COD Mobile vs PUBG Mobile: Which game is better?

COD Mobile vs PUBG Mobile

COD Mobile vs PUBG Mobile: Which game is better – Looking for a comparison between COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile is indeed quite interesting, considering that these two games are currently in great demand by players.

Very high enthusiasm from the players. This certainly cannot be separated from the long wait for the Call of Duty franchise fans who have really been looking forward to the presence of the mobile version.

Now in this article, we will discuss a comparison of COD Mobile and one of the most popular battle royale games on the mobile platform today, namely PUBG Mobile. The comparison that we will discuss only focuses on the battle royale mode, both the mechanics of playing and the presentation.

Because, both COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile have other very diverse game modes with their respective advantages and disadvantages. Here ‘s a Comparison of Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile !

COD Mobile vs PUBG Mobile: Which game is better?


1. Developer

As we know, Call of Duty is a game franchise from Activison. But Activison is not alone in developing Call of Duty Mobile. They work closely with Tencent in the development of the game.

Yup, although they look competitive, both games are developed by the same developer. As for the publisher, Garena is the publisher for the Southeast Asia region. Garena is of course identical to one of the popular battle royale games in Indonesia, namely Free Fire.

2. Game Mechanism

Not much different from PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile also carries almost the same game mechanics. 100 players will be transported to a deserted island by plane and must survive against other players.

Not only playing solo, the two games can also be played in duos and squads of 4 people. Because they were both developed by Tencent, the way to play and control the game, as well as the indicators on the map when shooting or enemy movements occur are not much different.

Then what is the difference?


1. Game Control

Well, even though it presents game controls that are not much different from PUBG Mobile, there are slight differences. Call of Duty Mobile has an auto fire control feature, where players can shoot automatically when aiming at enemies. 

Of course this can be a solution for players who have difficulty shooting while in PUBG. But even so, in fact not a few regret the presence of this feature, for various reasons. 

In addition, Call of Duty Mobile also allows you to slide faster to take cover to various objects. And one of the interesting features to avoid dying silly in Call of Duty Mobile is when you fall from a height, the characters you play will open their costumes like when they jump from a plane. 

2. Game Size

Because it was only released some time ago, practically Call of Duty Mobile has a much smaller size when compared to PUBG Mobile. Of course PUBG Mobile has a much larger size because of regular updates, ranging from maps, game modes, and so on. 

It is not impossible, later Call of Duty Mobile will have a size that is not much different if it has presented various updates to the game. 

3. Game Concept

Quite different from PUBG Mobile which carries a realistic game theme like the PC version, COD Mobile actually presents something different. 

COD Mobile comes with a more futuristic theme in the various elements presented. Not only that, one of the most prominent differences between the two is the additional class feature in COD Mobile. 

Currently, there are 6 different classes to choose from when playing Call of Duty Mobile, namely Defender, Medic, Mechanic, Clown, Scout, and Ninja. The presence of 6 classes in the COD Mobile game will certainly significantly affect the course of the game between the two games. 

4. Gameplay

As previously mentioned, there are different classes that can be selected in COD Mobile, giving different colors when playing. This is because each class has a unique ability that can be used. 

For example, if you play with the Scout class, then you can detect the presence of enemies with their abilities. Then you can also use the ninja class if you want your movements to make a quieter sound, and can climb and reach various buildings more easily.

In addition, other classes also have their own abilities and will be very useful when choosing a strategy by your team.

This is quite different from PUBG Mobile, where you will feel a more realistic impression of the game. Because there are no different classes when playing, this allows for dynamic role changes for each player when faced with certain situations.

5. Perspective

Both Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile both present modes with a first-person perspective or FPP and a third-person perspective or TPP. 

Now the difference is, if in PUBG Mobile you can only choose that point of view at the beginning of the game and you can’t change your point of view while playing, then Call of Duty Mobile can do that. When you play in TPP mode, you can change the point of view to an FPP point of view. 

6. Graphic

Now the last of course is the difference in terms of presentation that is presented. Here are the differences that you can see from the two games.

That’s the comparison of COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile. Even though they have differences, of course the two games present games that are very capable of hypnotizing players to play for a long time.

If PUBG Mobile presents gameplay with the impression of a realistic game like being in a war at this time, then this is quite different when compared to Call of Duty Mobile which presents a futuristic presentation with very advanced technology.

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