10 Best WordPress Magazine Themes 2024

Top 10 Best WordPress Magazine Themes 2022

10 Best WordPress Magazine Themes – Are you looking for thebest WordPress Magazine templateto create an online magazine or digital newspaper? In today’s article, we bring you a list of the most popular and best-selling of 2024.

And it is thatWordPress templateshave become so flexible that they make the task of creating a website in ashort time easier, offering you the possibility of using their prefabricated demos to simply change the example content for your own with a few clicks. , or if you prefer, create your website from scratch with the layout designers that they bring.

However,there are a lotof WordPress themes for news and magazines on the market. In fact, there are so many and for so many different themes, that we recommend you take a look at these links:

With so many options you are probably wondering, “which of the WordPress templates to create a digital newspaper is the most suitable for me?”. Stay to read this article and find out with us!


  • Best WordPress Magazine Templates
    • NewsMag – The themeforest bestseller
    • PenNews – The typical news magazine
    • Gridlove – An Original and Modern News WordPress Theme
    • MagPlus – The classic digital newspaper
    • JNews – A modern magazine WordPress theme with many demos
    • Zox News – One of the most powerful free wordpress digital newspaper templates
    • Jannah News – Simple but effective
    • Gillion – A Modular WordPress Magazine Template
    • Stack – Multipurpose with various magazine demos
    • The Ark – A WordPress theme with more than 300 different designs
  • Free VS Paid WordPress Digital Newspaper Templates

Best WordPress Magazine Templates

We have compiled the best WordPress themes for news that will serve as a reference to help you decide which is the best template for you.Let’s start with the best seller of 2024.

NewsMag – The themeforest bestseller

As you can see in this link , NewsMag is focused on people who want to create avery modern digital magazine with many possibilities, since you can choose between almost infinite designs and structures to display your news.

Another of the things that make this WordPress template to create a magazine one of my favorites is that it has more than 14 magazine-type magazines already made for you to use the one you like the most and that comes with the WordPress plugin. the most popular visual layout of all:Visual Composer.

  • Technology Magazine.
  • Sports Magazine.
  • Digital car magazine.
  • Traditional newspaper.
  • Recipes and cooking magazine
  • And much more.

Thanks to this, you will simply have to choosethe one that best suits your styleand start changing the sample news and photos for your own.

As well as changing the colors, fonts, and distribution of the content. And it is that one of the strengths of this template is alarge number of customization options.

If I had to put a downside to this WordPress theme for Magazine, it is that having so many options, it will take a while to leave it 100% to your liking and you must have the documentation at hand to find out where everything is.


PenNews – The typical news magazine

This theme developed by PencilDesign is in its version 6, integrating compatibility with WordPress 5 and Gutenberg. Its premise is that you won’t need to know anything about code to put together a magazine-type websitein just a few clicks.

Top 10 Best WordPress Magazine Themes 2022 - PenNews – The typical news magazine

When you buy this magazine-style WordPress theme, you also get several premium plugins: Revolution Slider, WPBakery (with some extra plugins) and Advanced Custom Field Pro.

But, without a doubt, one of the best features is itsmigration plugin, since it allows you to pass your data (post, images, etc)from any template to thisone. Thanks to this, if you are redesigning your news website with WordPress, PenNews is a great option for you.

It is compatible with theYoast SEOplugin and supports technologies likeGoogle’s AMPandFacebook’s Instant Articles. It is also developed to handle high user traffic and achieve a good load time (85% in PageSpeed ​​and 99% in GTmetrix).

PenNews offers you compatibility with WooCommerce (if you have plans to create an online store in the future), the possibility of translating it with WPML or Polylang, and it is adapted to the RGPD law.


Gridlove – An Original and Modern News WordPress Theme

Gridlove isone of my latest discoveries. This WordPress template for modern blogs or newspapers is a great option if you are looking for alot of design possibilitiesinstead of just having the classic news layout in boxes.

Top 10 Best WordPress Magazine Themes 2022 - Gridlove – An Original and Modern News WordPress Theme

You can choose to display the news in sliders, in a grid with different structures, in lists with and without photos, in masonry format, in columns of 1 to 6 posts… The possibilities are enormous.

And if you want to insert advertising or some type of banner to promote something, Gridlove comes ready to easily configure your advertising banners by changing the ones that come by default with your own.

It is also optimized forWordPress 5and has an infinite scroll function so that your reader does not have the need to use the pagination function andthus spend more time reading on your website.

It has a very good rating on Pingdom (96/100), thanks to the fact that it is optimized to have a good loading time, it even allows you to implement sticky sidebars or switch between its multiple layouts for your articles.

As for the footer and header, you can choose the header or footer design that you like the most, it is also compatible with WooCommerce, bbPress, and WPML, and includes 4 pagination styles and the ease of being able to implement the RGPD law (General Regulation Data Protection).


MagPlus – The classic digital newspaper

MagPlus seeks to give you all the tools you need without having to install third-party plugins, except for the ones that come by default: Visual Composer, Social Jumbo Pack, Viral Quiz, and Yellow Pencil. It is also in this super list thanks to itsgood rating in the Pingdom speed test.

MagPlus – The classic digital newspaper 1

Another thing that makes this WordPress news theme so popular in 2024 is the large number of demo magazines that are included for free:more than 40 to base your design on.

And if that wasn’t enough, it provides you with 25 article layouts, 12 different header styles, 20 slider types, and over 150 ready-to-use elements to create the WordPress digital magazine or newspaper of your dreams. All these features make MagPlus one of thebest WordPress magazine templates.


JNews – A modern magazine WordPress theme with many demos

This template uses theElementor plugin to layoutthe pages that you create in WordPress, includes a live editor (Live Style Editor), and hasmore than 140 demosthat you can automatically import in just 1 step, selecting the one you like the most.

It is compatible with Gutenberg, AMP and you can configure it so that your website adapts to the RGPD law (General Data Protection Regulation) and thus not have problems with European laws.

It includes several cool features such as floating videos, a gallery where you can insert ads, and a migration plugin that imports your data from other templates into JNews.


Zox News – One of the most powerful free wordpress digital newspaper templates

Enter the category of WordPress themes for news thanks to its 8 demos focused on giving your articles the best look, and 2 dedicated designs for those who have multimedia content (YouTube, Vimeo or their own videos).

You can usemore than 800 fonts from Google Fontsand it is an optimized template for SEO, in addition to being 100% responsive even on retina devices; You can even set up yourGoogle Adsense adsvery fast.

It has support in case you need to integrate Google AMP in your magazine. Zox News is perfectly combined with WooCommerce and WPML plugins (for website translation).


Jannah News – Simple but effective

In its version 3, Jannah News brings us a WordPress theme to create a very modern magazine that wants to compete in the ranking of thebest WordPress templates for digital news and newspapers of this 2024, presenting a block style for articles, AMP support and a menu optimized for phones.

Jannah News – Simple but effective 1

It has itsown layoutwith more than 40 pre-designed widgets, 15 slider designs and a library with more than 800 fonts from Google Fonts and 150 from FontFace. Additionally, it has several demos ready to install.

Jannah News adapts its design if you want to use Buddy Press or bbPress (to create your own social network or news forum optionally) and also integrates easily with WooCommerce and is fully optimized for mobile devices.

Something that I really liked about this theme for magazine is that it has aplugin that detects when your reader is using AdBlock Plus,so that it notifies them to deactivate it on your site and thus see the advertising.


Gillion – A Modular WordPress Magazine Template

If you want to have a lot of freedom when creating your magazine or news site in WordPress, Gillion is a very good alternative thanks to thelarge number of different strips or modules.

Gillion – A Modular WordPress Magazine Template

Its page builder is WPBakery and it has15 demosthat you can install when you need it. However, it comes with alibrary of modulesso that you can place your articles with different designs and thus stack them completely to your liking.

In addition, you have the possibility of integrating galleries, videos, audios, quotes or reviews into your articles and it has several pre-designed header designs (side, with advertising and hamburger menu). By purchasing Gillion you will get lifetime updates, the Revolution Slider plugin and various video tutorials.


Stack – Multipurpose with various magazine demos

Although it is true that it is not a Magazine WordPress template, Stack has several demos that make it agreat optionfor this type of website and that is why we carry contained it in this collection.

Top 10 Best WordPress Magazine Themes 2022 - Stack – Multipurpose with various magazine demos

Its page layout is Variant andit has more than 280 elements, which are perfect if you have in mind amagazine with a modular design. Its design adapts perfectly to any device you use, it also allows you to integrate WooCommerce and use WPML and even has several menu styles to use the one that best suits you.


The Ark – A WordPress theme with more than 300 different designs

The Ark is another of the best magazine-style WordPress templates due to its large number of demos that are included with the theme:more than 300 different ones to choose from!

Use the Global Color Library to change the color of your entire website using global variables, through slots where you can save the color palette that you can use later anywhere on the web.

The Ark includes a feature called “Quick Save”, which is used to automatically update any changes you make from the administrator section. This template is developed with elements ofBootstrap 4, which you can use at will thanks to its own layout (Fresh Builder).


Free VS Paid WordPress Digital Newspaper Templates

When it comes to a serious project, to which we want to give a truly professional approach, the temptation to save a little money by choosing free WordPress magazine themes clearly exists. However, unless you really have money problems or incredibly limited needs, we recommend that you always choose one of the premium news WordPress templates on the list, since they do not cost more than 30€ in their majority.

The main differences between the free ones and the paid ones are the following:

  • Free themes always come with fewer features and design options than premium ones.
  • Paid themes come with a support service included to help you with the design and possible problems that may arise when creating your website.
  • Premium paid templates usually have a very deep and intuitive customization panel, so you rarely need to touch the web code.

With this, we have concluded our collection of the best WordPress magazine templates. We know that you have a lot to think about

But we hope thatour top 10will be useful to you and that you can easily decide which template you will use to give your website a new look in 2024.

We are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this.

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