What is Windows 10 Lite? How to Download and Install on any PC

What is Windows 10 Lite? How to Download and Install on any PC

What is Windows 10 Lite? How to Download and Install on any PC -Windows 10 is undoubtedly a great operating system. However, with the release of Windows 10 Lite, you can still have all the advantages of Microsoft’s operating system due to its low-specification features and performance settings.

Although many other people want to try this new version of Windows but do not know how to install it, even having Windows 10 Pro product key in hand, therefore, this article will help you give a quick rundown of installing Windows 10 Lite OS on your computer. It will also cover what this new operating system offers and whether it’s a viable option for your computer needs compared with other operating systems.

Note: This is not an official version of Windows 10 but a slimmed-down version without all the bloat.

What is Windows 10 Lite?

Windows 10 Lite is an elegant, smooth, and fast version of Windows 10 that helps you take advantage of your favorite Windows features. Its lightweight nature gives you access to all of the essential features in Windows 10 but is specifically designed for devices with limited storage, memory, and processor resources.

It is a great choice for people who want to get the most out of their windows 10 experience but do not want to sacrifice performance or features.

Download Windows 10 Lite

So, now that you know what Windows 10 Lite is and its essential features let’s hop into how you can download the ISO and get your system up and running.

Features of Windows 10 Lite OS

Windows 10 Lite

When it comes to features, Windows 10 lite OS comes with more or less the same features and reliability as its heavier counterparts (Windows 10 Home, Pro, and Education Edition) without the bloat. Here’s a quick roundup of its key features:

  • Improved boot times- Reduced boot times on startup and shutdown, in addition to overall system performance.
  • Better network connectivity- A better network connectivity because of the faster WiFi and Bluetooth connection, as well as improved Ethernet support.
  • Advanced security settings- With Windows 10 Lite OS, you get advanced security settings for stronger protection against viruses and malware, including Windows Defender.
  • Clean user interface- A clean and well-organized interface makes Windows 10 Lite OS a pleasure to use.
  • Enhanced system compatibility- Windows 10 Lite OS offers enhanced system compatibility with both 64-bit and 32-bit systems.
  • Includes .NET Framework 3.5- Windows 10 Lite includes .NET Framework 3.5, which allows you to run applications that depend on this framework.
  • Boosted for gaming experience- The gaming experience of Windows 10 Lite is boosted with the inclusion of features like Game Bar and Game Mode.
  • Resize app icons- You can resize your app icons to make room for new software or adjust them to suit your style.
  • Dolby Atmos supported- Along with the most-wanted features of Windows 10, Lite OS also includes Dolby Atmos and Dolby Access.
  • Include Window & Groove Media Player- The OS comes with a full-function Window & Groove Media Player to make sure you can play any video format without needing additional software.
  • Latest Internet Explorer browser- Brings in all the latest features of Internet Explorer 11 while providing a better web experience and faster download speeds.
  • New Task Manager- With the new task manager, you can easily manage, monitor, and control your apps’ CPU usage.
  • Photo editor & photo viewer- Windows 10 OS also packs a photo editor & viewer that allows you to edit your photos in advanced ways and provides many popular editing tools.
  • Security and patch updates- Most importantly, it includes free ongoing security updates and patches to keep your operating system running smoothly and securely.
  • Notification toggle- It also includes a notification toggle for easy toggling on and off notifications of specific apps.
  • MS Store- With the Microsoft store, you can access a growing collection of apps, games, and a full range of Windows apps.
  • StartIsBack Integrated- It is integrated well with Windows 10 Lite OS and gives you the familiar Start Menu and Taskbar of Windows 7 and 8.
  • Focus Assist- With Focus Assist, you can set your device to ignore notifications while concentrating on another task.
  • VLC player Included- It is further compatible with VLC for high-quality multi-media playback with VLC player capability.
  • Dark theme- Last but not least, Windows 10 lite OS also brings the dark theme feature for an easy viewing experience.

Although it is a fully functional operating system, you might miss some of the popular Windows 10 features like Cortana, Feedback Hub, Action Centre, Microsoft Edge, and lesser useful features.

How to Install Windows 10 Lite OS?

Since Windows 10 Lite is a cut-down version of Windows 10, the installation process is the same as any other windows installation.

  1. Download the Windows 10 Lite OS ISO file from any trusted source.
  2. Make a bootable USB or DVD using burning software.
  3. Boot from the USB drive or DVD and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. After installation completes, reboot your PC to save the necessary changes.

Windows 10 Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements for Windows 10 Lite OS are similar to those of Windows7 or 8.1, but there are some key differences. Here are the minimum requirements to run Windows 10 Lite:

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or SoC (System-on-a-Chip)

Memory: 1 GB for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit

Disk Space: Minimum of 16 GB

Graphics card: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver

Seeing the requirements, we can say Windows 10 Lite OS is a lightweight operating system that can help you eke out a little more performance out of any low specced computer. However, you shouldn’t go for this OS if you plan on using your computer for demanding tasks like heavy gaming or video editing.

Why should you use Lite instead of Windows 10?

The main reason behind this is that it allows users to get their hands on a feature-packed operating system without having to shell out a single dime for it. In addition, unlike regular Windows 10, which gets slower over time due to all the bloatware and a huge extensive array of features, this version stays fast without being bogged down by unnecessary features. So if you’re looking for a lightweight OS, this can be your go-to operating system.

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