WhatsApp Lite APK Download Latest Version 2023

WhatsApp Lite APK

WhatsApp Lite APK Download Latest Version 2023Lite or light editions of various popular applications are indeed a trend, YouTube and Tiktok are examples. Both have lite versions of their respective apps.

Unfortunately, there is still no WhatsApp Lite developed by WhatsApp. The existing WA Lite, is a mod WA application.

WA Lite is an original WA application that has been successfully modified in such a way that it can run smoothly on Android phones with low specifications.

As the name implies, the WA Lite application is indeed suitable for use by original WA users who complain that the application is heavy when running.

Not only lightweight, WA Lite also provides several extra features that are not found in the original WA application.

One of the extra features that are there is to extend the duration of the WA status from 24 hours to 48 hours. There are extra features there, making WhatsApp Lite a recommended WA mod .

Explanation About WhatsApp Lite

What exactly makes the latest WhatsApp Lite attractive and sought after by many people? The answer is very simple. WA Lite offers light and fast use of the WhatsApp application.

The size of this application is small. In addition, there is a feature that allows users not to directly download the .

This prevents WA from working and burdens system performance (RAM) on Android phones. As a result, system performance remains fast even when WA is used.

Of course, slow WA problems can only be experienced by cellphones with low specifications. Using WA Lite can be a solution to this problem.

For those who don’t have performance problems when using the original WA, WA Lite provides several interesting features that are guaranteed to make you curious about the WA mod application.

WA Lite provides several features that many original WA users are looking for and haven’t found there yet.

Latest Premium WhatsApp Lite Apk Features

What are the extra interesting features in the old version of WhatsApp Lite ? Find and see the answer in the Techjustify article below.

1. WhatsApp Lite Apk Mod Light and Fast

The developers from WA Lite managed to make modifications that made WA Lite able to appear light and fast. The WA Lite size was successfully reduced to just 5 MB.

With this size, it is highly believed that cellphones with low specifications will have no difficulty storing and running WhatsApp.

Apart from being light and fast, WA Lite also turns out to be able to appear stable. The app is stable and doesn’t have any issues.

One of the reasons why WA Lite is able to work light and fast is that files sent to your account will not be downloaded and appear immediately, but are waiting for your approval first.

2. WA Lite Apk Mod Can Modify Notifications

WA Lite provides a variety of features that allow you to make various changes to the notification feature.

In WA Lite you can hide the notification icon in the status bar , you can hide the launcher icon and notification icon with the icon you want, and turn off audio playback notifications.

3. The WA Lite Mod application makes WA status longer

WA Lite allows its users to create statuses of a longer duration. You can create a status with a duration of up to 48 hours, aka 2 days.

You also have the ability to create video stories with a longer duration without being cut off at all.

4. WA Lite Apk Can Send More Files

WA Lite provides better file sharing features than the original WA. You can upload photos and videos up to 260MB in size.

Apart from that, you can also send up to 100 files at one time. This sharing feature makes WhatsApp a good file sharing medium.

5. WA Lite Mod Apk Free and No R00t

You can use WhatsApp Lite for free without any requirements. You can easily find this application on the internet.

You can install and use WA Lite without going through the root process first. This keeps the system from the Android cellphone used safe and undisturbed.

Link Download WhatsApp Lite Mod APK Latest Version 2023

After listening to all the interesting features in the WhatsApp Lite mod apk, it’s only natural that you want to immediately download WA Lite 2021 or better, namely the newest WA Lite version 2023.

WA Lite, which is an APK application for Android, is not available on the Google Play Store, but it is here.

NoWhatsApp Lite Mod APK
Size5 MB
Operating systemAndroid 5.0 and above
Link Download” HERE “

To download the application, you can tap the download link provided in the table.

There, you only need to follow the available download procedure and download it to your Android phone.

The WA Lite available above is the newest version of WA Lite, to be exact, WA Lite version 6.20.

WA Lite Mod Application Installation Tutorial on iOS and Android

Download WhatsApp Lite pc for free successfully done. Now, it’s time to install the application. How to install WA Lite Mod APK is not much different from how to install APK applications in general.

You must activate the Unknown Sources option so you can install the WA Lite application on your Android phone.

Follow these steps to install WA Lite Mod APK.

  • Backup WA chat data if needed.
  • Uninstall the previously installed WA Lite (if available).
  • Make sure you have downloaded the latest WA Lite Mod APK .
  • Open the Settings menu .
  • Then open the Security menu .
  • Look for and enable the Unknown Sources option .
  • Open and install the previously downloaded WA Lite Mod APK .
  • Wait until the installation is complete.
  • The latest WA Lite Mod APK is ready to use.

You can now install the latest version of WhatsApp Lite on your Android phone. If an installation failure occurs, pay attention again if there is a process that was missed.

You can open all the features in the application in the Settings menu. WA Lite has the same look and way of working as the original WhatsApp.

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Disadvantages WhatsApp Lite Mod Application

Even though it has many advantages, the WhatsApp Lite application turns out to have some disadvantages. The deficiencies that exist in the application can be said to be a consideration for potential users.

Here are some of the shortcomings in the WA Lite Mod APK application that you must know about.

Security Risk

WA Lite is a modified application that has a security risk. APK applications and modifications are indeed included in the category of applications that must be watched out for.

Apps of this kind can spread something dangerous. You must understand this and must be able to anticipate these risks.


Even though it is equipped with an anti-ban feature, WhatsApp Lite is still not immune from the possibility of getting banned. So continue to always be aware of anything.

If you get banned, you will lose or even no longer be able to access your WA account. The losses that you will get can be very large.

The flaws in the WhatsApp Lite Mod APK can be things that make you alert and careful when using the application.

It’s best if you only use WA Lite once in a while. Always backup important chats and content on WA so that when you get hit by a data ban, you’re always safe.

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