How to Get Permanent Clothes in Free Fire

How to Get Permanent Clothes in Free Fire

How to Get Permanent Clothes in Free Fire – Like other Battle Royale games, Free Fire players can also customize their characters with various unique clothes or accessories.

Doing character customization is fun, sometimes it takes a lot of time. In addition to making our characters cooler, fierce characters also make the enemy tremble.

But you are required to buy Diamonds, so here’s how to get permanent clothes on Free Fire without having to buy diamonds.

The way to get permanent clothes on Free Fire this time is to use the Lulubox application. 

This application is a tool that allows us to get free clothes and even free Diamonds on Free Fire and also various other famous online games such as Mobile Legends, AoV and others. Let’s just explain in full.

list of contents

  • How to get free skin free fire
  • App Cloning Features
  • Game Speed ​​Up Features

1. How to get free skin free fire

The lulubox application is arguably an illegal application so we can’t download it from the Play Store, but there are many sites that can provide the APK file for free. 

How to Get Permanent Clothes in Free Fire

Here are the steps.

  • After the download is complete, immediately install the application on your smartphone. Give permission if needed
  • Because it is illegal, you may be penalized for using this method, therefore it is recommended to use this method of getting permanent clothes on Free Fire on your second account or your backup account.
  • Once installed, open the Lulubox application. Inside there will be many game icons, choose Free Fire because we will get permanent clothes from Free Fire
  • Follow the steps and you will get what you are looking for, namely free permanent clothes for Free Fire without having to root your android smartphone

How? Easy isn’t it? Besides being used to get Diamonds or free permanent clothes as above, Lulubox actually has many other benefits.

This method is not classified as an illegal method because it does not affect the game data in it. This method is like Cloning App and Game Speed ​​Up.

2. App Cloning Features

As the name suggests, the Cloning App feature from Lulubox will duplicate certain applications so you can have two social media accounts at once such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Line, and several other applications without having to log out and log into another account.

This feature is very useful for those of you who want to distinguish between business accounts such as online shops and private chat accounts.

3. Game Speed ​​Up Features

While the second feature is Game Speed ​​Up which serves to launch your gameplay. As we know, when playing online games like Free Fire and there is a moment of lag.

It can end up fatally like being shot by an enemy or shooting your opponent too late. Of course, we want to avoid this, right?

This feature can also not only be used for other Free Fire games, you can use this feature for other online games. 

Some of the other supported games are also popular games such as Mobile Legends, AoV, and several other games. You can take advantage of this feature immediately after downloading and installing it.

That’s how to get permanent clothes in Free Fire. With unique clothes, your FF character will look more attractive against your opponent.

However, don’t forget to improve your battle skills so that you can show off not only attractive costumes but also your ability to always be Booyah.

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