15 Best Chrome Extensions For SEO and Digital Marketing

Best Chrome Extensions For SEO

15 Best Chrome Extensions For SEO and Digital Marketing – Those involved in digital marketing know very well: to be competitive you need to constantly keep up. But digital marketing is a constantly evolving sector. Luckily, there are Chrome extensions designed specifically for digital professionals.

Best Chrome Extensions For SEO, Digital Marketing, and Social Media Marketing

Thanks to this you will always be sure to stay up to date on what’s new in the digital world. So here are 15 Chrome extensions that will help you be more efficient. To these tools we owe both the merit of simplifying the work of marketers, and constant updating based on the latest trends.

5 Best Chrome Extensions For SEO

The first five Chrome extensions that we are going to analyze are especially useful for those who deal with SEO, or search engine optimization. Thanks to these tools, you will always have under control the keywords to use, your position in the SERP, the metrics related to your website.

Google SERP counter

The first Chrome extension (also available for Firefox) that I recommend is Google SERP counter . The tool is very useful because it allows you to check the SERP position of the desired website . Thanks to this extension, you will be able to save time and check the position in the SERP of the website you are dealing with in a few moments.

Ahrefs Toolbar

Ahrefs Toolbar  will also save you time, as it allows you to keep SEO reports of the web pages you visit. The Toolbar can detect link errors, nofollow links and the number of backlinks. This extension also calculates the Domain Authority of the site you are visiting, as well as the estimate of its organic traffic . 


The Mozbar extension helps SEO specialists with customized searches, information on metrics and Domain Authority, comparisons between web pages . It also allows you to export all the analyzes conducted, to have them available even outside the use of the Chrome extension.

Page Analytics

Your SEO analysis will be further simplified thanks to Page Analytics , the Chrome extension that provides you with information on user behavior. Thanks to Page Analytics, in fact, we can immediately view the average viewing time, the number of visits, the bounce rate, active users in real time .

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

Finally, among the Chrome extensions that cannot be missing on your PC if you deal with SEO, we have Google PageSpeed . Thanks to this extension, you will be able to check the speed of your web pages in real time . And, as you know, loading speed is crucial, both to make the user experience better and to rank your website.

5 Best Chrome Extensions For Social Media Marketing

Let’s now analyze the most useful Chrome extensions for those who manage social accounts. If you are a Social Media Manager, thanks to these tools you will be able to view metrics and performance of the content shared by the accounts you are currently managing.


Thanks to the BuzzSumo extension, it is possible to analyze the number of shares of a post and its involvement . The tool, which allows you to monitor the main social media, therefore allows us to analyze and identify which, among the posts shared, are those that have registered the greatest number of interactions by users.


If you are looking for an extension to help you find the best hashtags, RiteTag is the tool for you. This extension serves to suggest the most popular hashtags in real time . This way you can select the ones that are relevant to your posts, in order to add them to your captions to increase the visibility of the post.


With Postcron you can easily keep all the social accounts you manage updated. This extension, in fact, allows you to publish posts directly on multiple social networks , as well as to plan the contents to be shared, setting the day and time of sharing.

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Using Riffle , you can access the statistics of every active user on Twitter . In this way, you will be able to keep an eye on your competitors and find out which posts and hashtags have allowed you to get the most interactions.


This Chrome extension, also useful if you manage a blog, allows you to schedule your posts in detail . Therefore, it is very useful to have your social editorial plan always at hand.

5 Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketing

To conclude, here is a list of five other Chrome extensions that will come in handy if you are involved in digital marketing at various levels. From the screenshot tool to the grammar checker, let’s analyze these tools together that will allow you to save time and optimize your work.


This Chrome extension is not only useful for those involved in digital marketing. It can happen to everyone, in fact, to have to take a screenshot. In this case, Lightshot allows us to do it in a quick and personalized way: it is in fact possible to extract the shot of the entire page, or of a selected area of ​​the web page we are visiting.


Need to email someone but don’t know their address? With Hunter ‘s help , you can find it! The extension is used to identify the e-mail address of any website you are visiting . Even this tool is not only designed for those involved in Digital Marketing, but can prove useful in various situations.


Grammarly is one of the best known and most used Chrome extensions, and it will surely help you if you are into copywriting. The tool allows you to find (and correct) any errors in our texts . In addition, the extension analyzes the text at various levels. The readability metric is very useful, which indicates the level of difficulty of the text we have written.

Headline Studio

Another Chrome extension that will surely be highly appreciated by those who deal with copy is Headline Studio . It is a tool that allows you to analyze the titles we have written, not only at the SEO level. The extension analyzes the titles and suggests changes to make them more appealing.


We conclude our roundup of Chrome extensions useful for those involved in Digital marketing with Boomerang . It is a tool that helps write better emails using artificial intelligence . It also allows you to keep track of the e-mails received, so as not to lose even one accidentally, thanks to the possibility of setting reminders for sending

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