YouTube SEO: 17+ Ways to Optimize and Rank #1 to 10 in 2024

YouTube SEO: 17+ Ways to Optimize and Rank #1 to 10 in 2022

How to optimize YouTube SEO: 17+ Ways to Optimize and Rank #1 to 10 in 2024 –Currently YouTube isthe second largest search engineafter Google. With an average number of visitors of 22000 million, it is successful in attracting business owners and marketing to switch from conventional advertising mode to digital mode using this platform.

More visitors means more viewers, so there are moreadvertiserson YouTube.

This is what finally attracted many people to take part in looking for rupiah coffers through YouTube. How to becomeYouTubers.

YouTubers are video creators on YouTube. They create, edit and then upload it on YouTube.

This video is managed in a channel. Now , thischannelwill be associated with thegoogle adsenseadvertiser media to get some kind of payment that you can cash out hehehe.

If more people see the video, theincomefrom YouTube will also increase. Therefore, many YouTubers are vying for ways so that their uploaded videos can compete and enterthe first page of search.

For those who may not know, the method used to enter this one page is called optimization, in fullYouTube SEO optimization.

Well, especially for those of you who want to try your luck as a YouTuber, you can start learning SEO optimization from the beginningstep by stepbelow.

Hopefully with this guide, over time your videos will enter the first page so that your viewers, likes and subscriptions increase drastically.

Define Channel Theme

Define Channel Theme 1
YouTube SEO Optimization Ways: Create a niche/theme on your channel

As mentioned above, the channel is a place where we canmanagevideo content for the audience. As channel owners, we can add videos, links, and information about ourselves or our channel so that visitors can search.

For example, there is someone who has a YouTube account named Your Majesty.

Then Your Majesty wants to upload a video with the theme of Entertainment, then Your Majesty should create a new channel called Your Majesty’s Humor, and if Your Majesty wants to upload another video that has a romance theme.

Then it is better for him to create a new YouTube channel with the name of Your Excellency Romace .

A good channel reputation will give a positive signal to the videos in it. A good channel means that the channel has a highrelevancebetween one video and another related video.

That’s why it’s important to make videos withthe same theme in one channel.

Channel relevance is determined by looking at the length of time YouTube viewers spend watching our videos.

Why so? Because, of course, viewers have different interests in certain topics. If you have set up your YouTube channel andbrandedit with one theme, the longer your channel will be known with that theme.

Well, of course, the audience who came were people who were interested in discussing the topic. If your channel theme is mixed up, yourvisitorswill becomeuntargeted andgambling.

Of course this will make them quickly turn away from watching your video, and eventually Google considers your video less interesting.

There are many YouTube channel themes that you can choose from. In Indonesia, the most popular YouTube themes aretutorials, reviews, funny videos and children’s cartoons. It’s better and for a safe search, take a theme that you are good at so that the content you produce is deep and quality.

Several channels that apply the same theme, for example, Nerror discusses conspiracies, Candidates for scholars present content in the form of lists/lists and Nagaswara about their video songs.

Do Keyword Research

Keyword research is animportantstage and cannot be underestimated.

You can create any content for your channel as long as you can specify the keywords or keywords.

Do Keyword Research youtube
YouTube SEO Optimization Ways: Keyword Research

Keywords are very influential on therankingof search results on YouTube. With keyword research you will know how muchcompetitionthere is in the same topic.

In addition, you will also know what keywords arepopularand much sought after as the basis for creating content.

Usethe keyword research toolprovided by Google Adwords or you can also use Google Trends for a simpler and easier way.

Create Quality Content

The next way for YouTube SEO optimization is to serve quality content. Remember,quality content is king.

Maybe you’ve heard this saying among bloggers? Well, this also applies to YouTube. Although the type of content on YouTube is in the form of videos, the uploaded videos must also be of high quality.

Here are the criteria for a quality video:

Original, Not Plagiarism

First and foremost, make sure that the content you create is not plagiarized. Plagiarized content is prone to getbanned, besides that you can also be subject to copyright claims from the original content owner.

Define Channel Theme 2 1
YouTube SEO Optimization Ways: Avoid creating plagiarized content

Usually the content is about song lyrics or quotes from characters prone to plagiarism. So you have to understand properly how to avoid the copyright.

Original works will train you to become aconfidentwriter and then you can continue to grow.

An important point to remember is that Google orother search engines prefer original content that is different from others. It is hoped that by making your channel’s original content go up on page one faster.

Long Duration

Why do videos have to be longer?

Videos with longer durations are considered to havemore complete informationthan shorter ones. As a beginner, you can take these points to make videos on the same topic as existing videos.

HD Quality

Youtube HD Quality 1
YouTube SEO Optimization Ways: Make sure the quality of the video you upload is HD quality

HD (High Definition) video is a video with clear quality and does not break when enlarged.

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HD Quality Videos are proving to be moreloved by YouTube viewersand search engines. Why? Obviously becauseGooglewill alwaysprioritizeuser satisfaction withthe best quality content.

For that, use a good handycam or a good cellphone camera when making videos.

Or you can also use the tool to convert SD (Standard Definition) videos to HD (High Definition) made by YouTube editors.

Interesting Thumbnails

Thumbnails are defined as the cover image of a YouTube video, so they appear before the video plays.

In fact, the first spot that viewers will definitely see is the thumbnail section. If your thumbnail is nice, of course viewers will be interested in seeing the contents of the video as a whole.

Therefore, makea custom thumbnailthat is as attractive as possible and makes you curious.

You can edit it in Photoshop or other applications.

Youtube thumbmail 1
YouTube SEO Optimization Ways: Make thumbnails and real but curious

Channel Header Size Optimization

youtube Channel Header Size Optimization 1
YouTube SEO Optimization Ways: Channel Header Size Optimization

In addition to thumbnails, when creating a channel don’t forget to pay attention to the header or cover.

This channel header will be displayed in the form of a background or banner at the top of your YouTube page.

In addition to being an identity, channel headers can also give a unique look and feel to YouTube pages.

Well, this header image will change its appearance according to the media used by the user, so you have to adjust the size of your YouTube header.

The header size must be appropriate so that the image is not cropped and blurry.

Perform Keyword Optimization throughout the Content Section

You can optimize videos for search results on Google search engines or YouTube searches. After that, continue to do SEO optimization for videos, so that your video shows are maximized and can be accessed by search engines.

This SEO optimization includesplacing keywords in strategic partsso that your video can be indexed by Google so that it can enter the first page.

Keywords in Video Files

If you have made a video with HD quality, thenreplace the default videoname with the name of the keyword you are targeting. For example, if your keyword is about ‘ How to Upload Video to YouTube Via Mobile’ then replace your video file with that keyword.

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The benefits that you get if you use keywords as file names, namelygoogleand youtube robots will find it easier to crawl the file name, so the effect will be very good also on video SEO. Compared to the default name, such as VID1000.flv, it will be difficult for crawling robots to understand.

Interesting Title and Contains Keyword

Youtube SEO optimization then creates aninteresting title, makes you curious and of course, it must contain keywords.

In addition to keywords, also add interesting words that will impress viewers at their first glance.

This optimization is important because the title isthe first part that Google robots read.

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The title only contains about 50 characters, so don’t post a long title, lier, hehehe.

Youtube SEO Optimization in the Description Section

Youtube SEO Optimization in the Description Section 1
YouTube SEO Optimization Ways: Optimizing the placement of keywords in the youtube description

The next way to optimize YouTube SEO is to maximize keywords in the video description section.

The description has the benefit of explaining and describing what the video contains in a short and informative way to visitors and search engines.

Before providing a description, start by providing a blog or website link if there is one.

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This treatment means that if the explanation in the video is lacking, viewers can see it directly on our website, which is certainly more complete. This is also a strengthening of self-branding.

Enter/insert keywords atthe beginning of the paragraph, middle and end.

Make alarge, complete, and structureddescriptive with a length of 200-300 words only.

Keep in mind not to over provide keywords so that they are not considered spam and end up being suspended/banned.Make it as natural as possible.

Attach Social Media Profile

The profile serves as an increase in viewers’trust in the video author.This also serves to increase ourclosenesswith the audience in addition to replying to comments one by one.

Attach Social Media Profile 1
YouTube SEO Optimization Ways: Attach social media accounts

Fill Tags with Main and Derivative Keywords

The bottom part of the description is Tags. The tag serves to tell Google what type of video you are so that the Google engine can give suggestions to viewers.This suggestionwill bring up your video in the sidebar, if there is a video that has the same keywords as you.

Optimizing the tag by filling it with 5-8 keywords. The keywords in question are the main keywords and their derivatives.

Tags on YouTube are separated by aspace comma.

youtube Tag 1
YouTube SEO Optimization Ways: YouTube tag section optimization

YouTube SEO Optimization After Publish

The last way to optimize YouTube SEO is optimization after the publishing process.

Things to do include:

Promoting Through Social Media

If the SEO you do is right and the content you create is of good quality, there is a possibility that it will be shared by others. But if you haven’t, you have to go the extra mile to share your videos via social media, forums and communities.

Social media that you can use include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Social Bookmarking and so on to be able to introduce the public to the existence of your video.

You can also leave video links to bigger channels.

Attach Video Snippets to Your Website or Blog

Our visitors come from various media, one of which is a website if you have a website. By giving a small snippet of our video, it is hoped that viewers will becomecuriousso they enter to see our video in its entirety.

Take Advantage of Discussion Forums to Expand Audience Reach

This stage is a bit of a mental sharpening. You can insert your video link into the website discussion forum or comments as a backlink.

The backlink game must be clean and very neat so you don’t getbannedhehehe.

Maintain Familiarity with Viewers

Answering and serving netizen comments is our effort to make them feelappreciated and comfortableon our channel, make sure you stay friendly.

This activity will alsogenerate further content ideas. Another added value is as an improvement from one content to the next content.

Force Yourself to Be Consistent

As a new player, it’s a good idea to start setting a schedule for uploading videos on a regular basis. Remember,Google prefers active channelsover passive ones.

Hopefully you like these

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