.

Hopefully you are like this 6 Apps to Make Best Reels For Instagram

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