How To Track Text Messages On A Child’s iPhone?

How To Track Text Messages On A Child iPhone

How To Track Text Messages On A Child’s iPhone? – Have you seen a suspicious text on your child’s phone? It might be one of the SMS scam messages. Smishing is also known as SMS scams. It is the highly preferred method of scammers to target kids and fulfill their ill intentions.

In SMS scams, a scammer sends you an SMS with a link to click. If your child clicks on the link in the message, they will be redirected to a fake website that will ask them to enter your information into a phishing form which is a fake web form controlled by hackers that looks identical to a website you are familiar with, or the website will attempt to download malicious software onto your device that will be able to track your sensitive information.

According tostatistics, in 2021, there were 72.2 billion fraudulent calls and 87.8 billion fraudulent SMS.

Hence, parents need to identify ways to save their children from the scam. TiSPY, parental control software, allows parents to track text messages on iPhone.

Read the whole article to know more about SMS scams and how you can save your child from them.

Is Apple ID and Password Required to Track SMS?

Earlier, third-party applications were able to access iCloud backups. Through iCloud backups, you could easily track the information on your child’s phone.

track text messages in iphone

But presently, you can no longer see text messages, iMessages, phone logs, browsing logs, or other data via this approach because Apple has taken steps to prohibit access to iCloud backups using third-party programmes.

Additionally, once an Apple ID has been used for logging onto another website, it will immediately lock. After setting a new password, one can regain access to the Apple account.

Hence, parents now need parental control software like TiSPY, to monitor text messages on the iPhone.

How To Track Text Messages on iPhone?

1. Monitor Text Messages through iCloud

Due to the updated iPhone’s security guidelines, monitoring text messages through iCloud backup is not possible. Hence, parents need to use spyware and secure parental control apps like TiSPY, to monitor iPhone text messages.

2. Steps to Setup TiSPY to Monitor iPhone Text Messages

You can track the text messages on your kid’s iPhone easily using TiSPY. Follow the following guide to install TiSPY.

  • You will need to access the iPhone of your kid during installations.
  • First, download and install the Desktop app of TiSPY.
  • Connect the iOS device of your child to the desktop or laptop.
  • Login with your existing TiSPY account. If you do not have any, then sign up.
  • Connect an iOS device with a laptop using cable: It may ask you to trust the computer on an iOS device. Click on “trust”.
  • Click “+Add”
  • Select a specific device to monitor your child’s iPhone
  • Start monitoring text messages on your child’s iPhone.

Why Should You Monitor Text Messages on an iPhone?

1. Inappropriate Content

In this Internet-first world, much information is available online. Kids might get SMS with links which would take them to inappropriate content on the Internet. Getting exposed to such content might affect the kid’s mind negatively.

Hence, parents need to track text messages on their kid’s iPhones to save them from getting inappropriate content on the Internet.

2. Distraction from Productive Work

Text messages to friends are a prime distraction from the study, outdoor activities, and other interests. You must then monitor text messages on the child’s iPhone. Constantly texting and chatting with friends can hamper a productive child’s mind. Hence, you can easily watch text messages on your iPhone.

reading text messages on iphone

3. For Child Safety

The rapid rise of SMS scams has placed your child’s safety in question. Scammers and online predators primarily target kids to lure them into giving confidential information.

This unsafe sharing of information can lead to identity thefts and financial scams. Hence, parents need to track text messages on their kid’s iPhones and save them from any safety threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I monitor my child’s text messages on their iPhone without them knowing?

You can track your child’s text messages using a parental control app like TiSPY. TiSPY is spyware, after the installation in your child’s device that gives you access to all their activities. You can monitor all your child’s text messages remotely on the dashboard provided by TiSPY. It works in stealth mode and will not let your child know of monitoring.

2. How do I mirror my child’s iPhone?

You can mirror and track your entire child’s phone usage activity using TiSPY. You can install the parental control software on your child’s device. TiSPY mirrors all the information on your child’s iPhone and brings it to the dashboard. You can have easy access to all the information easily through the dashboard.


SMS scams or phishing is spreading its cases and targets rapidly. The scammers primarily target kids due to their young age. Hence, the scammers lure them into sharing confidential information which they can misuse to fulfil their ill intentions.

Monitoring text messages on a child’s iPhone are not possible now through iCloud. Hence, parents need to install parental control software like TiSPY to track the information on their child’s iPhone and ensure their safety.

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