What is UpToBox? Everything you need to know

What is UpToBox? Everything you need to know

What is UpToBox? Everything you need to know – Hosting providers like UpToBox make countless files available to internet users. However, to benefit from the best offers, you have to hire a subscription that is not always given. However, today it is possible to download the files for free and without limit thanks to the unlocker. But what is it and, above all, how is it used? We give you the answers in the following lines.

All about UpToBox

UpToBox is a French hosting site created in 2011 available at:https://uptobox.com/. If today it is among the 100 platforms that accumulate the most visitors, these beginnings were not always obvious. In fact, it has cost a lot to make a site on the web, especially in the face of Megaupload, which offers excellent download speed and Uploaders, which gives bonuses to its most active members. Also, it could only be developed when Megaupload was shut down, as it decided to compete with it in terms of download speed.

For some time now, UpToBox is not accessible in the United States due to Visa and Mastercard requests. As a result, it no longer automatically appears in the Google search engine.

Services offered by UpToBox

UpToBox offers two very different services:

  • The lodging of ;
  • Download.

File Hosting

As the name suggests, it allows you to store all your files online. In order to take advantage of this option, you need to create an account (we’ll show you how to do that later).

After your registration, you can choose between 2 modes:

  • The free one that gives you the possibility to upload a 200 GB file in one go and a storage space of 1 TB;
  • The premium with which you have access to unlimited storage space. The maximum file size allowed for uploads is always 200 GB.


To access downloads through UpToBox, you do not need an account. However, subscribers, especially in premium mode, always have an advantage.

anonymous download

If you don’t have an UpToBox account, you can download 2 GB of files per day, but at a very slow speed. Also, you have to wait about 45 minutes between two downloads. You will also be entitled to countless pages of advertising.

Download as free member

In this case, you will be able to download about 5 GB per day with improved but still limited speed. The waiting time to download another file is also reduced to half an hour. On the other hand, the ads are still present.

Download as premium member

The premium member pays a subscription for the time that suits him. You are free to download as many files as you want at any time with maximum speed. It is even possible to download more than one file at the same time.

However, it is important to note that the quality of your Internet connection also affects your download speed.

How does Uptobox work?

UpToBox or UTB for the initials is a website that allows you to host computer files (types: .avi, .rar, .zip, .mp4, etc.) that you can share with your work colleagues or friends! The site is completely secure, but also your uploads and downloads.

The strength of UpToBox is availability but also its high download speed (you need a premium account to have unlimited downloads, you can if you wish order a cheap uptobox voucher key from our computer store to obtain your subscription for a period of your choice (example: 1 month, 1 year, etc.).

How does the UpToBox website work?

Let’s compare the paid versions (voucher key) and the free version of UpToBox account:

Advantages of the free version UpToBox account:

  • Limited download speed (restricted).
  • No direct downloads.
  • Support for download accelerators.
  • Maximum storage size per file 200gb.
  • Upload from a URL.

Advantages of UpToBox premium account version (voucher key):

  • Maximum download speed (no limit).
  • High file availability.
  • Direct download.
  • No waiting between two downloads.
  • No advertising!
  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Upload from a URL.
  • Upload via FTP client.
  • Password protection.

The paid versions (voucher key) of UpToBox account has more features but also more flexibility for downloads, I understand that it’s a “subscription” but it’s yearly not monthly! Do the calculation yourself of the cost per month per subscription! The longer the subscription period, the less it costs you per month!

Uptobox offers

UpToBox Subscription Fees

The platform offers 4 types of subscription:

  • 1 month for just over $3.3
  • 1 year for about $28
  • 730 days for just over $50
  • 1825 days for about 140 dollars

Some key Information to get to know Uptobox better

Want to make the most of the Internet todownload videos, eBooks, audiobooks, and other types of content? Then think about taking advantage of theadvantages offered by the Uptobox host.

Uptobox is first and foremost a file storage and sharing platform. A physical storage space such as a USB key can be damaged or lost. With a web host, you can keep your photos or videos virtually (cloud storage).

The beginning of Uptobox was not easy. It was in competition with a host that was already better positioned and better known at the time: Megaupload, which also offers astreaming service.

After the fall of Mégaupload, Uptobox grew in popularity until it appeared on the list of the100most visited sites in France. Currently, this host has many followers among subscribers of different social networks.

How does this File Host Work?

To proceed with the free download of your favorite films and series, you can adopt certain solutions. Many people use adirectdownload site. Hosts, including Uptobox, also offer this kind of service.

Evendirect download platforms,store their data with a host like Uptobox. Their users receive a download link to download the files stored on a host.

To better enjoy the services of Uptobox, you caninstall freeware. Use your search engine to find a page where you can download the software in question.

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It is possible to use this platform for free. To benefit from certain advantages, it is preferable to take out a subscription plan.

For thefree version of Uptobox, the user gets astorage space of1000GB. Those who opt for the paid modes have astorage space of4,000GB.

Your multimedia content and documents will be safe on your Uptobox space. Moreover, you can proceed to download files at any time.

Uptobox and its different modes of use

Uptobox is the best file download site for some. It is a secure storage medium wherea large amount of data can be kept. This platform offers various modes of use.

Premium Account

You can store and download a file easily via Uptobox. You can use this file hosting and sharing site in different ways.

As for the 1fichier service , you canregister on this siteandbecome a Premium member. You need to follow a few steps. First go to the Uptobox site. Afterwards, you must click on the “Registration” button. A few fields must be completed.

To benefit from paid services, select the “Become premium” tab. Afterwards, you must determine the rate that suits you and then click on “Buy”.

A premium account offersa few benefits. It allows to

  • download unlimited files
  • Get better download speed
  • Have a large cloud storage space

Free Account

Many people are wondering how to download movies or other content from the Internet and bypass the restrictions provided by the Hadopi law. The proposed solutions are numerous.

Some opt fordownloading torrents. In addition, it is possible todownload various contentson Uptobox for free. You can benefit from the services of this platform without having to subscribe to any subscription plan.

By opening an account without choosing a paid subscription, you will be entitled to afree download of 5GB per day. The major drawbacks of this free mode include the presence of ads and a 30-minutewaiting timebetween two downloads.

Anonymous mode

To download music or another type of multimedia file from the Internet, you can go through the Uptobox host. The latter is not a simple site to download your content (TV series, ebooks, etc.). It also allows you to keep your data.

To make the most of this hosting platform, you can register on the site and benefit from theservices of Uptobox, either for free or by subscribing to a paid plan.

You have the ability to store anddownload files anonymously. With this alternative, you can only download 2 GB of data per day.

In short, this site for downloading books, films and music is ideal for Internet users who are fond of downloading content of all kinds.

This platform is easy to use and offers various features. The least we can say is that it deserves to be on the list of the best hosts.

The Steps to follow to register in UpToBox

To take advantage of the best offers, it is recommended to register for free. These are the steps to follow.

Go to the sitehttps://uptobox.com/and click on the “REGISTER” tab.

Fill in the fields by providing a username, your email address and a password. Then check the box “I have read and accept the terms of use” and click on “Create an account”.

It may happen that the site does not react when the button is pressed. In this case, all ad blockers should be in off mode.

Next, you will have to solve a Captcha to prove that you are not a machine.

Once your registration has been validated, you will be redirected to the “My Account” tab of your new account. From then on, you will have access to 1TB of storage space.

Steps to become a Premium Member

To sign up for a Premium membership, follow these steps.

Click on the “GO PREMIUM” tab.

Choose a price and click “Buy”. It is always advisable to start with the shortest duration. However, if you are satisfied with the services, migrating to long-term subscriptions is more financially beneficial.

Next, select your payment method (PayPal, Bitcoin, and DEDIPASS).

A new tab will appear in your browser depending on the mode you have chosen. Simply follow the transaction instructions to validate your purchase.

How to Upload a file to UpToBox?

If you are in free mode, you will be able to upload a file from your computer or from a URL. If you are a Premium member, you will be able to upload even through an FTP client. When you click on “START”, you are automatically at the “Load from your PC” option.

Click on » + Add files… » and select the video, music or document you want to store on the site.

Then click on “Start”. If you want to stop the upload, press “Cancel”.

When the upload is successful, a “Done” message will appear.

How to access Uptostream?

Uptostream offers you many movies and series to stream. To access them, or simply type “Uptostream” in your browser. When you get to the home page, choose from the suggestions or click the search icon (a magnifying glass) and enter the title of the movie you want to watch.

Then the display page will open. Click the “Play” icon in the middle of the video (repeatedly) until it starts. If an ad page opens, just close it.

Please note that the quality of the stream depends on your Internet connection. If it is bad, the video will cut off from time to time and you will have to wait for it to load.

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