10 Best Podcast Apps For Android and PC in 2022

10 Best Podcast Apps For Android and PC in 2022

10 Best Podcast Apps For Android and PC, Podcast is indeed attracting attention lately where there are many young people who are creating content through podcasts, now because lately it is trending, there are quite a lot of podcast Apps . best friend that you can download or download for free on Google Playstore.

What’s even more interesting is that you can download this podcast Apps for free at no cost, which will certainly make it easier for anyone who wants to start creating podcast content without spending money.

There are so many applications that you can certainly try, so in this article I will try to discuss the Best Podcast Apps for Android and PC which are certainly quite recommended.

Definition of Podcast

Before going to the core of the discussion, it would be nice to know in advance what the definition of a podcast is.

podcast is an episode of a program available on the internet, usually containing information in the form of audio and usually accessed through a smartphone gadget, so when listening to a podcast, your friend is like listening to music that is playing.

For the type of content contained in the podcast itself, it varies from humor, politics, to horror stories, you can listen to it on the podcast, and here are the 10 Best Podcast Apps for Android and Recommended PCs.

Recommended 10 Best Podcast Apps For Android and PC

Now for those of you who really like listening to podcasts and want to try to create podcast content, it would be nice if you have the following podcast Apps that you can try.

1. Anchor – The easiest way to make a podcast

Best Podcast Apps: Anchor Podcast
Best Podcast Apps: Anchor Podcast

The first is the name Anchor Podcast , which is an application that is quite easy to use, besides that this application also has many features that can help you edit your voice when you broadcast podcasts, of course, you can download this anchor for free. Some of the benefits of this Anchor include:

  • High quality audio quality
  • Can add various kinds of sound transitions
  • Adding songs from Spotify

And there are many more advantages of this anchor which of course makes your podcast easier, my friend.

2. Spreaker Studio the Podcast Creation Software & App

Best Podcast Apps: Speaker
Best Podcast Apps: Speaker

Next in the 10 Best Podcast Apps for Android and PC Recommended, there is the name Spreaker Studio as an application that you can use to start a podcast, not much different from the anchor.

This studio spreaker has its own advantages, namely being able to directly broadcast podcasts live and you can Chat live with people who are listening to your podcast.

In terms of use this application is very easy to use and easy to understand and of course it’s free, but it can only be used with a time limit of 15 minutes per day for the free version, if you don’t want to have a time limit, you can buy a license for $ 18 per month.

3. CastBox Podcast

Best Podcast Apps: Castbox Podcast
Best Podcast Apps: Castbox Podcast

Next, there is the name Castbox Podcast, this is a podcast listening application that has been downloaded by more than 10 million people.

Apart from that, this application can be used both online and offline. This application also gets the title as a trending application from the Google Playstore.

4. Google Podcasts

Fourth in the 10 Best Podcast Apps For Android and Recommended PCs, it’s incomplete if you don’t include the name Google Podcasts in the list of the best applications that you can download as the name suggests Google podcast is one of the products released by Google so you can listen to various types of podcasts. through various types of devices of course.

Google Podcasts itself has synergized with Google Assistant, making it easier for friends to listen to podcasts from various types of devices.

5. Podbeans

Next, in fifth place in the 10 Best Podcast Applications for Android and PC Recommended, there is the name Podbean as an application that you can download here.

Besides you can listen to podcast broadcasts that other people have created, you can also create your own podcast in this application.

There are many features that you can use in this podbean where you can add sound effects, cut the sound to add background music in it.

6. Podcast Addict

For those of you who are addicted to listening to other people’s podcasts, it seems that this application is mandatory for you to have. As the name suggests, Podcast Addict means Podcast Addict.

Well, it is very suitable for friends who really like listening to podcasts through this application. You can access thousands of audiobooks, radio, live streaming, to soundcloud. in this one application.

7. Pocket Casts

Best Podcast Apps: Pocket Casts
Best Podcast Apps: Pocket Casts

Next is the name Pocket Casts in the Recommended 10 Best Podcast Apps for Android and PC, to listen to a podcast.

This is a podcast application that has implemented the dark mode feature which is comfortable to look at like social media applications that are currently busy implementing this mode on its platform, the application. I personally think this is very easy to use, my friend and has its own sophistication in it.

8. Spotify

Then there is the name of Spotify , who doesn’t know this song player application? Starting from ordinary people to artists, many use Spotify, you know, friends, but did you know that Spotify is not only for listening to music online, but can also be used as an application to listen to other people’s podcasts.

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I personally have been using this application for quite a while and I feel very comfortable, of course, listening to podcasts through Spotify where there are quite a lot of podcast themes that can be listened to, ranging from horror, humor and many more.

9. SoundCloud

Best Podcast Apps: Soundcloud
Best Podcast Apps: Soundcloud

Next there is the name SoundCloud  in the order of the 10 Best Podcast Applications For Android and PC Recommended, maybe most people only know this application only for listening to music like Spotify but we can also listen to podcasts here, you know, friends, where quite a lot of accounts broadcast podcasts to listen to. .besides that you can also create your own podcast siran and share it via the Soundcloud.

10. Phones Audio Recorder / Smart Recorder

Recommended Best Podcast Apps For Android and PC, how to create podcasts for beginners, how to listen to podcasts, tips for creating podcast content

And finally, there is the name Phones Audio Recorder or Smart Recorder in the article 10 Best Podcast Applications For Android and Recommended PCs. which my friend can use to start making a podcast, how to use this application is also very easy and has a pretty good sound quality.

11. Podcast Apps For PC

Now there are 10 applications that are quite recommended for friends who want to make podcasts or just listen to podcasts by other people.

When you are used to using an Android-based podcast application, maybe you also want to try a podcast application that is designed for PC with a slightly more difficult level of difficulty than android version.

A podcast application for PC that you can download is called GarageBand where by using this application you can make podcast broadcasts much more professional because in it GarageBand has tools or features that are much more complete than the android version.

Tips for Creating Broadcast or Podcast Content

While the number of podcasts among millennials has recently attracted a lot of people’s interest in podcasts, how do you make a podcast for beginners? So, I will try to give some tips in the business of making podcasts for beginners. And here is what you have to do

Prepare the Equipment Needed, for those of you who really want to be serious about making podcas, the main weapon from making your own podcast is adequate equipment, starting from the software used, then the mic and other tools that will later be used to edit your voice.

Choose a Discussion Topic, most people are quite confused when they want to create podcast content, so try to think about the content of the podcast that you want to make later.

Determining the Podcast Title, now this is one of the most important things where my friend must make an interesting title so that many people are interested in listening to the podcast broadcast that my friend made.

Above are 3 tips for making podcasts for beginners that you can try, the rest you just have to improvise yourself.Well, buddy, that’s the article about the Best Podcast Applications for Android and PC that you can use, indeed listening to your own podcasts in my opinion is very useful.

Where one of them can relieve fatigue when the work world is busy, listening to podcasts with the theme of humor and jokes can be a cure for fatigue. activity.

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