What’s better, Spotify or YouTube music? 2023

What's better, Spotify or YouTube music? 2022

What’s better, Spotify or YouTube music? Why? – Which is the best music streaming service?Spotify is currently the biggest music streaming service, with a 10-year history, however, promising new services have been emerging, including YouTube MusicTo try to dethrone Spotify, Google (the owner of YouTube) has prepared a very tempting offer.

In this article, we will analyze the advantages presented by each service, and if it is really worth switching from one to the other. Check out the Spotify vs YouTube Music review .

What’s better, Spotify or YouTube music? 2023

The duel of the titans!

Spotify, due to its antiquity, already has millions of loyal users, but a lot is also due to the improvement they always make to the product, so that the user experience is even better.

YouTube, on the other hand, has always been focused on the videos themselves, not on streaming music. So there is still a long way to go. Despite this, the emergence of YouTube has brought great growth to music, and that’s why YouTube Music makes perfect sense. They have been working directly with record companies, which can be challenging for Spotify in that regard.

Now the big question, who wins the Spotify vs YouTube Music duel ? That’s what we’re going to see right away. Check out!

Spotify vs YouTube Music

Both Spotify and YouTube have been in the market for a long time, which shows the great professionalism of both. But when it comes to streaming music, who will be better? Let’s analyze in detail everything associated with them in this duel of the titans: Spotify vs YouTube Music !

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When we think of analyzing offers for the same service from different operators, regardless of the service, the first thing we think about is the cost associated with them. Each one has a price, and that counts in the final decision.

Both music streaming platforms offer the possibility of free usage. However, it is subject to certain limitations other than having constant ads while using it.


Spotify offers a premium service that allows you to bypass ads and skip songs as often as you like, as well as use the service in offline mode. This service costs $9.99 per month. The first month can test for free.

If you have a large family, Spotify offers a very advantageous family plan. This plan costs $15.99/month and allows six users to use the service.

A big plus of Spotify is that it offers a student plan for half the price of the premium plan.

YouTube Music

It couldn’t be different, because YouTube Music came to fight Spotify. That’s why they follow the same pricing line as the music streaming king. The value is set at  $9.99. The family plan, like Spotify, has a monthly cost of $17.99 per month but is exclusive to six users under the age of 13 and up and with a Gmail account.

As with Spotify, on YouTube Music premium plan ads are removed and you can listen to songs offline. The big difference is that the latter also offers services for YouTube Premium for extra money.


In addition to price, when evaluating two operators for the same service, content is also taken into account. After all, we always have to evaluate the quantity/price relationship. In the case of Spotify vs YouTube Music, the music library is important.

The content offered varies from user to user, because the content is filtered by your preferences. For this reason, when choosing the best music streaming service, most users do not give much weight to the music library.


Spotify currently has over 82 million unique songs, podcasts, and videos. We can say that there is music for all tastes.

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YouTube Music

Even though Spotify has been around longer, YouTube Music has more options. This one offers official albums and songs, and is the one that offers the highest number of clips, although other services also offer, but in much smaller numbers.

One advantage is that it allows users to consume audio from videos that already exist on YouTube.


Music lovers cannot do without a sound quality review in this Spotify vs YouTube Music duel . Although we are not analyzing other streaming services, we can’t help but say that if the subject is sound quality, the big winner is, by far, Tidal – here’s the tip. 😉


The premium plan offers up to 320 kbps quality in OGG file format. The free plan limits you to 192 kbps.

YouTube Music

Despite being at the beginning, and the trend is to improve in this sense, YouTube Music has a much lower quality than Spotify, approximately Youtube Music is capped at 256kbps.

New kinds of music

Some people limit themselves to listening to the songs they like the most, and that’s why they feel satisfied to have a playlist with their songs. However, other people are always happy to discover new music, other music styles, and different artists. Who will win this question in the Spotify vs YouTube Music duel ? We’ll see!


Spotify has great quality algorithms. Every week you get an icon based on your music history, as well as users with similar tastes, to generate Discover Weekly.

It also has a Daily Mix that gathers some songs that you may like according to the different styles of music you usually listen to. Here are songs from artists you like, but also from new artists who fit into this style.

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This platform also allows you to create a playlist that leads you to discover new music. You can find several playlists that focus on activities such as training, walking, and relaxing, among others.

YouTube Music

The mechanism used by YouTube Music is a little different, taking into account that it is governed by Google search and YouTube recommendations. That’s why this music streaming service can, yes, rival the great Spotify.

Music can perfectly know what your tastes are through your account that is linked to Google. It also has an option to discover new music, new artists and music styles on Your Mixtape.


Browsing on these two platforms is very different, so if you already use Spotify, browsing YouTube Music may be quite strange.


The search tool is easy to find and is in a separate tab, which makes it easier to find a specific song or artist. You can create playlists from scratch and you can listen to the songs in the background even in the free version.

YouTube Music

Unlike Spotify, the search tool is not easy to find. She finds herself in a magnifying glass icon. There is no separate tab, but this icon appears on all tabs.

Creating playlists is as simple as Spotify. Just access the “Library” – “Playlists” menu. Tap the “Create New Playlist” button and give it a name and privacy (private or public)

Another disadvantage of YouTube Music is that on the free plan you can’t listen to music in the background, which forces you to keep the screen on the app.

Spotify vs YouTube Music Duel Winner

After analyzing all the relevant aspects of this Spotify vs YouTube Music duel, after all, which is the better of the two?

Well, it’s still a little premature, considering that YouTube Music is still a “child” in Spotify’s eyes. But the truth is that Spotify remains the one with the most quality. With a history in the market since 2008, Spotify knew its audience and met the expectations of users.

The trend is that the competition between the two will make the music streaming service improve even more, and Spotify will not be left behind in this race.

Even so, we cannot deny that YouTube Music has arrived with the ability to take on the hitherto king of music streaming. It also has the advantage of being able to use YouTube in the same place, which does not happen on any other platform.

Another advantage of YouTube Music is that it allows you to listen to the audio of the videos, and therefore a greater amount of content.

As we can see, both offer the same service, with one offering higher quality in certain aspects, and the other offering higher quality in others. For example, Spotify is more assertive in recommending the songs you would like to hear, whereas YouTube Music has a much larger collection of content.

These are just a few examples that show us that sometimes saying that one is better than the other becomes unfair, mainly because the user experience is different.

The winner of the Spotify vs YouTube Music duel can only be defined by you, who have your own preferences

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