How to Turn Off Talkback in Redmi

Turn Off Talkback in Redmi

Turn Off Talkback in Redmi – How to turn off Talkback on mi Phones is very easy and fast. A talkback is a software from Google that has a function to read the screen on Android devices.

This is no exception on phones with the Redmi brand. Therefore, every time the user touches and selects the menu on the Xiaomi cellphone, a voice instruction will appear regarding the menu that the user selects.

The way this software works is by converting written commands into spoken or through text to audio. However, not all Android devices have this talkback feature.

However, users can also install this feature manually by downloading the app on the Google Play Store. Because it often doesn’t work in daily activities, many users want to disable the Talkback feature on their Android devices.

The way to disable Talkback on mi phones, be it by using the old or latest MIUI types, is an easy thing to turn off TalkBack in Redmi Note 9, Redmi Note 8,Redmi Note 10, Redmi Note 7 pro, Redmi Note 11, Redmi 9, Redmi 8, Redmi 9a

There are many ways to turn off the xiaomi talkback so that the screen does not produce sound when touched.

What is Xiaomi Talkback?

So that the Xiaomi cellphone can be operated as usual, then Talkback needs to be disabled. Then, what is the method of disabling Xiaomi Talkback? The trick is very easy and simple, not sure! just follow the full information below.

Talkback is a feature on Android phones. This talkback will work by directly converting a written command into an audio.

This feature serves to read the screen on Android features such as Xiaomi.

Why should Talkback be turned off?

When you have a Xiaomi cellphone in an active Talkback condition. Then your phone will always produce sound every time the screen is touched.

Whatever it is, it’s best when you open the application, reply to chat, and unlock the screen, or turn on the cellphone and so on.

Many Xiaomi users complain that they can’t unlock the screen when Talkback is on. The pattern does not respond and stutters with a sound that is constantly emitted.

This is the most common reason why many users intend to disable Talkback on their Xiaomi phones.

How to Turn Off Redmi Talkback Easy and Fast

This Talkback feature is one of the features that allows smartphone users who have limited vision. So they can still operate or navigate their devices better.

This feature is certainly very useful for those who have visual impairments. However, for normal users, this feature may not be very useful, so they choose to disable it.

Reasons for Disabling Talkback Features

Before we know how to turn off talkback on Android devices, especially on the Redmi brand, then it never hurts to know the reason for disabling it.

When you use a Redmi phone with the Talkback feature on, your phone will always make a sound every time you touch it. Both when opening the application, unlocking the screen, turning on the cellphone, replying to chat, and so on.

Even during the operation of the screen when the Talkback feature is active, making it different from usual.

To be able to operate the screen when the Talkback feature is active, the user must touch the screen using 2 fingers to be able to slide the screen.

In addition, you have to double-tap to open a menu, application, or feature. Thus, users who are unfamiliar with this method prefer to disable the Talkback feature on the Redmi device they are using.

Talkback often suddenly activates, this is because the accessibility of the two volume buttons is accidentally pressed by the user, or it has been active since the purchase of the HP device.

Another reason, many Redmi users complain if they can’t open the lock screen when the Talkback feature is on. The pattern does not respond and is disturbed by the sound issued.

How to Turn Off Talkback in Redmi

There are several ways to disable the Talkback feature on Redmi devices, including:

Turn Off Talkback Via Volume Button Menu

You can do this method if the volume key shortcut accessibility is active for Talkback. But if not, then this way you can not do.

Here are easy steps that you can apply, among others:

  • First turn on your Redmi phone
  • Then unlock it by sliding the screen up using 2 fingers, then enter the password, pin or pattern
  • The next step, press and hold the volume up + volume down buttons simultaneously for about 3 seconds.
  • Then Talkback will automatically turn off or turn off. Then your Redmi phone can be operated as usual.

Turn OFF Talkback in Settings

The option to turn off talkback on other Redmi devices is to use the phone’s settings menu.

You can do this method if the way through the volume button does not work for you.

  • Turn on your Redmi phone
  • Unlock by scrolling up the screen using 2 fingers, then enter the pattern, password or pin to unlock the screen
  • Next, select Settings by sliding using 2 fingers, double tap on the settings menu to be able to open it
  • The next step, scroll the screen up and select the “Additional settings” menu, double tap on the additional settings to open it.
  • Next on the Additional Settings menu, you double-click on the Accessibility menu to open the
  • Click twice on the visibility menu at the top
  • Select “Talkback” and double tap to open it.
  • Then double click on the accessibility button

How to turn off Talkback in Redmi will then appear a dialog box “Stop Talkback”. Double tap on the “Stop” button then you have successfully disabled Talkback Xiaomi.

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