The 12 Best PSP games for low end Pc

The 12 Best PSP games for low end Pc

The 12 Best PSP games for low end Pc

1. God of War: Chains of Olympus

Best PSP games for low end Pc - God of War: Chains

Year: 2008
Genre: Action

In 2008, Chains of Olympus , the first game in the franchise to be released on a portable console, was considered the PSP game of the year by Metacritic , which gathers reviews from great game experts. The game is really excellent and maintains the same level as the main chapters of God of War for PlayStation .

The subtitle of the game already gives us a sense of what lies ahead: Chains of Olympus means “chains of Olympus”. The story takes place before the events of God of War (2005), when the Spartan Kratos, still a servant of the Olympian gods, has just lost his family in tragic circumstances.

2. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of Lions

Year: 2007
Genre: Strategy RPG

2007 PSP Game of the Year, according to Metacritic Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of Lions is a PSP update of the critically acclaimed strategy game Final Fantasy Tactics released in the late 90s for PS1.

It is a tactical RPG game played in turns, as if it were a board game. Among the changes in relation to the game of 98, are the new characters and game modes. Some improvements were made: more accurate translation from Japanese to English and graphic improvement.

3. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Year: 2006
Genre: Action

This is not a mere transposition of the Vice City game to PSP: there are improvements in the new game that cannot be ignored. New cars, weapons, missions and gameplay improvements make this game a fan favorite of the series. It won the award for Best Handheld Game of the Year 2007, by the Golden Joystic Award .

The story, in a nutshell, is this: in 1984, in Vice City, Vic is expelled from the army and, with no place in the world and needing money, falls headlong into the world of crime.

4. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Year: 2010
Genre: Action and Stealth

All the excellence of the Metal Gear Solid action and espionage series can be found in this game, which has improvements that make it one of the greatest PSP games of all time. The game is so good that it was named the second best PSP game of 2010 by Metacritic.

The year is 1974 and Big Boss (Naked Snake), along with his fellow Military Without Borders, embarks on a mission deep into the Costa Rican jungle in order to rid the world of a dangerous threat.

5. God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Year: 2010
Genre: Action

In 2010, fans of the franchise were treated to the sixth chapter of God of Wars . The game maintains the excellence of the other installments of the series, with the inclusion of new enemies, new weapons and a captivating story, which goes back to the Spartan warrior’s childhood and the root of his hatred towards the gods.

The story takes place after the first God of Wars , when Kratos kills Ares and assumes the post of God of War on Mount Olympus. This time, the warrior’s adventures involve his brother Deimos, imprisoned in the underworld.

6. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

Year: 2006
Genre: RPG

Highly rated by users and critics on sites like IMDb and Metacritic , Persona 3 Portable is that addictive game whose story is full of surprises and opens up to many possibilities.

The Portable version brings a new feature: you can also choose to play as a female character. The story is the same: you are a student who lives two very different realities. During the day, study, interact with colleagues, improve skills, acquire items. At night, during the mysterious Dark Hour, you need to control your Person to fight the Shadows.

7. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Year: 2010
Genre: Action RPG

Birth by Sleep takes place 10 years before the adventures of the first game in the franchise, when Sora was just four years old. The protagonists of this prequel are the Keyblade wielders Acqua, Terra and Ventus. In fact, you’ll be able to control any of these characters, each with a different style of play.

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This action-RPG is considered by critics to be one of the best games for handheld consoles, either for its graphic quality, or for the gameplay innovations in battles (such as the Command System), which improved and gave an air of novelty to what was already great.

8. Lumines: Puzzle Fusion

Year: 2004
Genre: puzzle

Lumines: Puzzle Fusion managed to improve what was already working very well: Tetris -style thinking games , which have been popular with people since the 80s. In Lumines , there are four game modes and the possibility of multiplayer gameplay, with electrifying duels, not to mention the soundtrack that makes your experience even more exciting.

For those who have never played either Tetris or Lumines , the idea is basically this: you manage and stack blocks, with the aim of breaking them. If you don’t have quick thinking, you run the risk of the pile of blocks reaching the edge of the screen – and then, that’s it.

9. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Year: 2008
Genre: Action RPG

This action RPG is part of the Final Fantasy VII compilation , consisting of three games. Crisis Core is a prequel – that is, its story predates the events of Final Fantasy VII . Therefore, the game is full of important revelations about the characters’ past.

The game is highly praised for its sound and graphics quality (the images are really spectacular). An important change of this game in relation to the previous ones is the introduction of the real-time combat system, which makes the game more dynamic and with more action.

10. Pure Wipeout

Year: 2005
Genre: Racing game

Wipeout Pure is a futuristic racing game where you are part of a league of anti-gravity racing drivers. In the year 2197, the races are not made with cars, but with spaceships that make turns at very high speed, a few meters above the asphalt.

In Wipeout Pure , it’s not enough to be a good pilot: you need to have good aim, since in races it’s possible to hit opponents with super powerful weapons. The game is praised for its amazing visuals and addictive gameplay.

11. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Year: 2009
Genre: Action

Considered by Metacritic the best PSP game of 2009, GTA: Chinatown Wars is a very fun game, with a great script and, of course, exciting missions, whether on foot, by car or by speedboat.

This time, the story revolves around Huang Lee, a young Chinese man whose father, a mobster, has just been murdered. Lee travels to Liberty City to meet his uncle and deliver him a family heirloom. Arriving there, he suffers an assassination attempt and the relic is lost across the city.

12. Jack and Daxter

Best PSP games for low end Pc: Jack and Daxter

Year: 2006
Genre: adventure, platform game

Jack and Daxter is a spin-off of the successful Jack and Daxter franchise. But now it’s the super charismatic little orange animal that accompanies Jack on his adventures, the protagonist of the story.

But this time, Jack is in jail, and Daxter is hired to exterminate a bug infestation in Haven City. In addition to being very fun, this platform game is highly praised for its technical quality, which leaves nothing to be desired for home console games.

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