What is linktree and how does it work

What is linktree

What is linktree and how does it work – If you use social media, you’ve probably heard of Linktree, a feature that lets you gather multiple links in one place. With all the information gathered in one place, you can share your Linktree with whoever you want and ensure they have access to all the links.

Because it’s an online link, you can update it whenever you need to, sharing different links whenever you want. Want to know more about Linktree? In this article, you will learn more about this feature and understand how it works. Check out!

What is Linktree and How does it work?

Linktree is a digital resource where you can gather various links of interest to you in one place and use it to share this information. That is, you will have a single link with the information you want to disclose grouped together.

The tool is widely used by those who want to share works, such as a website, portfolio, YouTube channel, online store, etc., all at once.Linktree became popular because most social networks have only one field to add a single link and this prevents other links from being shared.

How much does Linktree cost?

Linktree is available in four plans, all of which you can include as many links as you like, but each offers some specific additional services. See what plan options Linktree offers:

  • Free;
  • Starter ($ 60 per month)
  • Pro ($116 per month)
  • Premium ($340 per month).

Paid plans allow you to schedule days and times for a certain link to appear or disappear. That way, if you are going to launch a specific website or a new product on your website, you can make it programmed for the link to enter your Linktree, as well as other strategies on your social networks.

Linktree also provides reports on your link performance, with total clicks, the average time to click, number of views, and total views. On the Premium plan, however, you have access to other analytics features such as:

  • Total revenue generated by the sales link;
  • Data analysis by device;
  • Social icons analysis.

Also, on all plans you have the option to customize the appearance of your Linktree page, you can also set a domain, create a name, and include an icon on your Linktree. When assembling, put in order of priority what is most important and you want to highlight.

Then, just add your Linktree link in the bio of all your social networks.

How to create free Linktree?

Go tohttps://linktr.ee/and click on “Get Started for Free“. You will be directed to the registration screen. Then enter an email address, and choose a username and password. Confirm your email address. The username will be shown on your Linktree profile, so be careful with this choice.

Then choose the “Free” plan. The user panel will open. At this point, you must configure and customize your profile. You can choose one of the available templates.

Now, insert the links you want to promote in your Linktree. To do this, just copy the URLs of the links you want to promote, such as a website, a social network, or an online store, and insert them in the Linktree fields. For each link created, a new button will be created and the links will be shown in a list format.

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To set the orders, drag the cards on the left, where the three dots are, and place them in the desired order. Changes are updated in real time.

How to use Linktree on Instagram?

After creating your Linktree, enter your profile, go to “Edit Profile” and enter the link under Website. Just save. Now, the link will appear on your profile.

5 Alternatives to Linktree

Linktree was one of the first tool options for grouping links that began to be used on social networks. Next, you’ll learn about other options, with more features to take advantage of.


Similar to Linktree, this feature offers unlimited links even on the free plan, as well as social media icons, more options for CTA buttons, store buttons, etc. With paid plans, you can also schedule link publishing and track page analytics. However, templates and special store shortcuts are only available on the paid plan.

Milk shake

This tool allows the creation of a website, where you can insert media and content, based on cards. Through templates and customization possibilities, you personalize your new website. In Milkshake, you also measure the performance of cards.

The tool is completely free and can be divided into pages, however, you cannot remove the Milkshake brand and you must download an app to configure everything.


Another resource similar to Linktree, Campsite has a single page and a menu with shortcuts. You add unlimited links in the menu and icons for social networks.

In the free version, templates are limited, but you can customize the default template with whatever colors and images you want, as well as your company logo. You can also divide the links by categories to make the page more organized.


This tool is inspired by the mechanics of Instagram Stories . Through customizable templates, you can create a page that represents your business. Tap.bio also allows you to add cards, an image gallery, Twitter posts, latest YouTube videos and other features.

As soon as you sync with an account, data is automatically added. However, the configuration is not so simple, the cards are limited in the free version and the display of advertisements is exclusive to the free version.


Tap.link also features a website-like view, but with more features. You have access to a variety of templates, with forms, quote templates, and you can add blocks of text, questions and answers, and other features in the free plan.

In addition, you can use unlimited links and have access to viewing statistics. However, access to statistics on clicks on each link, completed purchases, notifications and sync with analytics gadgets are only available on paid plans.

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What is Linktree?

A digital tool where you can gather several links in one place.

How much does Linktree cost?

Linktree is available in four plans:
– Free;
– Starter (R$ 60 per month);
– Pro (R$ 116 per month);
– Premium (R$ 340 per month).

How to use Linktree on Instagram?

Enter your profile, go to “Edit Profile” and enter the link in “Website”. Save and that’s it, the link will appear on your profile.

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