What is Ko-Fi and How does it Works?

What is Ko-Fi and how does it works in 2022 - Techjustify

Ko-fi is a platform for creatives that allows artists and digital creators to make themselves known and find supporters to finance their projects

With more than 500,000 active users and an average donation of around $ 4 million a month, Ko-fi is a platform that connects digital creatives with users who want to support their projects and their art through of donations. 

Basically, the idea behind Ko-fi recalls that of  crowfunding platforms:  the goal is to offer a ” virtual coffee ” (in fact, a donation to a Paypal account ) to artists, writers, podcasters and all types of digital creators. and not, which can earn thanks to the support of their fans. 

All on an intuitive and very easy to use platform which, not a small detail,does not withhold commissions on donations.

What is Kofi and how it works

What is Ko-Fi and how does it works in 202

Ko-fi is a platform for creatives that allows users to support their favorite artists with large or small amounts, who in turn can use it to find supporters and receive support to finance their next projects, or even just integrate their own.

Revenue, in addition to other tools such as merchandising, sponsorship, or even fundraising sites.

Currently, over 500,000 creatives are active on Ko-fi, such as writers, illustrators, developers, streamers, podcasters, cosplayers, artists, game designers, small businesses and much more.

Using this platform for creatives is very simple: first of all it is extremely flexible. Donations can be made on a regular or one-off basis .

There is no limit to the amount that can be donated, which can be freely chosen at the time of donation with the formula “offer a coffee”. 

In addition to finding support to finance their projects , creatives can use the platform as a showcase for their art , with the possibility of offering commissioned works, opening a small online shop and, above all, paying no commission on donations . receipts.

How does Ko-fi work

Ko-fi is an intuitive platform to use, both for those who want to make a donation and for creators. To support a project, simply go to the personal page of your favorite creator and click on the Donate button . 

At this point you can “offer a coffee” for the amount they have entered, or enter a different amount. Before completing the payment, choosing between PayPal or credit card, you can add your name and a short message.

Creators after opening an account can personalize their profile with photos, a bio or intro video, a portfolio of both past and upcoming works, and enter payment information such as PayPal or Stripe . 

In addition, you can add a link to your site, to major social channels, and even create funding goals, for example, for the purchase of a new computer or materials. 

One of the advantages of using Ko-fi is that it does not charge commissions on donations : the money spent by fans goes to 100% support the creative or artist who receives them. 

However, Ko-fi retains small percentages on shop sales and commissioned works purchased on the platform. These are around 5%, but they are zero for users who decide to upgrade to Ko-fi Gold.

How to find supporters on Ko-fi

What is Ko-Fi and how does it works in 202

While creating a page on Ko-fi is relatively simple, starting to find supporters can seem more complex. 

The platform provides several tools to help creatives to make themselves known. First of all, Ko-fi can be connected to major social networks such as Instagram , Facebook and Twitter, or to platforms such as WordPress.

Among the features, it also offers the possibility of integrating a donation panel on your website, without users having to go to the Ko-fi site every time.

For those who want to try this path, the platform for creatives provides a useful guide on how to do this integration in the Help section of the site, complete with ready-made html codes. 

Finally, there is also the possibility of upgrading the profile to Ko-fi Gold, which among the additional services compared to the basic profile offers more tools for personalizing your account, as well as zero commissions on sales from your shop as already mentioned.

Where to use Ko-fi

At the moment Ko-fi only works from a PC and there is no smartphone app. The next step is the development of an app for smartphones and tablets, on which the platform is already working. 

What is Ko-Fi and how does it works in 202

Ko-fi has launched a campaign to ask its users for information and feedback , such as suggestions on features they would like to see on a future dedicated app.

In recent years, the world of the Internet and social networks has seen the community of creatives and digital creators grow exponentially, using these channels to make themselves known and find jobs and commissions.

In this context, Ko-fi represents an interesting tool to find supporters and finance projects in an easy and intuitive way, without paying commissions.

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