4 Ways to Unblock Websites On iPhone in 2024 [Unblock Safari]

Ways to Unblock Websites On iPhone

Unblock Websites On iPhoneHow To Unblock Websites On iPhone in 2023: Best Ways to Unblock on iPhone – So, you’re just chilling out after work hours, and scrolling randomly through your iPhone. Suddenly, you clicked a website link and Boom! You got blocked.

It is queer scenario but this is something that happens to all of us, especially iPhone users. So, let’s just explore the reasons behind getting blocked on iPhone and if there is anything we can do to resolve it. So, just start reading!

Why is my iPhone not letting me access some websites?

Most of the time, there can be a single reason or a combination of reasons why some websites are blocked on your iPhone. Examples are internal software issue in your iPhone, parental control, or getting geo-blocked by your ISP or government. Your workplace or school can also put-up certain restrictions for which you can’t access websites.

Websites typically identify a specific IP address that isn’t authorized to access the restricted content on the website. The IP address can locate your device physically and identify your gadget on the Internet. It enables websites to identify your IP address and block (or permit) your device.

We’ve come up with an impeccable solution that you can use to gain access to these blocked websites and that is to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

Also, we’re going to discover some alternative ways by which you can access blocked websites if you’re not fond of a VPN.

Access Blocked Website on iPhone: Use a VPN

One of the easiest and safest ways to unblock a website’s content is by using a VPN.

What exactly is a VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is an encrypted connection established between a device and a network so that secure transmission of sensitive data becomes possible. It makes it impossible for malicious third parties to eavesdrop on the traffic and makes it easier for the users to perform their remote work in a hassle-free way.

How can a VPN help you to unblock websites?

It allows you to choose a virtual location by rerouting your internet traffic to a distant server.

So, your true location gets concealed, and you can access the content that is blocked when you connect to a website using a VPN because it tricks the website into thinking that you’re operating from a virtual location, where in reality you’re in the restricted region.

 Unblock Websites on Safari

Why are there some websites frequently blocked?

Due to internet censorship, many websites are restricted in certain parts of the world. Popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are restricted more frequently than others. Sometimes, the search engine Google can be restricted.

To prevent the dissemination of critical information, government authorities can censor their citizens and due to that, they put these website restrictions in place.

It is crucial to download a VPN to access websites without the fear of getting blocked. By tracking the location of your IP address, government authorities attempt to obstruct access to popular websites.

Government can put the restrictions in place for a variety of reasons such as blocking the flow of information or repressing certain information that is not eligible for the public to access.

Nowadays, VPNs can assist you in overcoming geographical constraints. By using a VPN, you can choose a server from your preferred location, and then it will give you access to restricted websites easily.

How to install a VPN service for your device

It is easy to access your preferred websites from any part of the world by utilizing a VPN. You can use a VPN to bypass regional restrictions and exert more control over how you browse the internet. It will also help you to secure your personal and sensitive data.

So, how to install a VPN on your device? By following the instructions below, you can easily install a VPN of your choice into your device.

1) Register with a VPN Service – please make sure that you download and register with a popular VPN service.

2) Install the VPN– After downloading the VPN you follow the instructions to install the VPN on your device.

3) Decide the server location – most of the popular VPNs will let you choose a server location from their massive number of servers across the world.

4) Connect to the VPN – Now, click on the connect button to access the free and open Internet.

5) Open up your restricted websites – Now you can visit any restricted website or social media platform of your choice.

Best VPNs to Use for Unblock Websites on iPhone

Apple is concerned about the security of its users so that they can deliver a hassle-free and positive user experience. Therefore, it is expected that your iPhone will have a certain degree of security once you buy it from the store.

The base protection is fundamentally inadequate for a certain group of people, so it can always be strengthened. A VPN service, in that case, is quite useful.

Websites can gather your IP address and on the other hand, your ISP can monitor your browsing activities on your Mac OS and iOS. Your iPhone itself can hardly do anything to prevent this monitoring, but fortunately, the best iPhone VPN can.

There are many iPhone VPN alternatives available nowadays than ever before, which is good news for iPhone users. Many VPN apps that are compatible with Apple are gaining popularity among the leading VPN providers.

However, not every VPN service will indeed work well with iOS.

Some of the best VPNs that have been specially created for the iPhone users-

1) SurfShark

SurfShark is a VPN provider originated in Netherlands. It protects the user’s privacy by encrypting internet connections and masking IP addresses. It is one of the top-rated companies that use cutting and security measures to ensure the safety and privacy of consumers. Additionally, the service provides user-friendly apps for all types of users.

The features of SurfShark VPN include:

– Unlimited number of devices can be secured with SurfShark.

– It can encrypt your web traffic with AES-256 encryption. With this industry-leading encryption, your data is protected and inaccessible to the prying eyes.

– It has a strict no-locks policy which means it doesn’t log any of your internet activities like browsing history or any other private information.

– It is a popular VPN with servers in hundreds of different nations which means you are ready to have a faster internet connection while you use it.

2) Express VPN

Another trustworthy VPN is Express VPN. It offers a premium plan that lets users safeguard both their personal and online business activities. It has virtual servers across 94 Indian nations, and it lets Indian users use them. Users can choose an Express VPN-compatible Wi-Fi router that protects every device for high-speed, dependable internet access even after it supports up to eight connections.

The core features of this VPN include: –

– For the improvement of internet speeds and security of uses from third parties, ExpressVPN conducts its own encrypted DNS queries with a private DNS.

– Express VPN secures users’ network information with AES-256 encryption and conceals the IP address. Therefore, it enables VPN users to download and stream their preferred content including international channels.

– It has a network lock and a kill switch feature that can disconnect devices from the Internet once the connection becomes weak or drops completely. In this way, the IP addresses of the users and other sensitive data remain protected.

– Remember Indian banks do not permit customers to access their accounts using VPN-connected devices. It uses split tunneling that distinguishes devices that need VPN connections from those that do not.

3) IPVanish

IPVanish provides higher levels of online privacy and lightning-fast secured internet access. The VPN has fast download speeds, round-the-clock customer service, simultaneous connections to an unlimited number of devices, and access to 2200 servers in 75 countries.

It is an incredible option for users of public Wi-Fi to browse the Internet, or wish to boost the security of their online accounts.

The core features of IPVanish include:

– IPVanish utilizes private DNS servers to translate website addresses into their corresponding IP address. It strategically ensures that a DNS is private and safe by letting only its users connected to its VPN, access the DNS servers.

– It has a Kill Switch that automatically disconnects the user from the net once the connection established by the VPN becomes unreliable. This function lets you keep your online identity and privacy safe by routing your internet traffic via the VPN.

– IPVanish has a split tunneling protocol by which you can distinguish the apps or programs that will remain connected to the VPN from the ones that will not.

– Although IPVanish has some of the outstanding features, still it does not offer a dedicated IP address.

Alternative Ways to Unblock Websites on iPhone

If you’re not fond of unblocking websites on an iPhone using a VPN, then these are some of the alternative strategies you can use.

Unblock Websites Manually

Follow these steps to unblock websites on the iPhone

  • Select settings –> screen time
  • Next, go to “content and privacy restrictions”
  • Then go to “web content”
  • Finally, select “unrestricted access”

Now it will be easy to visit the website once the process is complete.

Use a web-based proxy

Another strategy is to use a web-based proxy server. It will pass all of your traffic via it on the way to its final destination.

You can search for a web proxy on your preferred search engine. Both paid and free proxy servers are available online.

Change the DNS server of your iPhone

The fourth strategy is to use a DNS server. It is a process that converts a website address into an IP address. You won’t be able to visit some websites if the DNS server has been set up to block them. It is best to modify your device’s DNS settings. Some of the best public DNS servers are Google Public DNS and Cloudflare DNS.

Use iPhone Browser Extension

You can use a browser extension as they’re the tiny pieces of software used in your browser to give it new capabilities. Some plugins work either by redirecting or blocking requests to some particular websites.


Here is a detailed guide on how to unblock websites on your iPhone. Apple takes user security and privacy very seriously so expecting some built-in blocking system will not be surprising. Still, you can bypass these restrictions by using a VPN. We’ve recommended some of the best VPNs to use for that purpose. Otherwise, you can use some alternative strategies to gain access such as altering the DNS server or by using a web-based proxy

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