What is Filemail, What are its Features, How Much is the Price?

What is Filemail, What are its Features, How Much is the Price?

We answer all the questions about what is Filemail and Features for you. Filemail, as it is known, is one of the services used to transfer files

This service, which is basically free to use, also draws attention with its features. This service, which is popular around the world, also comes to the fore in data security.

Users can safely transfer their files thanks to the end-to-end encryption method. This service, which offers free usage up to 5 GB, also dazzles with its data transfer speed. 

So what is Filemail, what are its features, how much is the price? Here are the step-by-step answers to these questions…

What is Filemail?

Filemail is a service used to transfer files over e-mail. This service, which is basically free to use, is also compatible with Android and IOS operating systems. Users can benefit from the unlimited transfer feature by logging into the popular service.

What Are Filemail Features?

Filemail is one of the file transfer systems that attracts attention with its features. Here are all the highlights of this popular service…

What Are Filemail Features?
  • Users can transfer data up to 5 GB free of charge without registering to the system.
  • End-to-end encryption method is used in the popular file transfer center. Thanks to this method used, file transfer operations become secure.
  • By using this service, users can track their files moment by moment. In addition, thanks to the feature in the service, you can see who downloaded the file you uploaded.
  • Filemail file transfer service has an extremely high transfer speed.
  • Filemail service can be integrated into websites thanks to HTML codes.
  • This popular service can be used on computers, phones and tablets.
  • In addition to all these features, the Filemail service can be customized and have a more elegant appearance.

How to Use Filemail

Filemail can be used very easily and practically. You can follow the steps below to use the file transfer service.

  • Users must login to Filemail company’s image website.
  • After logging into the website, you will see a file transfer area.
  • In the file transfer area, you can write the recipient’s e-mail address, your own e-mail address, the subject and, if any, your message on the screen.
  • Then add the file you want to send to the system and complete the process by clicking the “Send” button.

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By following the steps above, you can transfer files very easily.


Is Filemail Free?

Filemail can be used for free up to 5 GB data transfer size. For higher size file transfer, you should purchase an additional package and perform your transactions accordingly.

How Much Does Filemail Cost?

Filemail is one of the file transfer services that attracts attention with its price . Here are the package prices of the popular service…

  • Basic Usage (5GB): Free,
  • Indvidual Pro Package (25 GB): $12 per month,
  • Multi-User Business Package (Unlimited Data Transfer and 1 TB Storage): $18 per month,
  • Managed File Transfer Enterprise (Limit Data Transfer and 5TB Storage): $48.

Is Filemail desktop free?

yes, it is Free Software  – no account/registration required!

How much is Filemail pro?

Filemail Pro Costs $12 Per month and Some Pro Features will use.

 We have answered the question of what is Filemail in detail above for you. In the first definition, Filemail can read our article and you can access detailed information about file transfer service.

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