Why can’t I save folders in Windows 10 and how to fix it?

Why can't I save folders in Windows 10 and how to fix it?

Why can’t I save folders in Windows 10 and how to fix it? – Microsoft, without a doubt, is one of the most powerful companies that offer us the best solutions and innovations with all the products, programs and services it offers. 

Windows, together with its innumerable updates, is one of them, where we highlight Windows 10 as one of the recent ones.

It has an extensive system, structure and components that make it unique, with new functions that facilitate and optimize the hard work of users, with an easy-to-understand and manipulate scheme.

Windows 10 tries to adjust to users instead of users to adapt to it, it is the particularity and easy understanding in terms of its use,

It also offers much more advanced and detailed desktop customization making it more attractive, you can also create folders and change the image of the icon or the colors to the one of your preference.

Although it is true that Microsoft tries to maintain the order and administration of which objects, data or files have access to the system folders, that is why it manages a security policy from ‘Defender’, called ‘Controlled access to folders‘ ,

Which allows you to control the entry of malicious content, files or applications, with viruses, malware or Trojans that may affect your operating system.

  1.  What are the main reasons why you cannot save folders to the desktop?
    1.  Prevent access by malicious services
    2.  Control and administration of who enters the folders
  2.  How to change Windows security settings to be able to save folders on the desktop?
    1.  From the Windows 10 search engine
    2.  From the ‘Settings’ option

What are the main reasons why you cannot save folders to the desktop?

If you wonder why Windows prevents you can save folders on the desktop, know the main reasons why this happens and how to solve it, read on and learn to identify the reason for this:

Prevent access by malicious services

One of the reasons why it prevents you from saving folders is when there is the presence of a malicious file , virus or malware, it also happens with spyware and adware in Microsoft Windows 10.

The presence of one of these threats puts at risk the integrity of your documents, information and the data that you store on your computer,

It is for this reason that the blocking of data access to the folder is imminent when you feel the presence of a malicious file.

Windows Defender is undoubtedly the protector that Windows brings by default and the user can manipulate the settings to their liking,

To guarantee the protection of their folders and files, more, however, when it comes to protecting against viruses and spyware,

It is It is advisable to purchase an antivirus, the purpose of which is to fully secure your computer and the software from a malicious file.

Control and administration of who enters the folders

It is possible to take control of access to your documents or folders, and even what can be saved within them,

For this we can privatize our account and create a Guest account where only other invited or family users and these users can access.

They will not be able to make any changes or add or remove anything regarding the guest account to which they have access.

Why can't I save folders in Windows 10 and how to fix it?

In the same way, it is necessary to know that windows offers a very basic protection system to protect your files,

With this it is expressed that, a simple password to protect the access to your user account is not enough to the risks that exist regarding the hackers and theft, for this reason

It is necessary to know that there is another very viable method to protect your folders.

Therefore, if you want to add even more protection to your files, you can choose the option of creating a password for the folders that contain the documents or files that you want to protect, this is very simple and you just have to do the following:

  • Select the folder you want to protect, right click to open the options menu.
  • Subsequently, click on ‘properties’ in the window that opens you must select the ‘general’ tab
  • Then you click on the ‘advanced’ option after that, hook the option ‘encrypt content to protect data’ and confirm by clicking ‘ok’ and it will use your Windows username and password to enter it.

How to change Windows security settings to be able to save folders on the desktop?

In order to change the security settings so that Windows allows you to save the folders you want on your desktop, you can do it this way:

can't I save folders in Windows

From the Windows 10 search engine

To be able to do it from the search engine, you must first type Windows Security in the search box and then select Windows Security. Once the Windows Security window is open, select Virus and threat protection and then, under Virus and threat protection settings, choose to Manage settings and disable.

From the ‘Settings’ option

  • We click on Start
  • Then click on Settings
  • Later we select ‘Update and security – Windows Security’:
  • Once inside we click on the option ‘Protection against viruses and threats’ and this opens the Windows Security console
  • ‘Manage settings’ in the section ‘Virus and threat protection settings’
  • We go to the ‘Controlled folder access’ section, click on ‘Manage controlled folder access ‘ and validate that the switch is disabled:

Once this is done, we will ensure that windows do not prevent us from accessing our desktop folders and even allows us to save files in it. 

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