7 Best AI Video Editors (Text to Video) in 2023

best ai video editor

Best AI Video Editor – To create a simple video, you need to come up with ideas, write scripts and record videos, insert audio into videos… these operations take a lot of time. To help users create videos with simple ideas in a few minutes, a library of tips will show you how to create videos with AI text for free on computers and phones.

Best AI Video Editor

Depending on the purpose and quality of the video (audio, video resolution, effects), users can choose the following AI video creation applications.

Synthesia – The best AI video creation software

If you want the most complete, professional text-to-video conversion, then Synthesia is the best application available today. Some of the key features that Synthesia supports include:

Supports more than 125 lifelike AI avatars to narrate your scenario like a real MC on TV. These virtual MCs have many faces and genders as diverse as Asians, Europeans, Africans, etc.

Supports more than 120 languages, including Vietnamese language, more than 400 different voices for you to easily convert text into voiceovers and insert into videos.

Many video templates available: Users will easily create videos with easy-to-use video templates such as templates for promotional videos, sales presentations, training videos, introductions, etc.

Convert any blog post, PDF, article or email into high quality video in minutes.

How to create videos with AI text on Synthesia

Step 1: You open the following link to start creating videos with AI on Synthesia:https://www.synthesia.io/free-ai-video-demo#OptimizedForSharing

Step 2: Choose 1 of 5 video templates available for free, because it is a trial version, Synthesia is limited to only 5 video samples. If you upgrade to the pro version there will be up to 55 video templates.

Available video templates include promotional video templates, product introduction videos, review videos, tutorial clips.

Step 3: Enter the video script in the box ”EDIT YOUR VIDEO SCRIPT“, remember to enter the video script in detail so that the Synthesia application creates the clip according to that idea.

Finally, click Continuetocontinue.

Step 4: Customize and edit: We can change colors, shapes, fonts, add transition effects, background music, upload photos, images and sounds that we want to this ai video.

Finally, download the video to your computer or share it with your friends.

GliaCloud AI Video Maker App

We can use AI text video creation using GliaCloud app. This app will seamlessly create professional-looking videos from existing text content in minutes. You do not need to have a lot of knowledge about video editing skills, video trimming. Just upload your article or post the article URL and it will automatically create the most engaging, professional video.

The main features that the GliaCloud application supports:

  • Supports resizing, video frames without reducing that video resolution.
  • Change the size, text color, subtitles inserted into the video as you like.
  • Many impressive transition effects.
  • Support text-to-speech with professional AI technology.
  • Support creating videos by script, by any article link.

Reference link:https://www.gliacloud.com/

InVideo Online AI video creation software

InVideo is a professional AI video creation software and has been used by many people in recent times. InVideo makes it easy to create quality videos in minutes using pre-designed templates and professional animations.

How to create a video with AI text on App InVideo, users just need to add the text, the scenario they want to create the video, choose an available clip template suitable for the scenario, the rest InVideo will help you complete that video.

Some of the key features include:

  • Record voiceovers for your videos or simply convert text to speech right in the InVideo app.
  • Convert any text, url to video in minutes using InVideo’s AI feature.
  • Video can be automatically resized to any aspect ratio for posting on any social media platform.
  • Support to create self-introduction videos, promotional videos, product demo videos, happy birthday clips… with just a few simple steps.
  • You can access the application, select a video template, enter the content you want to create a video and edit the clip as you like. The InVideo Free version supports creating free clips with a maximum length of 40 minutes.

Application Link:https://invideo.io/

Synths Video Automatic video creation application

How to create videos with text AI on Synths Video assists users in creating natural-looking lip movements based on words in the user’s text. And because everything is automated, the video is created with full professional sound and visual effects.

Simply write your blog post to Synths Video and it will convert that text into a compelling video in just a few minutes.

Note: Currently Vietnamese users are blocked from accessing the video creation application by AI on Synths Video, you can use software tochange the IP addressto access it if there is an error.

Application Link:https://synths.video/

Veed IO AI video creation application

Veed.io is an AI Online video creation application, it supports users in many ways to create fast and beautiful clips. You can choose a template based on your industry, style, and preferences. With Veed.io we can create AI videos in minutes with no experience or design skills required.

Videos are automatically generated based on content, scripts, users can customize the videos to match their brand identity and style.

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Some of the key features include:

  • The video quality created by Veed.io has high resolution, supporting exporting many different video formats.
  • Support creating and translating multi-language subtitles by AI.
  • The feature of recording the computer screen, the phone then uses AI technology to edit the complete video.
  • Cross-platform live streaming or podcast recording with guests. Then turn the video into short clips.

Application Link:https://www.veed.io/


Ever wished you could easily convert long text or video content into short videos to post on tiktok? Pictory will help you do just that with just a few clicks.

Users just need to upload their text or long video and Pictory will turn it into a short, engaging video, perfect for sharing on Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

A few key features that Pictory supports:

  • Automatically add captions to videos: Pictory automatically adds subtitles to your videos quickly, easily and accurately.
  • Pictory uses AI technology to automatically create videos with text exactly what you need.

Application link:https://pictory.ai/


One of the most popular ways to create videos with AI text is the studio.d-id tool. You can combine it with appsthat create visuals with text, then script on ChatGPT and finally get the studio.d-id app to create videos.

Application link:https://studio.d-id.com/

These are 7 ways to create videos with AI text for free, create high-resolution videos, the easiest to use 2023.

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